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i'm kind of surprised that there's so little activity in the Fantasy Sports forum, I personally enjoy it a lot and really want to get some discussions going on. I want to make this thread an open ended one for all fantasy sports, not just hockey.

I'm interested to hear in how people are handing long-term injuries this season. I'm sitting on Andrei Markov right now, it is a dynasty league and we bring the same team into next season, but i'm starting to wonder if I should free up that IR spot and just waive him. I was in the same situation with Hemsky but luckily he's been healthy and staying healthy, just not producing.

Also people who own Crosby, how are you dealing with that headache, do you continue to sit on him or are you trying to sell lower on him and get out of the situation?

I'm also sitting on Peyton Manning in one dynasty football league and i'm struggling with trying to trade him for much less than he was worth a couple of seasons ago, or do I hang onto him and risk that he may not play again and get no value in return at all? I also have Matt Ryan and Eli at QB so it's not a position I am in trouble in if I do deal him out.

I have DeMarco Murray at RB where I am shallow, considering the season he had I don't know if I should attempt to sell him high for a more reputable RB or if I should keep him and see what he does next year. Is Murray real deal or was it a lucky second half? My other RBs are Foster and Green-Ellis.

Big story recently was Josh Hamilton went back to drinking, he's on one of my dynasty teams and it puts me in a tough situation. He's obviously one of the best players in the game, but his value has probably went down after this offseason. Whether or not it's going to be damaging to his play is to be forseen, but how does the Hamilton situation get handled with his value and potential drop in production?

Is Carl Crawford going to bounce back after his miserable season? Is Choo going to return to his old form after a disappointing year of injury and underwhelming production? Is Broxton still considered a top closer or did this past year's disaster of a season kill his value?

Chauncey Billups just received a season-ending injury, this is the first season of Fantasy Basketball I am trying and oddly enough after drafting Love, Ellis, Deron, and Gasol i'm sitting on top with a 48-18-6 record but losing Billups could be a potential blow to my team. It's only an 8 team league so there are definitely some options on waivers, but what guys are going to maintain?

Anthony Morrow has been killing it at the 3 point line, Spencer Hawes blew up at the start of the season but has been suffering through injury, and Hedo Turkoglu just hit waivers. These are a few guys that seem like decent options but what darkhorse player is going to be able to maintain through out the season and which ones are one week wonders and will return to their sub-par ways?

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Got offered Skinner, Jagr, Ryder for Huberdeau, Hodgson, Grabner in my 3rd year dynasty league, entire roster carries over into next season. I'm in 2nd place heading into the playoffs next week, the guy offering is in last place looking for prospects. Should I take it, ditch the prospects and get a scoring boost from Jagr and Ryder, or should I hang onto my prospects and be more smart about my team's future? I'm torn and the league trade deadline is in two days, help.

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