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  1. Filip Hronek will probably never not score again. Mark it down.
  2. kipwinger

    Remaking the defence

    Generally I'd agree, but the situation is fluid because we're actually a better team this year than anticipated. If teams want to have long term success they need to take advantage of entry level deals and undervalued deals. You lock up Horvat now, while you've got guys like Kubalik, Perron, Vrana, Raymond, Seider, Husso, outperforming their contracts you're in a really good position next year. The alternative is that you wait a year or two and a bunch of those guy are either gone or making so much more that you can't afford that missing piece or two if you need it.
  3. kipwinger

    Remaking the defence

    Optimistic how?
  4. kipwinger

    Remaking the defence

    I wouldn't say "thin" but I agree that behind centers our biggest need is RHD. Wallinder will be a top 4 dman for a long time. McIsaac, Buium, and Johansson have 3rd pair floors with room to grow into bigger roles. After that it's more of a crap shoot. I'd still consider defense the strongest part of our organizational depth. Essentially we have a top 4, all 25 and under, already in the organization (Seider, Hronek, Edvinsson, Wallinder) with McIsaac, Johansson, Buium able to be in that conversation too. That's not too bad when you consider that between Kronwall and Hronek we really didn't draft and develop a single top 4 defenseman. If I have to pick an organizational weakness it's still at center, though Larkin-Kasper-Ras-Veleno isn't as weak as I once thought our center depth was. Followed by goalie, but again, Husso-Ned-Cossa isn't terrible either. Honestly, at this point I'd be drafting for dynamic skillsets. You've got all your foundational pieces in place. Now start looking for guys who can be game changers at whatever draft position you're sitting in. And for the love of god SY, please sign Bo Horvat in the offseason. Bert-Larkin-Raymond Copp-Horvat-Kubalik Perron-Ras-Vrana Fabbri-Veleno-Berggren Chiarot-Seider Maatta-Hronek Edvinsson-Whoever ^^^^^^^^^^^This is a Cup Contender^^^^^^^^^
  5. kipwinger

    Remaking the defence

    From the guys you listed here I'd rank them (in order of "Definite Top 4 Dman" to "Will not play NHL games") Wallinder McIsaac Johansson Buium Sebrango Viro
  6. kipwinger

    Remaking the defence

    I wouldn't hate it at the right price. The Caps are on a downward trajectory, maybe he wants to ride some Red Wings coattails. He's pretty much exactly the kind of guy I'm talking about.
  7. kipwinger

    Remaking the defence

    If Edvinsson is up and on the 3rd pair next season (and I think he should be) he's going to need a Maatta-like partner to stay at home and cover for him. Edvinsson's game is built on puck transportation, and he's best when he's up in the play. I don't care who that partner is, but a solid veteran right hander (Pysyk?) makes sense. Chiarot-Seider Maatta-Hronek Edvinsson-Pysyk Wallman/Hagg/Lindstrom/Oesterle
  8. I see what you're saying, and I agree for the most part. But I'd just clarify that it's not that I'm trying to minimize Chiarot as much as maximize his value. Like Hronek I think he's probably MORE effective with slightly fewer minutes against lesser competition. If he's not out there against top lines he won't be defending as much and we might get a little more offense out of him.
  9. Meh, you're underpaying for Seider and Hronek so it comes out in the wash. Not ideal, but not a difference maker. Give him 12-14 even strength minutes and another 3.5 on the PK and he's earned his keep. I just don't think Seider can be as dynamic as we'd like to see him be with Chiarot. I'd rather see Seider with a true stay at home guy (like Tampa does with Hedman-Cernak).
  10. The only big change I'd like to see is getting Chiarot off Seider's pair. I always thought of Chiarot as a shutdown, stay-at-home guy because of his physicality but that's really not his game. He wants to play in the offensive zone too. Ideally I'd like to see all of Seider, Hronek, and Chiarot playing with a more defensively minded partner to allow their offense to flourish. Without bringing someone in from outside the team I'd do something like below, but obviously longer term I'd want to see someone better than Hagg on that top pair. Hagg-Seider Maatta-Hronek Chiarot-Lindstrom
  11. This was the most complete Red Wings game of the season. And it should have been. Columbus is decimated by injury and were basically playing with an AHL team. We were supposed to dominate that game, and we did. Every single aspect of the game, even strength, special teams, you name it. These are the kinds of games that improve a team because they're more than practice, but not as high stakes as a game against the league's best. Just high level reps for a team that needs them. Huge win.
  12. The additions of the new guys, and specifically the fact that those guys are flourishing, will be Zadina's death knell. He's the same s***ty player he's always been. But you add Suter, Kubalik, Perron, Berggren, and (sorta) Vrana in two years and suddenly Zadina's run out of track. Sucks because if he'd been traded a year ago we'd have gotten something for him. Now he'll be a throw in. I'm actually more excited to see Pius Suter get traded than I am for Zadina. It's clear which player has more value.
  13. Nifty pass to gain the zone by Berggren on that goal by Veleno.
  14. kipwinger

    GDT - Party and Play with Myself - Wings vs. Patos

    F*cking Bertuzzi, that turnover was brutal
  15. kipwinger

    GDT - Party and Play with Myself - Wings vs. Patos

    Nonstop stammering. How did anyone think this was a good idea?