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  1. Who is the coach next season?

    How about Dan Cleary with Jason Williams and Mikael Samuelsson as his assistants.
  2. Who is the coach next season?

    Pull a mulligan on the Dave Lewis years and bring in Barry Smith.
  3. should mrazek get #1 tag next season

    I say keep Howard for now and go into next season with him and Mrazek battling it out. Before getting hurt, Howard was consistently around 2.10GAA and a .92SV%. Howard obviously likes being here, and I have to think after watching during the playoffs, he'll be fired up to work hard this summer to get back to that level. I'm all aboard the Mrazek train now, but I think it's too soon to hail him as #1. I also think that Howard won't garner much on the trade market, and that there aren't any options available that will be an upgrade. All the UFA options are not being re-signed for various reasons but will be overpaid in July. Did someone say Reimer? Really? I'd go with a Howard/Mrazek tandem. Let Gustavsson walk. McCollum is eligible for Group VI UFA status, so he'll likely walk too. In his spot, sign a veteran #3 guy that is capable of NHL duty like a LaBarbera or Dan Ellis type, but can also mentor Coreau and Paterson in GR.
  4. Who is the coach next season?

    Eddie Olczyck
  5. should mrazek get #1 tag next season

    I disagree with this. Conklin (V2.0) was a disaster in St. Louis and Holland brought him back and he was a disaster here. Then Gustavsson ended up being a horrible signing. The only good goaltending signing Holland has made recently is Joey MacDonald.Holland even gave Gustavsson A RAISE after proving he was more useless than Magic Johnson at a blood drive for two years. Guys like Greiss, Montoya etc were available last summer for half as much, but Holland decided to overpay Glasstavsson.
  6. Who is the coach next season?

    Pierre McGuire
  7. Team next season?

    The UFA market is going to be so thin that it'll probably take a huge overpayment to get one of the very few decent UFA dmen this summer. Martin will likely go to the highest/longest bidder or a team that is more of a "contender".
  8. Erik cole - what the hell's going on with him ?

    I think the luck Holland had with players he brought in for the 08 and 09 Finals teams really spoiled us fans and greatly heightened our expectations for new acquisitions. If on October 5th, 2005, someone told me that in the next three seasons Dan Cleary and Mikael Samuelsson would be 20+ goal scorers and Chris Osgood would lead them to a Cup, I would've asked them to share the cough syrup.We got expected or better than expected contributions from most of the players he brought in between 05-09. Cleary, Samuelsson (V1.0), Osgood (V2.0), Lilja, Markov, Hasek, Rafalski, Drake, Downey, Stuart, McCarty, Conklin (V1.0) and Hossa all were pretty much homeruns. The only real misses were Cross, Bertuzzi (V1.0) and Calder. That luck started to fizzle from 2010-2012. Guys like Miller, Eaves, Bertuzzi (V2.0), Salei, and MacDonald (V2.0) all worked as expected or better. However, the duds starting rolling in. Jason Williams (V2.0), Modano, Commodore, White and Conklin (V2.0) all ended up as busts, and it's probably a safe bet to say that Quincey (V2.0) hasn't exactly been what they were hoping for at the '12 deadline. That luck has pretty much completely flipped from the 2012 off season to today... Alfredsson was the only real bright spot. Gustavsson, Tootoo, Samuelsson (V2.0), Colaiacovo, Brunner, Weiss and Legwand either didn't work out or haven't played up to expectations yet. I'm hoping Cole and Zidlicky reverse the trend... Otherwise, I feel like Holland might completely abandon trying to attract UFA's or swing trades. That or Holland is starting to realize the NHL is becoming more like the NFL, where 95% of your team building is done through the draft...
  9. Erik cole - what the hell's going on with him ?

    I agree with you to an extent, but I think injuries cut do cut into value at some point. Take for example, Jonas Gustavsson. Had a rough go with injuries and health issues in Toronto, then comes here and it's more of the same. Then he somehow gets a raise when cheaper, better and more durable backups are available on the UFA market. Now it's been more of the same. I'll be surprised if he has an NHL contract before training camps start this summer.
  10. Time to move Howard?

    Not yet. First of all, he's going to be difficult to move. He has a NMC, and I doubt he'd want to go to the teams that need goaltending help currently. He also has a couple years where his salary is higher than his cap hit. Plus, having a potential limited field of teams will drop his return value. Then the question is, what does the team do going forward? Re-signing Gustavsson and running with a tandem of him and Mrazek would be a huge gamble. Also, none of the goalies on the UFA market this summer would be an upgrade over Howard IMO. Won't be many affordable options on the trade market either. They're going to have to ride Howard until he has a Theodore or Bryzgalov like collapse, or they decide to hit the reset button and go into full rebuild mode.
  11. Opinion: Petr Mrazek should be starting Game 1

    I'm going to laugh if McCollum steals another teams backup job next season. His AHL numbers the past two years are better than anything Howard put up down there. However, Babs didn't want to give him a shot because he let in 3 goals playing mop up duty years ago. I couldn't believe he didn't get a start when Mrazek was dumping the bed before Howard returned...And yes, I did laugh when Joey MacDonald got plucked on waivers and became the Flames starter, all the while Gustavsson was on his way to becoming the most useless signing since Uwe Krupp.
  12. 3/31 GDT : Senators 2 at Red Wings 1 (SO)

    Plus Florida has a whole bunch of recent high draft picks to build around, and a GM that's always willing to make moves to improve their roster. I'd bet Gary would pay him under the table to turn the Panthers into a winner so he doesn't end up with another Coyotes situation...
  13. 4/2 GDT : Bruins 3 at Red Wings 2

    No Joke... They might as well toss McCollum in for a game. My logic: -His numbers have been solid the past 2 seasons and he's apparently been real hot lately (12-1-3 in past 16). -He's eligible for Group VI UFA status this summer, so he'll be hungry to audition for a new opportunity for next fall -Couldn't be any worse than what they're getting from Howie, Mrazek or the Glass Monster...
  14. Opinion: Petr Mrazek should be starting Game 1

    Ken and Mick said McCollum is something like 12-1-1 in his last few starts. He's also got better AHL numbers than Andrew Hammond... He's also playing for a job for next season...
  15. Team next season?

    ^I don't understand why would have no value. Teams have traded for other dog housed Dmen (Meszaros comes to mind). You also have the Oilers who have to vastly overpay mediocre Dmen (Nikitin and Fayne) on the UFA market. Is Holland expecting some sort of Andrew McDonald kings ransom in return? If Kindl has no value, but warrants nearly $10M over 4 years after 41 decent games, I'm really going to bite my nails over what Holland might offer Smith this summer... In other news, John Scott has scored 150% more goals this season than his career total before this year. He's going to be a UFA this summer.