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  1. 3 round pick for a press box guy nice deal. Next up Vanek, Green, Goose/Tatar and Smith
  2. Can't believe some people are surprised that Shattenkirk's camp nixed the deal this is his chance to cash in big and finally decide where he wants to play. Players of his caliber aren't going to give up this chance easily. I mean, there are chances he would have landed somewhere where he doesn't want to play and then have to play there for the next 7 years. TSN and SN are for sure trying to hype this thing up but like last year not a lot is going to happen. Duchene, Landeskog is more material for the off season and Hopefully Holland is working the phones hard and sells Vanek, Green and other veterans before opponents decide to sell some biggere names.
  3. Fantastic player, role model for the game and he does sooo much more than just being an elite player..He is the Hawks' version of Yzerman. Kane may be the Flashy guy but the leadership and work ethic starts with Toews, Keith and Hossa
  4. Yeah I don't know why people are getting worked up about this guy
  5. Can't remember it but I believe it was Setouguchi from San Jose to the Devil's? If the goal is to keep him oh well I'd be out of words then this team is already on the books for too many veterans till 2020plus
  6. Glad Smith is finding his game but like most veterans on the team he isn't part of the long rebuild. So if Holland and his agent can work out a sign and trade deal with other teams that would be fantastic.
  7. ...nuff said. Lol so you wouldn't trade a guy who might be a number 3 center or at best a second line center for some of the best defenseman in the game...[emoji79] If Cheveldayoff offers Trouba I'd drive AA or whomever to the airport in short you take that deal and run before Cheveldayoff becomes sobber.
  8. So he is this years Larkin or Goose from a few years ago were some people were calling him the next 40 goal scorer or whatever. Teams are built from the backend so if someone offers a legitimate young top 4 defender he is gone. That's the beauty of being a seller for the right but realistic price everyone is available
  9. Of course you take Trouba. Good size, tremendous potential, Michigan guy so there is a a deep connection. Liljegren needs to simplify his game and work on his defense if he wants to be a top pairing guy in this league. If it's not Patrick and Winnipeg offers Trouba for the pick or for AA, Mantha take it an run with it it's a great trade. But with Myers having injury problems I'm not sure about him being on the market.
  10. I just hope this is Holland finally gearing up for drivingt the price of his players up in order to sell a lot of the players.
  11. Miller can kiss Holland's ass for keeping him on the team way longer than he should have. The guy made one heck of a career out of basically being a fourth line penalty killing specalist. I wish him the best of luck wherever but it's clear he doesn't provide anything to the Wings right now, which will make trading him very tough. Plus he isn't lighting the AHL on fire either so unless a team really needs depth I don't see him being claimed or traded for even if it's just the conditional draft pick.
  12. If someone offers a solid pick you take it and run. If the asking price for Vanek is too high lower it and get something before he walks for nothing in July.
  13. Easy answer Sakic is looking for a top pairing guy around 25 years old, failing that it's a top 4 defenseman + 1 round pick + prospect. So basically Lark in + first round pick (top 5 this year) + a good AHL player ...that's not something the Wings can give up on the verge of a rebuild it's just too much pieces going back.
  14. I wouldn't expect a lot of movement come trade deadline, even if one of the big three from the Avs is in play who has the cap space and is willing to pay the high asking price? Personally I'm looking forward to seeing the Wings doing what they should've done since 2012 rebuild this thing from the ground up. Get what you can for Vanek and Green and then go from there, if someone offers a solid player for Goose, Tatar they are gone..if a contender wants depth the Wings have it for the right price. This could be a deadline were the Wings finally load up on prospects and picks I'm so looking forward to it.
  15. Would have to think about that long and hard but I guess I would do it because this will be the highest pick since ages. Huge fan of Larkin and I think he is the potential to be a great second line center don't know if he'll ever be good enough for first line duties.