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  1. derblaueClaus

    Oh Captain, No Captain?

    So this will be us at the end of the season: Pretty accurate.
  2. Some might say we were in the...........Dangerzone.
  3. derblaueClaus

    Kronwall Officially Announces Retirement

    Here are the more or less interesting takes form the video: - he is proud wearing the Winged Wheel - he wants to compete with the "big guys", wants to be with the Red Wings - His role model is Scott Niedermayer, but he also loves the play of Roman Josi and Zack Werenski - he was raised in Erfurt and was then invited by Mannheim at the age of 14. His parents gave up their Jobs and moved with him. - the moment Yzerman took the stage his mom padded his knee and said "Now it's your turn." - he usually takes his time with things, doesn't feel any pressure. He is usually calm on the ice. - says it's an honor to represent Germany in the NHL - huge amount of talented prospects in Detroit - learned a lot during the prospect camp - he says he didn't saw a lot of the City of Detroit, but that you're near to Toronto and Chicago, that Lake Michigan isn't so far away and that there are areas around Detroit that are beautiful for sure. () - he still needs to get used being more in the center of media attention. - he is a little afraid, but also very excited coming to North America - is excited for the camps, they will decide what comes next after it - he doesn't rule out coming back to Mannheim, but it's only the third option after the Red Wings and the Griffins
  4. derblaueClaus

    Kronwall Officially Announces Retirement

    I would do it, if I had the time. But I will watch the video and give you guys a summary. There is nothing funny about our language by the way. We Germans don't have fun. Ever.
  5. derblaueClaus

    Kronwall Officially Announces Retirement

    He gave an interview to the German section of In it he stated that he will miss his parents, but they are only one flight over the Atlantic away. Guess where his parents live: Mannheim, Germany. So if he doesn't stay in NA, he will stay in Mexico our South America. Here's the interview btw:
  6. derblaueClaus

    Kronwall to Hang Them Up

  7. derblaueClaus

    Kronwall Officially Announces Retirement

    Hitting someones lights out will always be kronwalling to me. Does it really matter if he ever was "Elite"? Or if his number goes up to the rafters ? You know you had a great career if your name has become a synonym for hitting someone as hard and spectacular as you can.
  8. derblaueClaus

    Howard = Average

    The problem is we need at least a decent enough goalie to win a cup. This goalie won't be Howard, he will be way too old then. I don't think Bernier is the answer. Lehner very well could be. If we can get him a a reasonable price we should take him and mark off one of the items on our to do list. That we should look and evaluate his season in Chicago goes without saying of course.
  9. derblaueClaus

    Hall of Fame Boards

    Is it just me who reads those sirdrake quotes in a weird Russian accent ?
  10. derblaueClaus

    Datsyuk for Redden?

    Where is @haroldsnepsts when you need him ?
  11. derblaueClaus

    Howard = Average

    That's the Osgood plan. It might work. But we also should consider the Roy-Plan. Get a really, really great goalie (even if he is an *******) and ride him to a few cups. Or get something in between. If Lehner is available next offseason I'd consider getting him. Maybe not for $10M, but for $6-8M.
  12. derblaueClaus

    Hall of Fame Boards

  13. derblaueClaus

    VIDEO: Jack Hughes asking girls to flash him. Cool or no-so-cool?

    How is this even a question ?
  14. derblaueClaus

    Wings acquire Adam Erne from Tampa

    And is only 24. This is not your usual Holland Veteran plug. At worst he seems to be a bottom six type of player at best he projects being a skilled scond line power forward. Not bad for a 4th.