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  1. If we're able to make him one of the best goalies in the league this episode will fade and Mrazek will probably stay out of loyalty. If not we don't loose much. I'm not one of the "when there is smoke, there is fire fire" guys. We simply don't know why Holland exposed Mrazek. There has to be a good reason, but it's not necessarily his attitude. Maybe some other move including Howard we don't know yet ?
  2. They get Grabovski off the books and make Vegas essentially waste their pick on Berube. Robbed may be hyperbole, but that's a pretty decent return for a late first rounder.
  3. The Isles seem to have done this : If true, they robbed Vegas.
  4. Amen to that. It probably is true btw. That is why it's leaked.
  5. Was about to post this. Odd choice if true.
  6. Well, that piece got me thinking. Let's hope that history repeats itself.
  7. Or hope that McPhee is a troll who wants to see the world burn.
  8. You and others made the argument that Vegas would take Mrazek, if not for playing him, for trading him. I disagree for the following reasons: I don't think they take Mrazek for to put him on their roster, simply because there are other goalies that are much better or have a better cap than him. The only reason I can see them pick Mrazek is if they are looking for a future starter that could help them winning the cup in a few years. While the last scenario sound reasonable I think it is unlikely. Mrazek has shown flashes of brilliance in his career, but his had also stretches where he played like utter garbage. Not what you want from a starter, at least not when you have other options available. Taking Mrazek would be a huge gamble and GMs don't like gambling (any more). Now for the traiding theory. While Mrazek may have higher trade value than any other exposed player in theory you still need a partner to trade him to. Most teams, if not all are already set with their goalies for the next season. If Mrazek would have aroused any notable interest in the league Holland would probably already have traded him (Better trade him than leaving him exposed). And LV only has three picks to spend on goalies. I don't think they waste them on the uncertain probability that they might get a good trade done with them.
  9. If Mrazek doesn't get picked it's a pretty smart move by Holland. And that he gets picked is highly unlikely as others already have pointed out. This is also a signal that the Wings don't believe in Mrazek like we fans do. If they were sure of him as the starter in a few years Holland would have protected him. I don't know the reasons, could be that he is locker room cancer but also his inconsistency. What is also possible that Holland is still very much in his "winning now" mindset and therefore chose the safer option in keeping the more consistent Howard over the future starter Mrazek just to have maybe a slightly better shot at the cup over the next 2 to 3 years. But I highly doubt that, there has to be something other to this.
  10. Yay ! Team USA was the better team, but we outworked you guys, had the better goalie and were above all lucky af.
  11. Andersen says no.
  12. I smell a goal fo the Caps.
  13. The Verizon Center is finally getting loud. Nice defense there by the Caps.
  14. For that the Seats have to beat Lundquist first. Fun fact: GOA is also a technical law term in Germany.