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Can Detroit turn things around?

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LGW will have a debate on the effect an enforcer would have had on the things.


Taxes, death, trouble, and this.

Edit: got excited and hit submit. To the point, yes, I agree they can and will turn things around. Will it be to the satisfaction of some around here? Probably not, but I would really like to give a healthy roster with time to gel a good look.

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The injuries have nothing to do with them losing. They were doing this even before this all took place. These Players even the ones in the AHL need to be NHL ready. They also need to play as a Team and work hard. This is Bulls*** I'm sorry people I won't accept this. They are getting paid Millions of Dollars to play a Game! If they can't play at the NHL Level than why the hell are they even on the Team let alone Drafted in the NHL Already?

All tell you why because we've got to many teams in the NHL. Most of these players would even have made it in! In the old NHL. There needs to be no more excuse's of this team no more I'm sick of them losing. They are Millionaires most of them playing a Game! Where we the Middle Class citizen don't get enough money to pay Bills or stuff like that.

So we the Fan need to expect only perfection only that from them this is a 6 Original Club they need to Honour and Cherish the Team that plays there Salary.

Thats a joke right?

A comedic injection used to induce humor? UMMMMM.....ok, we have EIGHT ...8 guys out of the line up. Our Conn Smythe, point leading Captian Z. Our 2nd best defenseman in Deke. Our streaky, floaty, frustrating but lovable Mule headed sniper, our #1 Goalie, The Best third line centre and one of the fastest skaters in the NHL, our swedish rookie sensation, Our kinda agitator Abby and Weiss. That has nothing to do with losing?

You CANNOT be serious (In my best McEnroe voice)

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It seems to me that the Detroit Red Wings are not focused. We either get shut-out,don't put up a good effort, or take the lead and then when the 3rd starts Detroit says "nah don't feeling like winning, you guys take it." So I have a very serious question. What NEEDS to change in order to stay playoff material? To end the bad 3rd periods? To actully be a threat?

P.S. Pretend you're the new coach of the Detroit Red Wings.

To be playoff material: get healthy and consistent goalie play

To end bad periods: get healthy and consistent goalie play

To be a threat: get healthy, great goalie play, play the best we are capable of playing and hope for subpar goaltending and play from the opponent. By threat if you mean actually a threat to win the Cup and not just making out of first round of playoffs, those are the things the Wings will need.

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Sure - they can absolutely turn things around. The olympic break is going to be huge for an old team like the wings are in total.

Also - the East sucks. It isn't like they're in the West and will be buried with 20 games to play. No one except for Montreal and Pittspuke are more than above average.

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