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Vancouver Sun article on why no one hates the Wings

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Since the Blues have never won a cup, you could pick any truckload of players who played here and moved on elsewhere and eventually won a cup somewhere else.

Hull is just the biggest name. And your comment, "he knew the Blues would never win one" simply isn't accurate at all. Hull has said many times about how he felt the Blues should have won a cup or two during his time here, they had the talent to win one and had some great teams...but the puck just didn't fall their way in the playoffs.

I wasn't overly upset that Hull won one in Detroit...probably because he had already won one in Dallas. I was simply more annoyed that Detroit had won.

I'm a Blues fan first. Players come and go.

And Detroit should have at least 3 more Cups (maybe 4) if you go by a statement like "We feel we should have won, we had the talent and some great teams." 1995, 1996 & 2009 are the years where the Red Wings SHOULD have also won a Cup and 2007 they were the better team of the final 4 teams left. Problem with the Hull years and their great teams, did they ever get to a SCF? or a WCF? I think not...doesn't meant the teams weren't good, but Hull wouldn't have left if he felt that the Blues management were making the right moves to bring them a Cup. So in essence, he felt that he would never win a Cup in St. Louis.

And you are the one who said "Except Hossa" when I said this is where players come to win. So I said the same thing about Hull that he had to leave St. Louis to win. Obviously Detroit doesn't always win the Cup, but when given a list of 5 teams to a player where he would play and have his best chance to win a Cup, guarantee Detroit is 100% always on that list. St. Louis might get 2 votes. That was my point saying this is where players win Cups. Most other teams players go for a paycheck. Wisniewksi being a glaring example of that....

BTW, the only reason Hossa isn't here is Hudler handcuffed Holland. Holland chose to sign Franzen (mistake in my mind) and Hossa signed in Chicago. (for what he wanted here, but Holland couldn't make that commitment with Hudler opting out of his Russian contract to come back to the tune of $2.8M. One of the reason's I can't stand Hudler.) I still wish Holland wold have traded Hudler's rights at 2009's draft to move up a bit. But oh well.

BTW how much more would you hate the Wings if they had won 8 Cups between 1995 and 2008?

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