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The beginning of a new season.

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I could have swore there's still almost half the season left....

To be fair if we had a thread to summarize all the times you're wrong we'd have to open a whole new site. :lol:

But hey, point it out when you can. lol

Not to mention that we've been without 1 of our 2 best forwards for almost the whole season.

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So I was crazy before the season? Looks spot on don't it....... I know shameless self promotion! LOL

Technically, since you could be right by season's end, I'll admit that I'm wrong since I said they'd finish top 3, but I will say I believe they're a top 5, if not still a top 3 team. The race is tight, and a 3-4 game swing could put them anywhere from 3rd to 13th. Losing Zetterberg for the remainder will obviously hurt, but Howard has to play better or else we wouldn't even be talking about this.

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