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  1. 30 times till the Wings got the first overall but lot's of second and third overall finishes we'll see
  2. Yeah makes sense to compare the current Hawks to the Wings of course... Should be obvious that the Hawks want to win and the Wings fans should be happy with the just make the playoffs attitude.
  3. No to Kovalchuck, wrong attitude, might be looking for a multi year deal and by the time the Wings might be competitive again he will be a shadow of h former self or already retired.
  4. Happy for the King
  5. Simmonds is still young, plays the game hard AND likes to get into scrum here and there so why deal for him when you can sign another soft over 30 player...Also Hextall would be out of his mind to deal him, who is going to keep other players honest?
  6. Well 1 team wants to win the cup instead of hoping to make the playoffs and maybe have some players turn out better than expected...I would be shocked if Lombardi isn't the GM soon
  7. Not it was mentioning that fact in general
  8. There isn't anything like it it's just clickbait and the usual suspects are falling for it. HFboards like McKenzie (thankfully) mentioned has become a collection of ass clowns and of course they are all falling for it. Facts are facts Bylsma hasn't gotten it done and he just doesn't know how to coach defense add the fact that one of the best GMs in the game is available in Lombardi and one of the best coaches in Hitchcock firing the duo made too much sense. Maybe Murray didn't want to fire Bylsma so Pegula fired both of them. If I'm Eichel I would sue the journalist who reported this crap without any evidence.
  9. I'm not saying I'd pay that price but that would be what I would ask for if I were Murray. I was one of the few guys who would have traded Larkin plus a forward for Trouba would have been a hard decision but in terms of need and potential the right one. I'm not viewing Fowler in the same class as let's say Pietrangelo but from what I've read Murray views him as a cornerstone of their franchise which basically means overpayment is needed to get a guy like him. I honestly can't comment on Cholowski, never saw him play and I personally believe it was a reach. But that also has to do with what type of defenseman I like, it's basically the Shea Weber type big, tough, leader and a lasercanon of a shot. Just for the record if Larkin + the first in 2018 are really on the table I would want a bonafide top pairing guy back, which is also never going to happen because prices for these guys are at an all time high and it's not just because of the Larson Hall trade. I just think AA, a second and Cholowski for Fowler wouldn't hurt the Wings that much they'd get the best player in the deal back, have room for AHL guys, capspace and by introducing young unexperienced players a better chance at another top pick.
  10. I am just going by market prices. AA has potential yes but the guy is basically a lesser version of Larkin relying on his wheels. A second is okayish, Cholowski was a reach and nobody knows if that gamble was worth it. In summsary: Ducks are giving the by far best player for potential here. Yes they are stagged at Defense but that doesn't mean Fowler would come cheap. Think about the Hall Larson trade the Wings don't have that, so if I am Murray and I don't have to trade Fowler it would be for Larkin plus first in 2018.
  11. Murray is not a fool AA, 2nd and Cholowski will get you a solid defenseman but for sure not Fowler.
  12. Oh nice should be between Tortarella, Babs and McLellan honorable mention Bouche
  13. AA and the captain in the same sentence wow. Trouba for Larkin, Mantha or AA you take that deal and run. AA will be a solid player one day but he wont be anything untouchable or a 30 goal scorer.
  14. Larkin, Mantha without a doubt. And no, you don't get a young top 2 defender without giving something of similar value back. Plus GMs priorities: 1. Number 1 defender 2. Number 1 center 3. Goaltender 4. Winger Could care less whoever gets traded for a defenseman if its AA plus so be it.
  15. Babs is making a strong case for the Jack Adams Toronto needed 2 years to rebuild add a defender and they will be a force to recognize for a long time