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  1. kipwinger

    Yzerman vs Fedorov. Which one was better?

    I don't really see any argument for Fedorov. He wasn't more skilled than Yzerman in any meaningful way, he scored less over the course of his career, and was less of a factor in all 3 Cup runs. He was definitely more athletic though, I'll give him that.
  2. kipwinger

    2018 Prospect Tournament and Training Camp

    My bad, I was genuinely confused and so I misread your position on this. All this time you were saying that A) there's nothing wrong with Mantha's deployment on the powerplay, B) he's successful at it, C) his talent isn't wasted, and D) you're fine with that? Ok then, I agree. Edit: Also, I think you're getting former and latter mixed up in the post above.
  3. kipwinger

    Rumors Thread

    There are currently 17 first overall draft picks still playing in the NHL. Of those, 4 have won Stanley Cups (Ovechkin, Crosby, Fleury, Kane). So while drafting someone like Hughes or Dahlin is exciting, and there's no reason not to take them if you get the chance, it's not really that big of a deal if you don't. It's almost more fun to think about who you'd take other than the obvious top guys IMO. Other than Pittsburgh, who had essentially 3 first overall (I'm counting Malkin because he clearly goes first in any draft that doesn't also have Ovechkin), the core groups of all the recent Cup winners have only sparse representation from the top spot. Ovechkin, Kuznetsov, Backstrom, Carlsson. Toew, Kane, Keith, Hossa. Doughty, Kopitar, Carter, Quick. Bergeron, Kreci, Chara, Thomas/Lucic(?). I'd much rather we get down to the business of finding those other guys and hope that Larkin turns out to be as good as Toews or Bergeron or Kopitar than waste too much time thinking about Jack Hughes given how unlikely it is that we'll ever draft him.
  4. kipwinger

    2018 Prospect Tournament and Training Camp

    What a goof I am for assuming you "thought" his talent was being wasted when in reality you "think it feels" like his talent is being wasted. It was a real stretch on my part.
  5. kipwinger

    2018 Prospect Tournament and Training Camp

    At least two of you think that...because you said so explicitly. Like here. And here.
  6. kipwinger

    2018 Prospect Tournament and Training Camp

    I don't really understand this line of thinking. Tons of skilled player, most more skilled than Mantha, see regular or exclusive net front time on the PP. Off the top of my head, Benn, Perry, Pacioretty, Wheeler, Backes, Kreider, JVR, and Simmonds are all highly skilled players who also play in front of the net. So maybe there's something to it and it's not that Blashill is "wasting" a skill player. Maybe it's actually preferable to have a skilled guy there.
  7. kipwinger

    2018 Prospect Tournament and Training Camp

    Here's an article in which all the goals scored in the 2016 NHL season were mapped by their location on the ice as well as by the type of shot.
  8. kipwinger

    2018 Prospect Tournament and Training Camp

    You stated you'd be happy if it worked AFTER you said that you wanted it Blashill to stop doing it once Rasmussen was on the team. Which is it? If Mantha is successful doing it (as you've said) and you're happy he's successful doing it (as you've said) then why would you want Blashill to stop doing it? It's not easier to score around the net than it is to score from the perimeter. That's why there's so few Holmstroms and so many Hudlers, Tatars, and Nyquists.
  9. kipwinger

    2018 Prospect Tournament and Training Camp

    Oh Christ, this is going to turn into another Jurco/Smith situation isn't it. If a guy doesn't perform exactly as we imagined he would then he's been "ruined" by the coach. Mantha was top 50 among all forwards in powerplay goals and that's considered a bad thing? 9 of his 24 goals came on the powerplay. His 15 even strength goals (where he's not a "net front" presence) would have tied him for the top 100. Hell, his even strength goal scoring isn't even the best on the team (Nyquist and AA). If anything, moving him to net front on the pp made him a more productive goal scorer, not the other way around. Mantha can't play like he did in juniors because it wouldn't work. He dominated a bunch of kids because he was more physically developed. He won't be able to blow by NHL level defensemen and beat NHL goalies clean off the rush. He also probably won't score much as a shooter on the PP either because his lateral quickness isn't great. So Blashill makes a tweak to his game to give him more success (which works) and people *****. He had a 900% improvement on his PP goalscoring over the year before and Blashill is misusing him? Jesus.
  10. kipwinger

    Top 50 NHL Prospects

    You said that 15 years ago you'd have said "possibly" if someone had said Keith was going to be elite. Which is bull. Pretty much nobody saw that coming. I doubt you'd have been any different. That was my point. And that's really my larger point overall. Defensive prospects are hard to gauge at 18 years old. Some of the best modern defensemen looked unimpressive on draft day. Chara, Keith, Subban, Weber, Byfuglien, Letang, Yandle, Klingberg, Josi were all drafted outside of the first round. Karlsson, Carlson, and Burns all went in the first, but not as high as their talent has born out. Only some of the best defensemen actually projected to be that on draft day (Suter, Doughty, Pietrangelo, Hedman, Ekblad). Compare that to forwards. Almost all your top forwards were valued highly on draft day. Suggesting that pretty much nobody knows what's going to make a defenseman turn out to be any good, while pretty much everybody can spot a winner at forward.
  11. kipwinger

    Top 50 NHL Prospects

    I feel like you'd have said "I don't see him as anything more than a 3rd pairing guy" based on his lack of draft pedigree and unimpressive NCAA and Junior stats.
  12. kipwinger

    Zetterberg's status in 2 years.

    Are those things mutually exclusive? Couldn't this all be a charade AND a guy's played through a tough injury and is now hanging em' up to go golfing and hang out with his supermodel wife?
  13. kipwinger

    2018 Prospect Tournament and Training Camp

    Wait, where did I say he's average at anything? I've already said, he's like Franzen. Good wheels (for a big guy), good shot, good size, good net front. He's good at all of it. If he were excellent at all of it he'd be Blake Wheeler. He isn't. His best attribute, and one that you consistently fail to mention because it doesn't support your "Mantha is a shooter" narrative, is that he's really good at protecting the puck and making good passes for scoring chances in the offensive zone. If anything I'd say he's under rated as a PLAYMAKER. Which is probably the only thing that will set his career apart from Franzen. He'll score 28-35 goals a season, but his ceiling will depend on how many assists he has.
  14. kipwinger

    Top 50 NHL Prospects

    Nobody thought Duncan Keith had "Duncan Keith" upside either when he was drafted, which is why he went 54th overall. They've actually had very similar careers so far. Both BCHL, both dispappointed in NCAA, both went to junior hockey later and tore it up. Both skate well, both defend well, have similar physical attributes.
  15. kipwinger

    Top 50 NHL Prospects

    Since we're making projections about defensemen, I'll do you one better. Dennis Cholowski follows in the footsteps of another former BCHLer, Duncan Keith, and becomes a top pairing mainstay and all around badass. He goes on to win a few Cups, a few gold medals, and a Conn Smythe. "Generational" superstar Dahlin scores a bunch of points and wins nothing, just like Erik Karlsson before him.