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Guest Crymson

Jonathan Ericsson Watch Thread

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i still think ericsson is a negative to this team. i do agree with the posters that have stated his physical play is at least better this year. however, i still think that his decision making is still just abysmal. his defensive lapses are still way too often. especially for his salary. it just scares me that realistically, if lidstrom and stuart both leave, ericsson would be the person they expect to move into the top 4. (i do think they obviously are looking at smith as top 4 long term, but i dont think that would happen next year. its also assuming they only replace 1 with a free agent)

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Hahaha... This looked so awkward...

I remember that play. I thought it was brilliant. I know that there's no penalty there, but I was so afraid that they would call one.

2:00 Checking!

Or maybe one of those really weird interference penalties where you ask, "Uh, he had the puck, you're supposed to interfere!".

But THANK GOODNESS the refs got that one right.

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