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Babcock and Holland Talk About Stuff

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Playmaker, I think you're making something out of nothing here.

What was confusing to me about your initial post is that your version of events doesn't clash with what Babcock and Holland are saying. Here's what you said:

He was basically given no choice but to play the Griffins. They excelled because they weren't brought up and put on a 4th line and given 5 minutes a game. They had to log a lot of minutes and each and every one of them took the opportunity and ran with it.

This might as well be a Babcock quote, or a Holland quote. All three of you feel 1) Babs leaned on the kids out of necessity and 2) they flourished. Babcock and Holland are pretty much telling it like it is; I think you're seeing spin where there really isn't any. Holland has admitted he messed up. Babs is saying the kids are the s*** and they saved the season. Everybody's on the same page about what went down this season.

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Guest Playmaker

Maybe so, I don't see it that way. Simple difference of opinion and interpretation. I don't think at all that either one of the would have said that about the playing time, because that goes against what they've always done. Young players aren't typically brought up and given top 6 time and PP time. What I'm saying, maybe not well, is that if they were brought up in a typical way, for a few games, on the fourth line, a few minutes a game, we wouldn't have been able to see what they could do, and the staff and management would have fallen back to the old standbys.

I'm not typically a Holland or Babcock basher. I didn't mean to imply that they were boastfully bragging about how smart they were to do it. I just think it was kind of a no brainer to say they have won jobs with how they have played, not some risk taking move.

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