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  1. Ram

    Official Detroit Lions thread

    For me, it has reached the point where Lions season is officially over and Red Wings season has officially begun. The date changes from year to year, sometimes it's earlier, sometimes it's later, but it always comes around sooner or later. Let's go Wings!
  2. Ram


  3. Ram

    3/6 GDT - Red Wings vs. Bruins @ 4:00 PST

    Let's go Wings!
  4. Fine with this. Decent enough haul for a guy that was never gonna be here much longer after they didn't protect him in expansion. Good luck to him and let's keep the rebuild going.
  5. Ram

    10/18 GDT - Red Wings at Maple Leafs - 7:30 PM EST

    Leafs look good. But coming off back to back. Could happen. Should be a nice measuring stick. Let's go Wings.
  6. Ram

    10/10 GDT - Red Wings @ Stars - 8:30 PM EST

    Let's start out first road trip of the year on a good note. Let's go Wings!
  7. Here's to the start of another DRW season. Gonna be a different one but still got some hopes for good things. Just glad hockey is back. Let's go Wings!
  8. Would like to see the octopi throwing limited to playoff games, think it's been a little bit overdone recently.
  9. Ram

    2017 ECSF Washington Caps vs. Pittsburgh Pens

    Caps have to take Game 4 to have a shot. Looked like a heartbreaker/collapse last night. Need to ride the win to have a shot and Holtby needs to play perfect.
  10. Ram

    Official Detroit Lions thread

    Where is the biggest need to be addressed at the draft? I want defense. With the upgrades made the offensive line, if we have at least 1 or 2 more playmakers on defense, could actually be really excited for the season. Typical Lions to make us excited then let us down...
  11. Ram

    Playoff Format Needs to be Changed

    Agreed. I think the NHL was trying to have the conference finals be representatives of each region of the countries to have locations involved, but with parody it does not make sense to me, should just do 1-8 in each conference, do not overcomplicate things
  12. Ram

    Pilgrimage to Detroit - Must Do Things

    I would recommend Lafayette Coney Island for a bite before or after a game for a genuine coney. A great place for feather bowling is Cadieux Cafe. Some other good bars for before or after a game are Anchor Bar and Andrew's on the Corner, both of which have shuttles. Frozen pond, your best bet is probably Clark Park in Detroit. If you're looking for an adventure, could check out Belle Isle to shovel off your own pond, if it's cold enough. For a comedy club, the only one I know of is Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle in Royal Oak. If it's your bag of tea, I would check out the DIA, just a cool building in general. The Midtown area in general is making a lot of strides in the past years. Traffic Jam is a good spot in Midtown. Eastern Market is another cool spot downtown - is a good place to walk around. Finally I would suggest a place to get true Detroit style pizza, Niki's in Greektown or any Buddy's location, there are several. Oh and get some Better Made potato chips, preferably barbecue.
  13. Ram

    Official Detroit Lions thread

    What is a realistic expectation for this team at this point in the season? Playoff appearance? Playoff win?
  14. Ram

    11/8 GDT - Red Wings 3, Philadelphia Flyers 2 (SO)

    Let's go Wings! End this lame never winning in Philly stat.
  15. Ram

    Conflict in the Crease

    This. And both goalies will be hung onto for some time unless the the deal is right, IMO.