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Martin St Louis

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Guest DeGraa55

Thats a cool story. But shortened season helped him. A full 82 game id bet my left he wouldnt. Also wonder how it feels to be second to last in the conference?

He's too small to be effective in the tough eastern conference.

Lol troll

Second to last in conference? POINT PROVEN lol.

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I know his chance at winning the Art Ross is a "coulda, woulda, shoulda" situation, but everyone in the league had the same opportunity when Crosby got injured. And yes, their team does suck at defense and his stats would not be as high if they were better defensively. However, this is also on their goalie and defensive pairing and not just St Louis' issue. Also, it's good to see Ovechkin scoring too after his abysmal performance last year.

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