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  1. Why are we better than last season?

    It's honestly hard to pick one thing, which is why I asked the question. This far, probably goaltending. Much is also being made right now of some systems changes that has us playing faster and attacking more. The team seems to like it. So that might be a big factor but I'm not smart enough with systems analysis to say if it's b.s. or not.
  2. Why are we better than last season?

    While I don't think it's even close to a primary reason, I'm also really glad that's Frk is on the team. Had Nosek not been claimed by Vegas, and Bertuzzi not hurt, there's no way Frk gets a shot and proves he can play NHL. I really think he helps make our PP a little more effective, and his 5 on 5 play has been a pleasant surprise.
  3. The MANtha watch.....

    I'd trade Nyquist+ for Matt Dumba, then keep two of Cholowski, Hronek, Saarijarvi, or Hicketts. Trade the other two. Sign veteran partners to play alongside them, provided the partners have excellent possession numbers (whomever the 2020 version of Jason Demers or Trevor Daley is).
  4. Why are we better than last season?

    Just curious what folks around here think is the PRIMARY reason for the teams' apparent improvement, if any.
  5. Frk vs Pulkkinen

    I think it's a little early to say definitively if Frk will be better than Pulkkinen in the long term, although with the usage he's getting I think he probably might. But there are a few things that I think he does better and Pulk did. No statistical backing on these things, just a few impressions I've had after watching him play. The most obvious two relate to his size and strength. He's better at protecting the puck, and he's better at winning board battles. When Blash talks about Frk being able to make plays off the boards this is really what he's talking about, Frk's ability to win a battle and hold on to the puck long enough to make a play. Third, I think he's better at moving into high traffic scoring areas. While this hasn't led to a ton of offense for him yet, he's had a number of really excellent scoring chances from crashing the net. Something I don't recall Pulkkinen doing so often. Finally, I think he's much better at skating with the puck and making plays in transition. Pulks was an excellent passer, but he was not a great skater. Frk's skating is underrated (or perhaps deceptive). He's faster than he looks most times and can move up the ice with the puck confidently. You saw it last night when he raced Giordano down the boards with the puck and gained the zone. I've never seen Pulk do anything comparable. But probably the biggest difference is just where the team is at in their lifecycle. A few years ago we were still trying to keep the streak alive and were ostensibly still trying to win a Cup. That's not the case now. I think a young guy with room to grow his game is likely to get a little more rope these days, and Frk seems to be taking advantage of it.
  6. 11/6 GDT - Red Wings at Canucks - 10:00 PM EST

    Glad to see Frk scoring again. Keeps this up he might play his way off the fourth line one of these days. We're actually a fairly decent team. Give us a coach who isn't a complete dips***, and a defense that's serviceable (after watching this game I really wish we'd got Poulliot instead of Wilson in the Sheahan trade) and we might make a little noise. Our forward corps is actually better than advertised. Get those lines sorted out (I actually like Helm-Neilsen-Abby though) and I think we're pretty good.
  7. 2017-18 Lines Thread

    Since Blashill recently said that Helm-Neilsen-Abby are his "matchup line", I'm not really sure what the 4th line does? So ideally I'd go with something like this, for now. Nyq-Z-Mantha Tatar-Larkin-Svech Frk-AA-Bert Helm-Neilsen-Abby Glendening Dekeyser-Green Daley-Hicketts Ouellet-Jensen Ericsson
  8. 10/18 GDT - Red Wings at Maple Leafs - 7:30 PM EST

    If only we had a guy on our team with game breaking goal scoring ability. But where would we find such a player? And how could we possibly justify paying him more than Luke Glendening?
  9. 10/18 GDT - Red Wings at Maple Leafs - 7:30 PM EST

    Listlessness implies that they CAN make plays, but just aren't putting in the effort. I'd counter that many of our players have no idea what to do with the puck when they find themselves with it.
  10. 10/18 GDT - Red Wings at Maple Leafs - 7:30 PM EST

    But our "good in the locker room"/60 is off the charts.
  11. 10/18 GDT - Red Wings at Maple Leafs - 7:30 PM EST

    Watching us try to pass is excruciating. 50% of our team has essentially no chance of making a play at any given time. Tends to happen when you value things like grit and hustle more than you do skill.
  12. 10/18 GDT - Red Wings at Maple Leafs - 7:30 PM EST

    Mrazek's rebound control is abysmal tonight. Jesus.
  13. Next GM

    I hate when teams hire home town heroes to coach and GM, it's always received well by the fans and almost never works out. Usually sets bad teams back even further. Of the people currently available I'd take Lombardi, but I'm not even crazy about that. The only GM I like absolutely is Tallon, and I don't see him going anywhere. So I guess I'm no help on this. I'd be fine with Martin I guess. Seems to do a good job with player acquisition in his role as Griffin's GM.
  14. 10/12 Detroit Red Wings @ Arizona Desert Dawgs | 10 pm ET

    Don't get too excited, we will waste it on a guy that projects as a 3rd line, two way, forward with tons of intangibles.
  15. 10/12 Detroit Red Wings @ Arizona Desert Dawgs | 10 pm ET

    Mike Green is trying to play his way off this team.