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  1. derblaueClaus

    Official 2020 Offseason Rebuild Thread

    That is a pretty bold statement given that a team build by Yzerman just won the Presidents Trophy by a mile and almost beat a record held by a pre-cap Red Wings team, that was supposed never to fall in a league that promotes parity like there is no tomorrow. Yes, that team also lost four in a row in post season after that. It happens in sport. But four ******* games don't make or break Yzermans superb performance as a GM in Tampa.
  2. derblaueClaus

    Official 2020 Offseason Rebuild Thread

    Did Peter Chiarelli take over ?
  3. I wouldn't mind seeing him in Mannheim this season. But for his development GR is maybe the better place.
  4. I'm just here to fetch my @Buppy sad reaction.
  5. derblaueClaus

    Official 2020 Offseason Rebuild Thread

    If Howard ends his career and if Lehner is still available and if we can get him that would be huge. But many many if in that sentence. As to be expected when you talk about an offseason that is still a year away.
  6. Well, Wright didn't set the World on fire here. Yes, the 2014 Draft netted us Larkin. But that pick would have been made by my grandmother and she is dead. Others in the 2014 draft class turned out to be busts with Christopher Ehn maybe the exception. Cholowski and Hronek (both from 2016) were good picks. But from 2017 we didn't sign 5 of our 11 picks after only two years. Hardly a vote of confidence. And the jury is still out on Rasmussen. 2018 looks more promising with Veleno, Zadina and possibly Berggren and McIsaac coming up. Wrights tenure had been reasonable good here, but he also isn't the Messiah Holland is taking with him. He also had the assets in several high picks to make him look good and failed to make use of them in 2017. It's far from sure that his drafting will bring us the successful rebuild and that is what we should measure him by. And if Yzerman trust Drapes who am I to argue with that, without having seen Drapes organizing his own draft.
  7. derblaueClaus

    Revisiting the 2011 Entry Draft

    Now we did.
  8. derblaueClaus

    2014 Draft - Revisted

    Inspired by the Thread @kliq dug out here it is. Lets revisit the 2014 Draft and see how we fared in hindsight. LGW- Discussion: Picks: 1st round pick, 15th Overall- Dylan Larkin 3rd round pick, 63rd Overall- Dominic Turgeon 4th round pick, 106th Overall- Christopher Ehn 5th round pick, 136th Overall- Thomas (Chase) Perry 6th round pick, 166th Overall-Julius Vähätalo 7th round pick, 196th Overall- Axel Holmström 7th round pick, 201st Overall- Alexander Kadeykin Notable other picks: 1st Overall - Aaron Ekblad (Floriada Panthers) 3rd Overall - Leon Draisaitl (Edmonton Oilers) 8th Overall - William Nylander (Toronto Maple Leafs) 25th Overall - David Pasternak (Boston Bruins) The Wings came into this draft as a playoff team. They lost in the first round to the Boston Bruins which let them pick at position 15. Their second round pick went to Nashville in the David Legwand trade. It should be pretty obvious to call this draft a great success if you get your future No. 1 Center out of it. Or as fellow user Richdg put it: Also notable is Christopher Ehn at 106th, who seems to develop in a career NHLer. Some of our forum residents wanted Tuch instead of Larkin before the pick was made. Tuch ended up being drafted at 18th by Minnesota and is now playing for the Golden Knights and put up 52 Points last season. Some also like Ritchie very much. He was picked at 10th by Anaheim and is a reliable 30 point player for them. Overall the Larkin pick was liked by almost all Members of the board which supposedly hasn't changed since then. Our second round pick was traded by Nashville to the Sharks who then consequently picked Swedish Defenseman Julius Bergmann. The Turgeon pick (our second one) did cost a 2 thirds (2014 and 2015). That didn't work out so well. The 2015 pick was then traded to the Ducks wo used it on Goalie Brent Gates. Never heard of the guy? Me neither. The Ehn pick raised some eyebrows on the forum, but also some Hakan Fans to defend it. Rightfully so. Our draftclass was pretty center heavy with 5 out of 7 picks being big frame centers.
  9. derblaueClaus

    Nicknames for the Noobs

  10. derblaueClaus

    Nicknames for the Noobs

    No butchering there. It would explain his play last season.
  11. derblaueClaus

    Nicknames for the Noobs

    Andreas Adolfsiou Danny DeKeitel Darren Helmler Anthony Manthastein You won't win this guys, just saying.
  12. derblaueClaus

    Nicknames for the Noobs

    There is only one Kaiser:
  13. derblaueClaus

    Nicknames for the Noobs

    Far from it. +1. And I wouldn't mind cutting the Nazi references altogether.....
  14. derblaueClaus

    Who would you rather?

    I think Zegras would have been a perfect fit here, hence my choice. Seider/Zadina is a very very close second, only because I'm not sure how good Zadina will turn out and we already have scoring wingers, but not enough playmaking centers. With his and Seiders potential however, I might look like an idiot for that vote here a few years down the road.
  15. Sadly Nielsen isn't worth the proverbial even bag of pucks at this point of his career. The Flip singing makes sense if they want to bring AA back to the wing. Terms for both are also reasonable. Flips age also means no cap penalty if he decides to retire. And Stevie apparently didn't hand out any NTCs. We had much worse July 1sts under Holland. Not what I wished for, but that is the reality of the bottom feeder that we are. Better time are ahead.