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  1. LGW!
  2. Ah, yes. *pats butts*
  3. LGW! Need a W.
  4. Nice, thanks!
  5. Maybe
  6. *mouth fart*
  7. I forgot what it felt like to be super annoyed about hockey. Feels like home.
  8. Ah, yes. Here comes the familiar sweet cocktease.
  9. Good Godddddddd whyyyyy
  10. Hello darkness my old friend...
  11. *glares at kickazz*
  12. You shut your ***** mouth. If you jinx my butt pats so help me
  13. I don't like this. I don't like that they have Fedorov as a C so I can't pick Shanny-Stevie-Sergei. I don't like that I only have $18. Life is haaaard
  14. Is it...weird that I forgot Dats was gone?
  15. It's here! LGW!