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  1. I hear this every year, and I don't agree. Every GM has tolerances. More or less risk that they're willing to assume. A conservative GM makes fewer moves with the same roster as a risk taker, in theory. Some GMs would never, ever, ever, trade a 70 point player (Holland). Some would trade them for Tyler Seguin (Nill). Some would trade them for Adam Larsson (Chiarelli). Seems like Yzerman, so far, has very low risk tolerances. He even said today in his presser that every player has some kind of value at the deadline, and yet he only made two deals. The fact that he didn't trade a Glendening, Helm, Bernier, or Fabbri DOES NOT mean that there was no market for them. It could mean a few other things too. Maybe the market was weak and they have more value to your team. Maybe you're scared to trade a better than average player. Maybe you weren't willing to pair them with a prospect or pick to get a more valuable asset. I don't know the story with Yzerman, but I do know that pairing Barclay Goodrow with a 3rd round pick was worth a 1st rounder today. What's Fabbri and a 2nd get you? Glendening and a decent prospect?
  2. How does hanging on to our most valuable trade chips help us become competitive as soon as possible? Especially when those guys have shown that collectively they can't win? You suggested earlier that WITH those guys we're looking at 3-5 years before we're competitive anyway. You have to try and find ways to accelerate your rebuild IF you're going to hang on to those guys. Conversely, if you're ok with the rebuild taking 10 more years to pay off then you might as well trade them now and get a jump start.
  3. Sure, at this rate. But if so, then why not trade Mantha and Bert for 1st round picks? Since neither of them work with that timeline? or Larkin for that matter?
  4. That's understandable, but you need to acquire high value draft picks. I'm all for drafting and hoping with your late 2nd, 3rd, and 4th round picks. But the reality is that Yzerman might very well go the rest of his career without finding another Brayden Point in the 3rd round, for instance. So I don't think that can be the central thrust of your rebuilding philosophy. You also need to make those picks count. If you're looking for gems in the 2nd round you need to take guys with boom upside. Antti Tuomisto types just aren't going to cut it.
  5. Honestly I think the right course of action may be to sell off all the 25 year old guys (Mantha, Bert, AA) and go forward with a new core of (Larkin, Zadina, Veleno, Ras, Hronek, Seider) and a bunch of 1st and 2nd rounders. I just don't see us getting out of this drafting only once in the 1st round each year. We need multiple 1sts like Ottawa has acquired. Also have to get SOMETHING for Helm, Glendening, and DK at some point. If you're not willing to trade good younger players, and you're not willing to trade good older players, and you can't trade bad players, then I'm not sure what your hoping to get for whoever is left.
  6. Bernier is playing outrageously good and we still lose every game he starts.
  7. Hard not to be disappointed here. Not sure what the plan is. I don't know why you'd sell this low on AA. The trade was fair value for the season he's having, but you'd have to expect a rebound going forward. I don't know why you wouldn't put any/all of Helm, Glen, Bernier, Fabbri out there if "we need as many picks as possible" really is your strategy. Adding two seconds and a fourth over two drafts isn't really going to cut it.
  8. I was literally about to say the opposite. We have a log jam at forward now. Unless Yzerman is planning on waiving a bunch of dudes really soon.
  9. Underwhelming for sure, but probably good value considering the year he's had. Also, there may be conditions.
  10. AA for two 2nd rounders according to Dreger.
  11. Dallas has been really quiet today. Most of the West has been actually. Expecting a flurry over the next two hours.
  12. Plus the absolutely haul he gave for Pageau. Neither of whom are needle movers given what he's already got on the Island. Just saddling this team to mediocrity down the road for no realistic shot at a Cup.
  13. Lou Lamorello has lost his f*cking marbles.
  14. No s***. But trades don't materialize instantaneously. Presumably CBJ had an offer on the table that was close, and Yzerman is waiting to see if someone beats it. Smart considering AA's value has only increased as the day has gone on.