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Things that Shanny missed.

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Right, where did I say I promoted any of those threads?

I don't think he dropped the ball; Abby clearly elbowed the guy in the head if you watch the video from the angle near the benches. You can make all the excuses you want and complain about how other teams are getting away with hits, but at the end of the day it would never be mentioned if Abby wasn't suspended. I'm not going to argue that Shanahan has been perfect, because he hasn't, but I'm not going to whine about it and point out every trivial play from the past that he's missed because I'm upset that a Red Wing player was caught.

For the whole swearing in first grade example, I cannot tell if you and Wingsfan72 are either attempting to troll me or you just do not understand simple underlying concepts and so I will explain the reasoning behind my post. The whole swearing issue in itself is completely irrelevant to the topic of hockey. The focus of my example, however, is the underlying action "you tell on me, I tell on you" and this concept is directly related to the structure of this thread. Instead of being upset about the call and voicing your opinion to the league, you resort to childish antics by pointing out every other team's questionable plays and belittling Shanahan. Essentially, this is nearly identical to how I acted in grade one. I get caught for something, and then try and call out everyone else to make myself feel better. I am not saying you should stop or anything like that because if this is how you cope, then this is how you cope.

I'm not trolling you in any way whatsoever. You can make comparisons to swearing in school, but we can't compare how Abby's suspension is more merited than any of the other s*** that Shanaban just swept under the rug. That's what this thread is about. And Shanny has no credibility at all after effectively putting away his whistle after a couple of lame suspensions. And the hit above by Roy was a 100% headshot that got 2 minutes and no supplementary discipline. Sedin's butt end swing at Couture... the list goes on. Shanaban is just a Bettman lackey now that lost his way in the world of hockey.

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I started this thread after seeing the Borque elbow. I don't care about the Abdelkader suspension, it's over and done with. I also didn't mention that suspension in the original post. This isn't first grade childishness this is confusion about why certain hits that are such a blatant violation of the rules aren't being looked at.

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