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In Topic: Mike Green out 2-3 weeks

29 October 2015 - 09:17 PM

Except hes 6'1 and gonna be around 220 in his best years.
And on that note.

Sometimes I wonder if the change or adjustment to drafting strategies has gotten us away from our bread and butter.
We've been drafting bigger guys, especially with our late round flyers where in the past we would have went for the undersized super skilled guy.

Like instead of mike McKee, we could have Tyler Johnson.
(I'm not sure if the draft years match up, just making a point.)






What are the chances McKee ever makes it to our big club?  I haven't seen him in years.  If he could take a forth line role, i would be so stoked, that guys a bad mother.    I wish we had more big bodies.

What are the chances McKee ever makes it to our big club?  I haven't seen him in years.  If he could take a forth line role, i would be so stoked, that guys a bad mother.    I wish we had more big bodies.

In Topic: Free agents this off season

08 May 2015 - 11:02 PM


How many top pairing D-men and large goal scorers have you seen move teams in the last 4 years? Out of the 1 or 2, we had a 1 in 30 chance of securing them.Frankly, It's not as outrageous that we didn't fill that need as you make it sound.

I dont think its outrageous like you thought i was alluding to.  My comment is aimed both at free agency and trade, when we are talking about addressing a need.  I understand the chances in free agency.  Its not quite a 1/30 chance, the bottom dwellers have less of a chance, but i understand the point as a whole.


You do have a point on top players, it isnt that easy.  Still Holland isnt a risk taker.  Lots of the contending teams have made big trades in the last few years.  We have made no big trades.  One of the ways you can improve your team is by winning trades.  Hard to do that when we dont try.  Cole and Zids were actually good additions IMO at the time, but a bit of bad luck hurt us there.  But what about a piece thats not a ufa like Cole and Zids were?  We need to do better.  If you make a trade early this offseason and appear you improve the team, then it helps your chances at free agency.  Either way sooner or later you have to have some results at adressing needs, what happens if again we roll into the next season with the same glaring holes?  At what point do you have to point fingers?  Just something to think about.

In Topic: Free agents this off season

08 May 2015 - 10:28 PM

The Wings need a top pairing d-man and some size/goal-scoring ability at wing.


- This post brought to you by the years 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. 

It takes 4 years to adress a  need?

In Topic: At What Point Does Holland Deserve Blame?

30 April 2015 - 08:33 PM

He did get alffie, that was a very good pickup, and he did sign weiss as well, at the time, everyone thought that was a good signing as well...bad luck made that signing not work out.  He was on the verge of signing suter who was the best ufa defensemen in a long time.  Deksyer was a good signing, so was glendenning.  Gustafson in his first go around was a decent signing to.  Then we have a few of lateral meh moves like Sammy.  Its not that bad in free agency.  Its not an awesome record but its not that bad. 


With our low draft position, we obviosuly cant draft elite talent, thats difficult, but we can draft a bunch of good players more so then other teams.  It might be wise to trade a few of these prospects and our current picks and get the odd high draft pick to get that elite player(s) we need to win and compete in the future.  So the formula is we get more GOOD players then most teams at the draft because of our good drafting, and because of this surplus we can use these prospects in tandem to move up and get that elite player/draft position we dont naturally get.


I think the oilers and sharks are good trading partners for us.  Oil could be interested in upgrading their goaltending and D men, it would help their rise if they got say howard, erricson and smith for example(switch a player and or d prospect) for say pittsburgs 1st 16th overall, plus an additional lower pick next year.  We could package our two first round picks for say 8-9th overall.  It would be nice to get Provorov, he fills the need for a very talented dman that we need.  Our young core would be provorov, mrazek, tatar, larkin, mantha, nyquist, AA.  That doesnt look that bad at all.  Id say Mrazek and Provorov could become elite.  The other guys are pretty darn good.


I think the sharks would like a few of our prospects as well, or picks say in 2016.  Vlassic could or should be a target. He fills an immediate need, and would still have a bit of life left once the kids fully take the reigns.  He doesnt fit timewise into the sharks rebuild.  Maybe a deal around nyquist might be to the sharks liking, hes four years younger. 


Get vlassic, sign petry, frolik, resign cole if healthy, how does this look next year?













Backup(not McCollum)


I know it wont happen, its a pipedream, but it helps our team in the future and in the present as well IMO.  But you would have to take some risks and be active.