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  1. nawein

    Playoff Bracket - Round 1

    Stars in 4 Hawks in 7 Sharks in 6 Ducks in 6 Isles in 7 Wings in 7 Caps in 5 Pens in 6
  2. nawein

    Joakim Andesson on Waivers

    Andersson sent down. Jensen, Tangradi recalled per Wings twitter page.
  3. nawein

    Forward Line Combos/Discussion

    Nyquist-Zetterberg-Abdelkader Datsyuk-Sheahan-Tatar Larkin-Richards-Jurco Helm-Glendening-Nosek Sheahan has been playing some really great hockey lately and is used to the down low, hard area work. He opens space for Nyquist and Tatar now so let him open some for Datsyuk. Maybe Nyquist and Z together will get both of them going. 4th like can grind down low the whole game and has the speed and skill to wear down the opponents. The third line I have no idea if it will work.
  4. nawein

    12/26 GDT : Red Wings at Nashville Predators, 8:00 EST

    Good effort by the wings tonight considering it was coming off the Christmas break. Let's continue it on Monday!
  5. nawein

    2015-16 Prospect Watch Marsh had a pretty slick breakaway goal last night.
  6. nawein

    Ferraro on waivers

    Ferraro claimed by Boston, per Bob McKenzie twitter.
  7. nawein

    Jurco on Conditioning Assignment in GRs

    The two weeks thing was just him correcting the reporter. Reporter said at least two weeks, he was just correcting the at least part.
  8. nawein

    Richards to return Friday; Athanasiou sent to GR

    The points for Richards will come. I though he looked good for playing his first game in a while and he'll look better when he gets going again. I'm not too worried about that. I'm guessing that the logic behind putting Glendening with that line is that Glendening is a little better defensively and we were trying to hold the lead. I'm with you and I think it should have been Helm, or Nyquist, but I'm guessing that was the logic behind the move.
  9. nawein

    Jurco on Conditioning Assignment in GRs

    3 goals and an assist for Jurco in GR tonight. Hopefully this helps his confidence a bit.
  10. nawein

    11/14 GDT : Red Wings at Boston Bruins, 7:00 EST

    "I'm not looking for the best players, Craig, I'm looking for the right ones. " - Kurt Russell as Herb Brooks, Miracle. Check it out, great movie.
  11. nawein

    11/13 GDT | Sharks @ Red Wings | 7:30 PM ET | FSD

    We skated well in the first and outplayed them for the most part in the first. Howard let in one he shouldn't have. The second was pretty even. They shut it down and outplayed us in the third. We didn't win any battles and we looked like we just didn't want it. We hit a couple posts and had a few good chances we just didn't bury any of them. We still can't hit the net. The defense still isn't great. Datsyuk looked like a great, but very rusty hockey player. Someone needs to remind Abdelkader what his job is. I don't actually think we looked terrible except in the third. We had chances to win but only got one bounce on the Pulkkinen goal. Oh also our forecheck sucks. And we need to spread out the talent on the PP.
  12. nawein


    You put way too much stock into plus/minus as a stat. Can it tell you something? Sure. But just because someone is minus doesn't mean they're bad. Remember that.
  13. nawein

    Luke Glendening: Shutdown Extraordinaire.

    Who cares about development, bro? These kids are fast, and Drew Miller sux. Have you seen his plus/minus? We need the kidz. On a more realistic note, Glendening doesn't help his teammates corsi for several reasons. Mostly it's because a lot of his toi is on the pk or out against the other teams best. He's not expected to score goals or get shots or possess the puck a lot. He's out there to frustrate the other teams best players and not get scored on. The other teams best players are going to have the puck, they're going to be able to shoot the puck that's expected. That's why he doesn't have a positive effect on people's corsi ratings. He's a defensive forward who gets under people's skin and he's good at it. He's doing his job just fine.
  14. nawein

    Looks like Tyler Bertuzzi is a ****** like his uncle
  15. nawein

    Predict Where The Wings Finish

    I don't know man I've won 19 straight cups. We'll finish somewhere between 4 and 8, probably fifth or sixth.