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  1. derblaueClaus

    Henrik Zetterberg has Retired

    What a player and what a captain. Thank you for all Z and may your beard always with us.
  2. Wait and see.With the Drafts and trades Kenny had the last two seasons and with us finally in a rebuild I wouldn't mind if Kenny stays a bit longer. But No. 19 back with the Wings? That would be a dream come true.
  3. derblaueClaus

    Dylan Larkin Signs ($6.1M x 5 yrs)

    If he stays on pace that deal is almost a bargain. Very happy with term and salary.
  4. derblaueClaus


  5. derblaueClaus

    German League Reinstituting Relegation

    It's pretty much as Prolix described it. The draftless system leads to prospects already worth millions and getting transferred to the big teams. It's a the rich get richer system with a few big teams playing for their national championships and then competing for the Championsleague on a europewide level. If your favorite team has a superstar in the making he is bought off pretty much immediately by the big teams.Just imagine Larkin or Zadina getting transferred to the Lighting or Penguins. It does make the national leagues very boring affairs, at least the German Bundesliga. The champion the last 6 (!) years was the FC Bayern München (or Munich for you guys ) and it was not even close most times. The relegation system plays a part in that, too. Every relegation breaks the teams neck in financial terms making those teams that could face relegation far more cautions. But with cautious investments you don't make up ground to the leading teams, which cements their position even more. I don't like this system at all and I don't think it will do the DEL any good in the long run. I love your North American system with the Salary Cap and the Draft in which every team has a decent chance to win a championship in the next decade.
  6. derblaueClaus

    Should The Wings Re-Sign Mike Green?

    But maybe his agent is......
  7. derblaueClaus

    Should The Wings Re-Sign Mike Green?

    If we can sign him for cheap one year contract then yes. He will then turn into some pick probably and that won't hurt us. If we want to play Hicketts, Hronek, you name him, then we can also waive XO, or Jensen if need be. Here is the next test for Holland. If he hands Green a NTC or a deal longer than two years then resigning him was definitely a mistake. But I doubt that after the last few press conferences.
  8. derblaueClaus

    Big games today...

    3rd pick is near. It's 4:0 for the Flyers at the end of the 2nd.
  9. derblaueClaus

    Update: At Least 14 dead in Humboldt Broncos In Accident (SJHL)

    What a tragedy. RIP.
  10. derblaueClaus

    Big games today...

    The tank is real. Lot's of good hockey tonight. Would love to watch Blues vs. Avs but it's far too late me.
  11. derblaueClaus

    Bad Fans?

    As others already stated: Not bad fans, it's the system that is bad. I remember a Sabres Game a few years back where Sabres fans literally cheered for the other team, because a loss would draw them closer to a No. 1 pick. It's a ridiculous league that evokes such behavior in fans.
  12. derblaueClaus

    Grade the deadline

    We got capspace and picks. Even with Green being still a Red Wing it's hard to rate this Deadline worse than B.
  13. derblaueClaus

    Wings Interested In Resigning Green

    I'm only against re-signing Green if we can get Karlsson though. But as this is as likley as us winning our division this season, I agree. Green is our best defenseman by far, of course we should resign him. I just hope Kenny has learned from his past mistakes and doesn't hand out a long contract. Let's say that this is his first test during rebuild mode.
  14. derblaueClaus

    Tatar traded to Golden Knights for 2018 1st, 2019 2nd & 2021 3rd

    That is a nice haul. We're stacked with picks and have some much needed capspace. Well done indeed, Kenny.
  15. derblaueClaus


    Congratulations to Pav, but what a tournament by my Germans. I'm more than happy.