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Guest RyaN_84

Milan Lucic involved in a Vancouver club altercation

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Whatever guys. Fighting is a part of hockey, always has been and always will be. If Lucic wants to go home and do things that are perfectly legal and in accordance with standard practices and norms, he better be willing to drop the gloves.

Then why wasn't he wearing short pants and long socks? That's his normal attire when he fights. Or maybe short pants and long socks isn't normal attire and hockey players shouldn't be forced to do it because no one else wears that sort of get-up to their jobs.

Or maybe certain situations call for different actions, dress codes, etc.

I'll have to think about it. I'm greasing down my wetsuit for a visit to the dentist. I decided I wanted to knit a scarf and eat a cheeseburger so I'll have comb my hair.

What? They're all perfectly normal activities. Shouldn't they be expected?

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