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Adam Almquist says he’s considering returning to Sweden to avoid AHL

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Well it's an internet forum, if I'm wrong, so what?

But I don't think I'll be wrong. Marchenko is the most NHL ready out of him, Sproul, and Ouellet. Ericsson is definitely NOT getting displaced by Smith. And we will more than likely sign a top four guy who's at least better than Smith.

The only thing that might be off about my prediction is that Kindl might start the season on the third pair until Babs scratches him, at which time Marchenko takes over full time...so it's a technicality.

I don't see it as a 'demotion' though. I think we all saw how Kronner and Smith formed a pretty decent pair vs Boston, and if you put Ericsson with Marchenko say, it would alllow him to learn and give us the depth to have all 3 pairs at a good competitive ability, rather than the Kindl/Lashoff crap we had to survive last season.

I think the wildcard in all this is what happens with the second pairing, in regards to who we sign etc.

My 2c on Almquist. Coming out to say those things is definitely not helping his case, and while he might have had 2 good years, it sounds like there's a lot of room for improvement in his game and I think before he shows he has done those things, he won't get a stronger look. If you're going to go back home, don't whine about it to the media, just **** off back home......it's not like the Wings will be without defensive depth if he leaves.

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