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  1. Go Tinky ! The Wings and us fans could use some positive thing going out of this train wreck of a season.
  2. Some people just want to see the Hockey World burn. In this case me too btw.
  3. Poor guy. Finally a more or less guaranteed spot in the lineup and then that. Guess we will see more of the other kids now.
  4. Since I wasn't able to watch our cup victories my greatest memory of the streak Game 6 2011 against the Sharks. Wings went down 3:0 early in the series, so every game counted. The won the next two and then traveled to the Joe. A hard fought hockey ensued over the first two periods. Wings put pressure on the Sharks but no goal. The the Sharks lit the lamp with 9 minutes to go in the 3rd. And then this happened: I have never seen the Joe going this nuts before and ever since. Playoff hockey, I already miss you.
  5. Jep, I think @Dabura already brought this up. It's good analyses and makes sense.
  6. I would agree if Kenny had sticked by his old ways. That is trading a pick or prospects for a rental. He didn't. He changed course, he became a seller. And did the right thing. Loading us up with picks. What do you expect him to do differently ? Magically trading Vanek for McDavid ? Just look what the Avs got for Iginla. A conditional 4th in 2018. Comparing that to our Vanek trade Holland did pretty well.
  7. This makes the Vanek trade much more bearable.
  8. This. I'm as upset about the trade as anyone. But acting like Kenny deliberately took the worst offer is nonsense. Looks like the market wasn't as strong as we thought.
  9. Now that we are officially sellers let's enjoy the rest of the ride and all hope that Vanek doesn't get hurt tonight (if he really plays).
  10. Who looks pretty average himself. Just to clarify: My comment wasn't meant to say that Smith is a bad defense man. He is not and I wouldn't mind seeing him in Detroit again. But a 2nd and a 3rd is still a steep price for a top 4 defenseman who will be an UFA at the end of the season.
  11. Shattenkrik had a lot to do with it. After the Caps got him the pressure was on NY and to a degree Pittsburgh to bolster their D as well and that drove the price up. Good for us.
  12. The Toronto one comes from their signing of Babs.
  13. Make that two. I always liked Smith, but this offer is too good to reject, especially if you consider our logjam regarding defense.
  14. Agreed. You need the Sheahan type of players for a cup run. A low Cap hit but highly rewarding at least at the defensive end. Sheahan is still young, with experience he will only get better at his shutdown center kind of role. I don't necessarily agree that trading Jurco was a mistake. But trading Sheahan, excepting any offers like 1st + prospect, would be.
  15. A high price to pay if that is the case. If they wanted to protect certrain players they could have just offered the pick to the LGK instead. My guess is that the don't trust their tandem Budaj/Quick. I can see why, but the way Budaj has played this season the price for them is way too high for my taste. Edit: I take it back, it's just a seven round pick. It's still stone cold regarding Budaj qho is one of the main reasons the Kings are holding a playoff spot.