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  1. Frankly this post alone was worth re-reading the whole thread. Juckf***ingPot's younger brother??? You be the judge.
  2. RIP Mr. I. You believed in a city everyone else had given up on. The revitalization will be your legacy and a constant reminder of your tireless commitment to the city of Detroit.
  4. Here to second (third?) the DIA. Love that place. All good suggestions in this thread, don't let the Lafayette bullies pressure you . If all else fails, walk around downtown and see what moves you. Stick to the well-lit streets and you'll be fine--good rule of thumb in Detroit is if the street lights become scarce, so should you. I love the DSO, not sure what shows are coming up in the new year but if that's your thing definitely check out a performance.
  5. This
  6. My family was literally talking about this xmas eve. My cousin was complaining about some of the opposing high school basketball teams and someone threw out a "paint the visitor's locker room" comment. Good times. Say what you want about Scotty, but he is an amazing hockey strategist. In regard to Holland, I think the truth lies somewhere in between all of our histrionics--I think he deserves more credit than the naysayers are willing to give and far less than the apologists heap. I think he played an important part in an organization that, at one time, Had It All Figured Out (tm). I also think that hard times have exposed some serious chinks in his armor (is chinks going to get censored? Ay Caramba), and while I clung to the sinking Holland ship for a long time, I will reluctantly admit that it may be time for a change. Problem is--who is better than Holland right now *that we could actually get*? Bottom line, failures now shouldn't invalidate the successes Holland had with this team in the past. On the same token, success should in no way give him a free pass out of the Sucksville Station at which we seem to be broken down. Someone needs to quickly hoof it down to the next stop and pick up that spark plug from the sketchy bump shop so we can get back on our way. :/
  7. Hope everyone had a great Christmas! And here's to a safe new year--let's kick 2016's ass out the god damn door!
  8. *Cue Titanic music* "It's been 84 years..." since I've patted butts.
  9. Wow. Absolutely devastating. And right between the holidays. Family will never be the same
  10. He looks like an old homeless guy on that bucket
  11. This bums me out, dude
  12. Not wild about the name (or the team's existence, tbh) but the logo's sharp.
  13. GDTs don't have to be professional looking or photoshopped--check out the Tacky GDTs from last season Just have fun with it and if you laugh, most likely we'll laugh.
  14. ... *pats butts*
  15. Well, f*** me sideways