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  1. derblaueClaus

    2019 Draft

    With the Kings I agree, but the Avs are in a "Win now" mode, not tanking. If we offer them Green, our first and retain some salary for their 4th overall and 2nd - or 3rd round pick it's a reasonable offer in my eyes.
  2. derblaueClaus

    2019 Draft

    If he isn't taken at 4 or 5 maybe we should trade up ? If the Avs and Kings want to that is.
  3. derblaueClaus

    2019 Draft

    He is. He went from barely making the opening day roster of the Adler Mannheim all the way to our National Team this year. And in his first WC-Game he did this: I'm still not sure if I'd jump on the hype train that fast. But if he drops to us in the second round I'm all for taking him.
  4. derblaueClaus

    2019 Draft

    This. We need defense and badly. By the way Krebs means Cancer in German. You really want Cancer on this team?!
  5. derblaueClaus

    Favorite Ken Holland Catchphrase / Quote

    Basically he fired himself.
  6. derblaueClaus

    Poll: Datsyuk on the team at 41?

    Maybe we can get Lidstrom, Franzen and Z coming back too.........
  7. derblaueClaus

    Is Mike Babcock overrated?

    He definitively is overrated. Babs most successful seasons came in an era when defensive play ruled the ice. But the game has changed over the last years and I think Babs has missed the ship. Add to that his infuriating management of young players and his unshattered love for defensive forwards and you have a coach that certainly isn't the best anymore, if he ever was. Looking at the TOI during the TOR - BOS series looked all too familiar.
  8. If you are subscribed to The Athletic: If not: What are you waiting for ? To summarize the article: He basically turned Steve Downie into Andrei Vasilevskiy ( the KFQ-Trade, Vasilevskiy was our first rounder). He dared to trade away a franchise star player in Martin St.Louis and got a hell of a return for it. He did trade up from pick 80 to 79 to take Brayden Point, so he isn't shying away from taking risks if he is convinced that it will pay out. He build an exceptional competent staff in Tampa. And he did build a team that had one goal above anything else: Winning a Stanley Cup. The example the article states is the discount Stamkos and other stars took to keep the Lightning competitive.
  9. derblaueClaus

    TOR vs. BOS - Series Thread

    You mean realgud. But agreed, Babs love for defensive minded forwards is puzzling sometimes, especially if you have other weapons on that Leafs team.
  10. derblaueClaus

    Report: Detroit to name Steve Yzerman as GM

    I'm not so sure about it. Yzerman has been much more aggressive during his stint in Tampa than Kenny has ever been. I for one will be much more excited for the next trade deadlines and free agencys. Not immediately, but the next trade deadline will give us a pretty good idea how Yzermans tenure as a GM will look like.
  11. derblaueClaus

    Report: Detroit to name Steve Yzerman as GM

    I thought resurrection was reserved for Easter Sundays. This might be Detroits biggest signing over the last decade. In Steve we trust from now on.
  12. derblaueClaus

    Henrik Zetterberg has Retired

    What a player and what a captain. Thank you for all Z and may your beard always with us.
  13. Wait and see.With the Drafts and trades Kenny had the last two seasons and with us finally in a rebuild I wouldn't mind if Kenny stays a bit longer. But No. 19 back with the Wings? That would be a dream come true.
  14. derblaueClaus

    Dylan Larkin Signs ($6.1M x 5 yrs)

    If he stays on pace that deal is almost a bargain. Very happy with term and salary.
  15. derblaueClaus