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  1. dobbles


  2. i am giving up my support of the red wings. i have lost all faith in ken holland. good night and good luck.
  3. dobbles


    last game: 17:34 and 3:28 on the pp previous game: 17:33 and 2:35 on the pp (most pp time of all players) previous game: 17:53 and 3:14 on the pp we have been seeing a lot of dan cleary lately. over 17.5 minutes a night of him the last few games. that is was i was referencing. its not about being a meme or being funny. its about being frustrated with how bad our team is and how we keep playing %&*# players like cleary all the time.
  4. dobbles


    to me what the performance of filppula and hudler shows is that they weren't necessarily the problem, the team is. whether thats babcock, holland, etc i dont necessarily care. all i can see is that we had players we had drafted and developed and we did not put them in a situation to succeed. sure they aren't winning any scoring titles, but they have both shown that they can put up points on their new teams. yet here we are with 2 of the best forwards of their generation and year after year we struggle to score goals. its frustrating to watch. but thank god we have danny cleary playing 18 minutes a night! i dont know what we would do without all his production!
  5. dobbles

    Cleary should be suspended for elbow to head

    i think cleary deserves to be suspended for a few games for sure. and that definitely makes me happy because we are better without him. i hope he gets a few games an the team plays well and babcock and holland finally see he is part of the problem not the solution. additionally, for all the talk about cleary being a character guy and a great locker room guy and a great veteran presence, i think its fitting he committed the douchiest act a wings player has committed in recent memory.
  6. dobbles

    Certain NHL attendance metrics are better than NBA

    tv ratings are the driving force behind popularity. thats where the money is. i wouldn't say that the high attendance numbers are a bad thing, just not really important.
  7. dobbles

    1/4 GDT : Red Wings 5 @ Stars 1

    cleary led the team with 2:35 on the pp then again he now has 53 minutes of PP time this season with no points to show for it, so i guess its not surprising...
  8. dobbles

    It's time - to predict 2014 Team USA

    i went back and read the old posts on this thread, and i found it really funny that so many people wanted howard to start over quick this summer. now most people dont even want him starting for the wings. regarding ryan, i think it sucks as you can always use goal scorers. i have not seen pacioretty play much these last couple years, is he really worthy of making the team?
  9. dobbles

    Westgarth to the Calgary Flames

    the problem is that they had yet another first round pick bust. trading him for some sort of asset is the quality move. thats not to say nemisz cant develop in another org an at least contribute on an nhl level, but right now he had very little value. heck, we picked mccollum 5 picks later in that draft. think he would get any legitimate value back in a 1 for 1 trade?
  10. dobbles

    12/28 GDT : Red Wings 4 at Panthers 3

    so we spend 3 minutes chasing our tails in our own zone, then we finally break into their zone and cleary draws a penalty?!?!?! way to go grandpa dan!
  11. dobbles

    Blues Re-sign Steen 3 Years 17.4m

    its not obvious he is peaking now. its obvious he is having an anomaly. and that next year he will be back to being the same player he has been every other year of his career. its funny how i provide actual data to back up my opinion and you just keep dismissing it. besides the only reason i even provided the data or linked to the article that said the same thing is that you erroneously tried to imply his age was where he should be peaking. steen is performing this year at a ppg more than 50% higher than any other season he has ever had. additionally his shooting percentage is twice his lifetime average. those sort of numbers are not sustainable over a large sample size. he is on a hot streak, plain and simple. if you sign players based on hot streaks then your team will never be any good as your money will be locked up in underperforming players. we cant predict the future. but what we can do is use the information we have to make the best possible decisions. when doing that you give yourself a good chance of being right most of the time. if you just blindly guess and are correct, thats called being lucky. using information to make informed decisions is called being smart.
  12. dobbles

    Blues Re-sign Steen 3 Years 17.4m

    it doesnt make a difference. i ran the numbers of the top 30 scorers since 2000. it includes young guys like crosby and ovechkin and some retired guys like sakic and kovalev. when you average the points they scored per season based on age, it peaks at age 27. steens contract will take him from age 30-32 roughly. if you look at the numbers for those ages, they are about 10% lower than the peak at age 30 and about 20% lower than the peak for age 32. so considering that steens peak performance was a 51 point season, then we can project that he will get 40-45 points each season. i will post a graph and numbers later. i wasted enough time compiling it all...
  13. dobbles

    Babcock's Job?

    i disagree. holland goes out an gets a guy like tootoo and then babcock plays him 6 minutes a game. it is not holland that puts dan cleary out there shift after shift even though he brings very little to the table. it is not holland that mixes up lines all the time. now i'm not saying i think he should be fired. just that trying to displace blame onto holland is not accurate. i do think we are starting to see situations where babcock is not the most effective for us and it may be time to go a different direction in a year or two. its not that babcock is a bad coach, just maybe not the right coach for this team and organization.
  14. dobbles

    Why the Red Wings get injured

    thanks for making me google texas sharpshooter!
  15. dobbles

    Devils sign Brunner 2 yrs. $2.5 million AAV

    i disagree. that sort of play happens dozens of times every game. just normally the opposing player doesnt drop his stick. thats why it looked bad.