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Griffins vs. Crunch

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Just came across this saying that the AHL will be streaming Calder Cup games for free.

I'm one of the freaks that probably would have paid for whatever package I'd have needed to watch, but this is a ton better.

Predictions for the series, and how much will you really watch?

Also, here is some fan perspective on the Crunch in the Calder Cup.

Enjoy everybody!

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I'm the same way, my girlfriend thinks I'm crazy but I don't miss a single Red Wings game, ever, thanks to PVR, barely miss any Griffins games and I even try to get in some junior games to keep tabs on all our promising prospects. I have been paying $10.99 per game all playoffs on AHL Live so I'm extremely stoked that the Finals are free.

Definitely going to be a good series, I'm going to say Griffins in 7 with two overtime games...

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