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02 November 2011 - 11:41 AM

Let's allow ourselves to think of ways Scotty Bowman would have gotten the Wings out of the doldrums, or whose presence would have changed things this year.

1) Moving the most skilled stickhandler and puckmover (Datsyuk) to D.

2) Repeatedly bench an error-prone defenceman. (Ericsson).

3) Play musical goaltenders (Howard and Conklin, but somehow Manny Legace would need to be involved in a three-headed monster). Tell them and the media one will start the next game and then inexplicably change your mind just before gametime.

4) Keep a grind line together for a season rather than moving four guys in and out (Eaves, Emmerton and Conner would have been picked out of training camp).

5) The Wings would have gotten Jagr in July.

6) Exelby would be in for Kindl, who would be used as trade bait with Hudler at the deadline to get an old vet on his last legs looking for one last shot at the Cup. Looking at you, Ray Whitney.

The team would hate him and he probably wouldn't be on speaking terms with most of them, but they'd be 7-2-1 at this point and they wouldn't be lacking motivation or jump.

Kovalev complains in Russian media

08 August 2011 - 11:31 AM


Psychotics are less delusional than how Kovalev remembers his NHL career.

Q. You have a reputation that Kovalev may be excellent in one game, and the next game you cannot see him.

KOVALEV: "One journalist wrote it when I was still playing in New York, and then it all started. There are such reporters, who don't watch hockey, don't understand it but they will still say that Kovalev doesn't give his all. That he plays whenever he wants. They are short on their own opinion."'

He berates the Ottawa media, for apparently channeling all their anger towards him and bringing beer through the airport.

Just once, I'd to hear a mercurial superstar who shat away talent through multiple disputes with coaches and management say: "Yeah, I bounced around quite a bit because I had a bad attitude and I didn't listen to anyone's advice. There were years there, where I literally did not break a sweat. But that's over now and I want to contribute in a positive way to a team with great ambition."

He almost says that here:

I am approached on the street in Montreal, New York and told one thing: 'Don't take the bad to your head. We always support and love you. You're the best.'

But probably not Pittsburgh:

"Getting Malkin back and he's already signed, the need for a soft floating Euro with effort issues is going to be filled."

"I noticed him when he was turning the puck over. That and anytime he tried to play a puck along the wall."