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  1. kipwinger

    2019 Draft

    I definitely understand your argument. And again, I don't know enough about Allsvenskan to double down on this too much. I guess my assumption is that IF it's a similar league to the ECHL, then top of the draft talent should be able to produce reasonably well. And Broberg's numbers seem pretty pedestrian by that league's standards, even among draft eligible players. Like I said elsewhere, he's producing at about the same rate in that league that Gustav Lindstrom did as a draft eligible player. I suppose maybe it's that production COMBINED with the potential that his physical tools gives him. Which would be in line with some of the scouting reports on him I've seen. But I just don't see high level offensive upside with the guy given how little he's produced relative to his peers, both in Allsvenskan as well as in age restricted best on best tourneys. As far as the Russian example you gave, I'd expect Russian players to struggle more than Swedish players in their respective leagues. Given that there are about 140 million more people in Russia I'd expect there to be more good players at every level of hockey. Maybe the top guys in each league are comparable, but the rank and file guys should (theoretically) all be better in Russia. As a result, it should always be a little harder to make the team, get minutes, produce offense, etc. in Russia.
  2. Let's set aside the fact that you wished that twenty year old girl (whom you never even met) flunks out of med school, and/or that two people who seem to really care about each other ultimately break up. We'll just ignore what a miserably cynical point of view that actually is. What I'm REALLY wondering is what you do for a living that puts you in a position to give career advice to the 25 year old millionaire and his soon-to-be doctor girlfriend? I bet you're a stock broker right? Own your own wealth management firm? Independently wealthy entrepreneur? Bingo.
  3. I know, right? Some girl failing to realize her dream of helping people, despite the sincere help and effort from her loved ones, would be f*cking hilarious!
  4. kipwinger

    2019 Draft

    Just seeing this so my apologies for the delay. This is an interesting point, but it's misleading. The SHL isn't the NHL, and Allsvenskan isn't comparable to the AHL as a result. Over the years I've read (as much a possible) about the quality of the various hockey leagues around the world. In most cases where people discuss the relative strength of each league they place the SHL slightly below the AHL. So if we take the SEL and AHL to be roughly equal, then Allsvenskan would be comparable to the ECHL. So while your point still stands that Broberg WAS playing in a men's league, it's not as though it's a very good men's league. And his failure to produce many points against that level of competition is still a concern for me if I were contemplating taking him near the top of the draft. Also, saying that Allsvenskan is like the "worst half" of the AHL is misleading for another reason. The difference in the size and quality of the talent pools between the SHL and the AHL. The AHL is pulling talent from all around on the world, both in terms of prospects on their way up, and NHLers on their way down. The worst teams in the AHL are still NHL affiliates and are still likely to have MUCH more talent being infused into their rosters. Guys who dominate the SHL are generally guys who never made it in North American hockey or are Swedish NHL prospects with a year or two less development then they'll have when they eventually play in the AHL. As a result the "worst half" of the AHL is probably WAY better than Allsvenskan IMO.
  5. kipwinger

    News From Around the NHL

    While I'm generally fine with the return we got on Nyquist I can't help but marvel at how dumb the conditions were. First, who bets on the Sharks' playoff success? Lol. Terrible. Second, in order to re-sign him they'd basically have to swing and miss on one or both of Pavelski and Karlsson, their top two priorities. Not to mention, as I've stated elsewhere, in order to get a better pick next year we had to get a worse pick this year. Dumb.
  6. I agree that he'd go unclaimed. My point is THAT WOULD BE A BAD THING because you'd having a significant amout of cap space wasted. As long as he's better than at least one other player you're better off riding out his contract with him playing limited minutes and spending significant time in the press box as he continues to age. I swear I'd love to see how half the members of LGW would fare as GMs in the NHL. You'd have 20 rookies on the team and about 30 million in dead cap money.
  7. If the Wings waived him and he went unclaimed they'd eat 3 million dollars per year until 2023. Again, f*cking retarded. And of course the first time during that period that they couldn't sign some UFA that you wanted you'd ***** endlessly about how badly they'd mismanaged the cap.
  8. I agree, and think he should. I also think it won't be a bad thing that he does.
  9. kipwinger

    2019 Draft

    One thing I'm interested in is whether Yzerman will start locking these guys up as RFA's or go the bridge deal route like Holland. I really don't think you want to do "prove it" deals with each of these guys and then find you've got to pay them all a bunch of else risk losing them to UFA. I think I'd go the Dave Poile route and overpay a bit early and hopefully get value on the back end like he did with Josi, Ekholm, and Arvidsson.
  10. No, that isn't what "led us to the cellar". He had Helm, Glendening, Abby, Nielsen, Ehn, and De la Rose all in the lineup, some playing third line minutes or higher. We had one of the worse defensive groups in the league. We had no center depth. AND we were among the most injured teams in the league. Suggesting that keeping Abby and Helm around to be 4th liners is more of "the same" is retarded.
  11. kipwinger

    2019 Draft

    To be honest I don't really care who we take at 35. I just want one of Zegras or Dach at 6th and I'm happy. Larkin, Zegras/Dach, Veleno, and Glendening down the middle with some combination of Bert, Mantha, AA, Zadina, Svech, Rasmussen, Hirose, and Berggren on the wings is a nasty forward group going forward.
  12. While I think it's pretty unlikely, I do think there's room for Veleno to make the team if it's clear he's ready from camp. However, two things would have to happen and neither are likely. At center, any of AA, Glendening, or Nielsen would be moved to the wing . Larkin, AA/Nielsen/Glendening, Veleno isn't out of the realm of possibility. Or he could do like Larkin and break in on the wing, but that's even more unlikely given that he'd have to leap frog Zadina, Svech, and Rasmussen to do it. I think odds are that he'll play a full year in GR and breaks in at center a year from now.
  13. I genuinely don't understand why everybody is so quick to get rid of Abby. I get that his production has curtailed the last few seasons but his ice time has fallen by about 3 minutes per game since his career highs in 2015 and 2016. And that reduction is ice is EXACTLY what everybody wanted in the first place. Now the big complaint is that he doens't score. The reasoning is pretty circular. Then people freak out about his contract, which has not affected the team negatively in any conceivable way. So I can't understand that one either. Then they say he's eating up a roster spot, but when guys like Ehn, De La Rose, Witkowski, and Frk are on the team it's pretty hard to argue that roster spots are at a premium. I say let his contract run out. And in the mean time let him be a good locker room guy. Let him teach the kids how to work out like a pro, eat like a pro, practice like a pro, be responsible on roadtrips, hold them accountable on the ice, and all that. And all the while keep reducing his role as other guys peak until he's a regular scratch. That would cost the team nothing and might actually benefit the organization in the long term.
  14. kipwinger

    2019 Draft

    Bob McKenzie's final draft rankings for anybody who's interested: Edit: Bob's got Brayden Tracey at 36, which is pretty interesting. Kid had a really solid year in the WHL and put up some nice numbers. Definitely a name I hadn't heard up to this point.
  15. I actually don't agree with this. The knock on Helm and Abby and Neilsen is their price, not their ability. ALL of them have shown they're better players than De La Rose (for instance). And since we're in no cap trouble at all I don't see why you'd move on from guys who are obviously better than the younger guys. Again, maybe if you were up against the cap and need to re-sign someone, but we aren't. I'd much rather have Helm or Abby in the lineup than Ehn or De La Rose. I just don't want them playing anything more than fourth line minutes. Barring any trades for free agent signings my fourth line next year would be Helm-Glendening-Abby. Neilsen would center the third line (until injured or Veleno shows he's ready for a call up in GR) and one of Ehn or De La Rose would be in the press box.