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Hockey Podcasts

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The TSN thread made me want to pick the brain of the board here. What are some good podcasts to recommend? As far as hockey goes right now all I have is the "NHL insider Bob McKenzie", and old Coach's Corners.

I drive all day at work so it'd be nice to have something new to work. Columbus sports radio is actually decent, but mostly all OSU talk. I tried Detroit's sports station and it usually just makes me angry when they have talked about hockey :lol:

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The gold standard of hockey podcasts is Marek vs Wyshynski. That's Jeff Marek of Sportsnet and Greg Wyshynski of Puck Daddy i.e. Yahoo. It's very casual and intimate with the audience, they go in with a basic overview of stories/news to discuss as well as guests most often and then call the rest in the ring. And no annoying sponsor interruptions, they do it for free. They probably won't have one every weekday this season as in the past because Sportsnet has the national rights now which means Mr. Marek's schedule is a bit crazier. You can listen to it live and find it on iTunes, soundcloud, and any podcasting app.

I also listen to HockeyCentral at Noon but it's very Leafs heavy most of the time. and Millard is a dolt, Marek once and a while steps in for him and the show is much better, and they also bring in other Sportsnet personalities when the main guys aren't available but it's usually Millard with Kypreos and Doug MacLean.

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In no order,

Puck Podcast

Marek vs wyshynski

Hockey central at noon

The Adam carolla show

The illegal curve hockey show

Those are the only ones I listen to. The others I've listened to just don't have the same consistency of content for me to recommend them.

If anyone can offer other podcasts, please do.

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