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  1. kipwinger

    Ovechkin to 1,000 Goals?

    Possible, I don't know. But he also seems like just the kind of egomaniac who wants to be considered the greatest ever, and to be that he has to stay in the NHL.
  2. kipwinger

    Seth Barton

    Hearing good things about Malte Setkov this year as well. Most teams' defensive prospect pool is not much beyond 3-4 deep. I'd argue that ours is basically in line with what most other teams have in the pipeline when you consider Cholowski, Hronek, McIsaac, Saarijarvi, Sulak, Setkov, Barton are all looking (various degrees of) good and we really only need 3ish to pan out. Gustav Lindstrom is a sleeper here too.
  3. kipwinger

    Ovechkin to 1,000 Goals?

    I don't think he gets anywhere close to 1,000, but I think he plays until he passes Gretzky. And I think he does it. He currently needs 265 goals to do it. Teemu Selanne (his only real comparable) played until he was 44 and scored 232 goals after his age 35 season. Messier played to 43 and scored 202 goals after his age 35 season. Ovechkin is a better goal scorer than both of them. Barring a catastrophic injury he beats the record fairly easily.
  4. kipwinger

    Buyers or Sellers ?

    That was the point of my original post. First, that trading from say 12 to 8 is probably much more doable than trading from 15 to 5 (for instance). And secondly, that you should only do so if your scouts think there's a game changer (like Petterson) who's still available. Of course their are no guarantees. But just because you're not guaranteed doesn't mean you shouldn't increase your odds. Normally I'd advocate for picking as often as possible too. I guess my point is that if we all agree that you need game breaking talent to win a Cup and not just a bunch of mid first rounders, then it might be worth moving up because most of the game breaking talent in the league today comes in the top part of the first round.
  5. kipwinger

    Buyers or Sellers ?

    The point was that there are game changers available in the 5-10 range frequently enough that having the assets to move into the top ten is generally worth it. Particularly if game breaking talent is what you're missing out on. Certainly a higher probability of success doing that then hoping you get one of those rare gems who turn into top end talent despite being picked later in the draft.
  6. kipwinger

    Buyers or Sellers ?

    Didn't Vancouver just get Elias Petterson with the 6th pick two years ago? If there's a guy with game breaking potential in the top 10 you move up to get him. Some years those types of players may be there. Some years they aren't. My point is that you're more likely to find that kind of player in the top 10, so having the extra picks to move up (if you think you've found a guy like that) is key. We've already got a team of mid-1st round talent. Now we need some game changers.
  7. kipwinger

    Buyers or Sellers ?

    Sure, but that changes with each draft class.
  8. kipwinger

    Buyers or Sellers ?

    Depends on where we land in the lottery. Moving from 18th to 5th is pretty tough. But moving from 12th to 7-10th might not be as difficult.
  9. kipwinger

    Buyers or Sellers ?

    Nobody is saying elite players don't occasionally come from outside the top part of the draft. What I'm saying is, elite players are typically at the top part of the first round and if you want to increase the odds that you'll find and elite player, moving into the top part of the draft is probably your best bet.
  10. kipwinger

    Buyers or Sellers ?

    Sell everyone you can sell and package those pics to get as high up in the draft as you can get. We need top end talent and we're not going to get it outside the top 5-10.
  11. Don't worry. I've already given my letter of resignation to Stephen Walkom, NHL Director of Officiating. I'm sure the Wings will be back to playoff contention in no time. Yes, because that quote clearly implicates each and every Red Wings fan and wasn't obviously directed at the dummies who complain about the refs constantly. Good call. Hear me out, I know this will be a journey... In a game with 6 total penalties, 3 for each team, one powerplay each in regulation, one set of offsetting penalties, and one each for a "roughly" half minute of overtime...I'd say the refs were pretty much as impartial as they could possibly be.
  12. I'm not judging a WHOLE fan base. I'm judging those fans who complain about the refs. I don't complain about the refs, and I'm a fan, and there are others like me. So basically I'm just judging people like YOU. And no, I don't watch the NFL. It's a dumb sport for dummies. I don't drink Mountain Dew or listen to Five Finger Death Punch either in case you're wondering.
  13. I did officiate a few midget games when I was in college. So obviously I've got it out for the Wings.
  14. Dude, people around LGW have been claiming a league wide conspiracy against the Wings for YEARS. Tons of fans, including some commenting tonight, actually believe Gary Bettman rigged the 2009 Cup because he wanted Crosby to win and the Wings to lose. If you think there isn't an asinine "conspiracy theorist" faction of Red Wings fans around here then I don't know what to tell you. And as I've said several times now, I'm commenting on that idiotic tendency collectively and not just based on this one game. But as you correctly pointed out, if you don't like what I've got to say, ignore me.
  15. No, you should complain about thing that are actually happening. Like, if you find yourself thinking there's a league wide bias against your favorite sports team you shouldn't complain. Because that's crazy and unsubstantiated.