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  1. See that's why I've said wait till next year ans just hope there won't be any bad contracts, trades
  2. From what I understand, scouts watch the players take their notes, videos hand it over to the higher ups and then the discussion starts but the final voice goes to the GM. Although it should be the head of scouting because nobody knows them better. I wanted Vilardi heck would have picked him over Hirschier but I didn't expect anything so yeah whatever. Next year is going to be the start of a real rebuild and hopefully a top 3 pick
  3. Like his size and frame but man passing on Vilardi. The Kings got a steal at 11. Kopitar, Vilardi for years to come have fun West *lol*. Hopefully Rasmussen can develop into the Wings version of David Backes
  4. Oh look a thread about Panarin for Saad magically turned into a "Toews sucks" discussion. Altough the guy is better than everyone on the Wings, has won everything that there is to win and has a GM who's willing to make tough decisions whatever. Will be interesting to see how Panarin does without Kane and the Keith-Seabrook top pairing.
  5. Why should he? It's not the job of a player to manage the cap. A player has to make as much money as possible because a hockey career is short McJesus will be the next great one so even if he gets 14 per he is bringing way more to the Oilers than that
  6. Guy has done it in Dallas and Arizona both teams with ownership troubles, not a lot of talent despise OEL, Benn. Would love to see what Tippet and Maloney could do with an open checkbook.
  7. This team passed on bringing in Julien, Suter so I wouldn't hope for Tippett
  8. other than maybe Patrick I don't think anyone is ready for full time NHL grinds If it's Liljegren let him stay in Sweden, play against men and bring him over once he dominates there
  9. Why would he want to pay 2 goalies a huge salary when he can have a very good tandem for like 6 Mill. The real pieces are going to be draft picks that's why McPhee said every team will have the option to keep their current roster
  10. Yeah it's just me hoping teams liks Vancouver, Colorado and Vegas are going to pass on him because they want defense Plus I would take him over Hirschier if I were Hextall
  11. Vilardi, Tippet, Foote or Liljegren
  12. Like I said they could have: Goaltending: MAF, Ranta how do you not go for this if you are an expansion franchise? Veteran leader who has 3 cups and a young promising Goalie learning from King Henrik himself Defense: Vatanen - Methot Their defense and goaltending would be instantly better than what the Wings are having. Also smart move by Holland NOT commenting on it because you don't want to give McPhees any insider information on what has gone into his decision.
  13. When I watched the Wings trading the pick I thought like damn there goes Mantha and then the Sharks picked Mueller. I'm sure they'll regret it now
  14. Next year could be were the Wings are getting a new GM, new coach - maybe Barry Trotz if the Caps don't extend the guy - and with that comes hopefully a new direction, philosophy for the team. I want someone to come in and do a Shanahan. Glendening and Sheahan were just examples, I'm a huge huge fan of Danny D and Larkin, Mantha but if a young top 4 guy wiith potential can be had for one of them they'd be gone. ´Let me see: Vegas can have MAF as the starter and Ranta as the backup that's a very! good way to start your goaltending. The team and front-office may be sick of Mrazek's poor working ethic and his questionable team behaviour who knows but acting like this is a big deal doesn't make any sense. Anaheim and Ottawa should be really pissed they might be losing Methot - Karlson's Robin - and Vatanen. Holland isn't going to get fired thisyear I've accepted that and I'm looking forward to next year, so losing Mrazek or whoever in ed is not that big of a deal for me, especially when you look at other teams I mean the Preds could lose Jusse Sarros
  15. Since you are so concerned about Mrazek Vegas for sure needs more fans so why not join them as a girlfriend team. The Wings are going to do a rebuild next year so better be prepared to lose some players you may like. I like Sheahan and Glendening a lot but if they're traded so be it.