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Found 28 results

  1. jimmyemeryhunter

    Phil Kessel blockbuster So what it boils down to is Phil Kessel Nazem Kadri 3rd round pick To Carolina for 5th overall Alexander semin.
  2. JSDO3O

    Mike Green

    per Jim Matheson, via David Staples “What are the odds of Washington Capitals defenceman Mike Green, once a Norris Trophy finalist, being traded at the entry draft or early this summer? I’d say 75-25. … The problem with Green is he can’t stay healthy. He’s had concussion and groin issues as teams keyed on him and pounded him routinely. … If he can get a defensively strong partner, he can be an asset, though. I can see the Tampa Bay Lightning, who are badly in need of a puck-mover, taking a shot at him. Maybe Florida, which has salary-cap room, or even the Detroit Red Wings, who do not have any right-handed shooting D-men. The Philadelphia Flyers certainly need an offensive defenceman, too, although would Washington trade with a division rival?” This is from an article by the Edmonton Journal. I always liked Green and would love to see him in the winged wheel. Everybody keeps talking about how the Wings need a right handed, puck moving, PP QB defenceman and Green could easily be that guy. He has had injury problems recently but he is being asked to be "the guy" in Washington whereas, in Detroit, he could be a complimentary piece to a pretty descent group of defenceman. He in an offensive-defenceman that could really help spark the Wings goal scoring. I mean, he didn't get the nickname "game-over-Green" for being bad at video games after all. What's everyone's thoughts on him? What do you think he would cost?
  3. Jersey Wing

    Wings to inquire about Vanek? Chris Botta ‏@ChrisBottaNHL Expect the Red Wings to inquire about Thomas Vanek from the Isles as a rental. Chris Botta @ChrisBottaNHL NHL/soccer biz writer for @sbjsbd. NY Times sports writer. SNY NHL insider. Founder of Islanders Point Blank. Former 20-year PR exec with NYI. Husband. Dad. Long Island, New York ·
  4. would be great for the oils to get miller and he could ddefinitely use a change of scenery..
  5. jimmyemeryhunter

    jordin tootoo

    There has been a lot of talk about him on this site, and also trade speculation surrounding him since the off-season with reports of Nashville wanting him back. He has been good, but played limited minutes, and is obviously not in the brass' plan for the future. Per @hockey_tracker: Edmonton journal reports there's been some discussion about the #oilers pursuing Detroit #redwings forward Jordon Tootoo. Per fansided several teams including the sabres, islanders, and oilers have knocked on the door citing that talks went south quickly. Since realistically he's one of our only moveable pieces to get nyquist in the lineup, what do you think we would/should accept for him. And moderators, if this post would be better suited under trade rumors feel free to move it.
  6. Datsyukian-Deke

    Tootoo back to Nashville?

    There have been talks about sending Tootoo back to Nashville to free up some cap space and help the log jam at the forward position. The article also talks about the Red Wings interest in Torontos Cody Fransen on defense.
  7. says it could come down to the Flyers and Wings at the draft for Bobby Ryan. Would love it depending on what it would take.
  8. FlashyG

    Pens potentially moving Malkin?

    Nothing more than an extreme long shot rumor, but if they did attempt to trade him I'd be willing to ship out a ton of prospects to make it happen. I don't think anyone in the system would be off-limits when it comes to Malkin and with the way their goaltending has played this year Mrazek might be a nice start to a deal.
  9. DetroitRedWings1993

    Brendan Morrow to PIT in the works

    Twitter's blowing up. Both Dreger and McKenzie, amongst others, are tweeting that a trade between Dallas and Pittsburgh involving Brendan Morrow is in the works. Sources say that the only thing holding it up is Morrow waiving his no-trade clause. Joe Morrow would be going back to Dallas. I'm just glad there's no more crazy talk about the Wings trying to trade for another aging scorer passing the twilight of his career. Also, he's a UFA at the end of the year. Just like Iginla, even if he did re-sign, we couldn't possibly expect very much. It would be like the Modano signing. Only worse because we'd be losing pieces to get him.
  10. DetroitRedWings1993

    Holland looking around

    Just heard per The Fourth Period that Holland has been working the phones "for the past couple of weeks" looking for "some secondary scoring help and a top-tier shutdown defenseman". I certainly agree with the first half, but the last part is only half of the defenseman we need. We have enough guys who claim to be good defenders who either A) can't stay on the ice or B) just aren't as good as they should be. That second half should go more like "a solid, top-pairing, two-way defenseman". Too bad those are about as rare as unicorns these days.
  11. DetroitRedWings1993

    J.M. Liles potentially available

    According to ESPN via Terry Koshan of the Toronto Star, the rumor is that the Leafs could move John-Michael Liles before the trade deadline. He's been a healthy-scratch for four games in a row. He's a solid defenseman when playing the way he should. Not the top-flight #1 we need, but it's a step in the right direction. Again, all depends on which Ken Holland is working the phones: the one willing to make deals to improve the roster, or the one who sits on his money and does nothing while everyone around him gets better.
  12. DetroitRedWings1993

    Stephen Weiss gone for the year

    Twitter's been blowing up reporting that Weiss is done for the year. It was first reported that he wasn't on the ice at practice. Some speculated that a trade was coming. It has now been reported all over the place that Weiss is gone for the season to undergo wrist surgery. Eklund broke it, if you can believe that. For those of you unfamiliar with him, he's another Twitter "rumor-breaker" who never really gets anything right. He just throws random crap at the wall and hopes that it sticks. HockeyInsiderr is another one like Eklund that comes to mind. He was, unfortunately, right about this. So, what does this mean for us? Well, Weiss was really the only option I could see for the top-6 scorer we need this deadline. Pittsburgh and Boston have too much firepower in a trade for Iginla. I don't think the Ducks will deal Perry unless they were absolutely sure he's gone. Although, I had heard some scant Twitter rumors linking us to Perry. Not to be taken seriously, probably. Rumors are going around that R.J. Umberger could be had for draft picks. Not sure if I want to sacrifice picks in this draft for him, though. Plus, he's a former Buckeye. Eww.
  13. DetroitRedWings1993

    As if this point needed more reinforcing Ok Ken, we get it. You're going to sit on your butt at the deadline and use parity and injuries as excuses to do that. Honestly, this is both the media's fault for posing the question so many times to him and Holland's fault for saying the same thing over and over again. Even when the injury list clears out (which won't be for a while anyways), this team still won't be able to score goals. I don't understand why people think a guy who disappoints consistently (Filpulla), two broken down old men (Bertuzzi, Samuelsson), one third-line grinder (Helm), and one injury-plauged #4-#6 defenseman (Colaicovo) is going to fix the fact that our offense blows donkey rod. The same core group that couldn't score at all since halfway through last season is still together. But hey, we're the Red Wings. We put the "together" in "getting the band back together".
  14. DetroitRedWings1993

    Trade deadline has ended before it even begins Well, I guess that's the end of that. I could spout off for about 5 pages on this, but I won't I'd rather let you guys take over from here. Suffice it to say, this is one of the only 5 sentences Holland seems capable of saying lately. Anyone who "likes our team" and thinks that "getting healthy players back will be like making trades and will be our deadline additions" is living in La-La Land. This team is far from good enough to even consider such ridiculous inactivity.
  15. DetroitRedWings1993

    O'Reilly signed to CGY offer sheet

    Well, the Ryan O'Reilly saga is almost over. He'll either be in Colorado or Calgary for the next two years. Offer sheet reads 2 years and 10 mil. But, it's the distribution of the salary that's scary. Next year, on this deal, O'Reilly is due 6.5 mil. That's a huge cap hit for someone still so unproven. Calgary continues to resist a full rebuild and they might just be wasting O'Reilly's talent on a team languishing in mediocrity. In Colorado, at least O'Reilly has a chance to make it with a young team. It all depends on if Colorado matches. If you ask me, the relationship is very strained between the two but Colorado needs to match this offer sheet. They can't afford to lose O'Reilly this way. Sure, they'd get some draft picks from the Flames, but if O'Reilly turns out to be the star he's projected to be, the Avs need him in a Colorado sweater when he does. Greg Sherman needs to show that he's the bigger man, put all the pouting and BS behind him, and get this player signed and on the ice. This is ridiculous. So, what does this mean for us? Well, it means there's one less option available (even if it wasn't very viable to begin with) for a scoring forward to help stabilize the 5-on-5 offense and improve the power-play. Honestly, I'm just glad it's all over and I don't have to hear how dumb Ken Holland is for not mortgaging his future and handcuffing himself to a guy who, honestly, is very raw and unproven. A guy who had 18 goals last year should NOT be making 6.5 mil in a season. Damien Brunner is making less than a third of that and has scored more than half of that output in a condensed half-season. Would I have given O'Reilly a try for a realistic price? Absolutely. But, we need those draft picks to get more talent on the farm. And trading for O'Reilly? No thanks. The price was reportedly astronomical.
  16. DetroitRedWings1993

    Recent Weiss rumors seem to be bogus

    Saw via The Hockey Chat on Twitter that the Wings were at first very interested in Stephen Weiss, then had a formal offer on the table. Heard a prospect and a draft pick, tentatively. Now, back to reality, and why I think this is total BS. By the time most of you read this post, the tweet in question will be about three days old. Not only that, but the Wings showed virtually no interest in Weiss whatsoever before three days ago. Also, this is a Twitter-generated rumor (as I can't find any major sports news outlets who have picked up on it), which usually means it's horse-dookie. I've had enough of Twitter-generated nonsense over last summer up until now to see this is fake. He's 29, which is decent age, and has a ton of skill and plays a good 2-way game. In short, the price is going to be high. Granted, his struggles will drive the price down a little. But, it's all a moot point considering I highly doubt the Wings are interested, much less have an offer on the table. Would he help? Sure. Will the Wings get him? I'm really sorry to pull an Ansar Khan on you guys and be extremely negative about this, but I doubt it. Honestly, they haven't shown me they have the ability to make anything but no-name moves lately. I don't have much confidence anything changes. Probably another trade deadline that should be slept through. It's going to be a long, painful ride back to the bottom, if I judge it correctly. Hopefully, the Dead Wings don't come back for very long.
  17. number9

    Briere On The Block

    St. Louis and Boston have already expressed interest in him, but as of right now he apparently refuses to waive his NTC
  18. number9

    Stars Michael Ryder Available

    A lot of talk that Dallas will be selling him at the trade deadline. Any of you interested?
  19. number9

    Devils Shopping D

    Almost half the teams in the league have scouts at the NJD game tonight (including Detroit). Word is they're shopping D-men. Willing to part with Volchenkov or Tallinder. Want a top forward in return. AKA a Filppula or Franzen.
  20. DetroitRedWings1993

    Probably no interest in Whitney

    I heard via Elliote Friedman today that the Wings probably won't be going after Ryan Whitney. While I do agree that he's too bruised and injury-prone to be of much use anymore, this tells me something. After the reported weeks of phone calls looking for help, all that's come out of that is who we aren't going after? I mean, come on. This team has lost 4 games in a row in ugly fashion. Surrendered multiple leads and just came out awful against Nashville. If this were an 82-game season, a 4-game losing streak is understandable and not insurmountable. But, it's not. It's a 48-game season. Four games is 1/12th of the season, and that's a much larger chunk than normal. Points are at an even greater premium than they usually are. You don't get too many more four-game stretches to make it up. Whitney wouldn'tve been the answer anyways, but it's what this news means rather than the name associated with it. I think this team needs some moves to change things up and get the mood turned around. This team is defeated very easily, the effort is clearly not always there, and sometimes they look like they just don't care. And I don't see the injury excuse as being valid anymore. If that's what everyone is resorting to, we've basically given up on the season before it's even over. Injuries happen to everyone, not just us. When injuries occur, you fill the holes. It's that simple. Don't whine because you have a few boo-boos. Bryan Murray was making calls before Spezza and Karlsson went down. Now, he's working to fill the holes. I'm just wondering how long this has to go on before someone springs to action. This team is hard to watch sometimes. I can't remember the last time I could honestly say that about a Red Wings team.
  21. kipwinger

    O'Reilly Trade Rumor

    According to the Ottawa Sun, the Avs are reportedly interested in trading Ryan O'Reilly's contract rights for a "young forward and a second round pick". Supposedly O'Reilly wants to sign for between 3-4 million per season, but there's no mention on how long he's looking for. Nyquist + 2nd for O'Reilly? Done.
  22. Dominator2005

    Sens/Hawks Rumor per hockeybuzz A couple of rumors hit the old inbox yesterday. Interestingly, they both point in the same direction as a couple of other things I heard a while back. The first had the Hawks considering a waiver claim on Wild forward Matt Kassian. The second had the Hawks talking to the Senators (yet again) about Chris Neil. A couple of weeks ago, I heard the Hawks were kicking the tires on then waived Shark forward, Fraser McLaren. So, yeah, there's a common theme here. Size, toughness, and much of that with the gloves off. And before anyone assumes the Hawks are going to help the Senators fill their now huge hole on defense with one of their top 6 defenders, worry not. I am hearing the return for Neil would be a lower line forward—and that the Sens could sign former Hawk (and Sen) Chris Campoli before the weekend is out. What does this mean for the Hawks? It could mean Brandon Bollig is headed back to Rockford, but honestly, that's not what I'm hearing. Rather, there is some concern that Jamal Mayers might not have that much left—a subject of some debate within the organization. As with all rumors, some, all or none of this could happen. Lots of conversations and glances happen in the hotel bar before anyone goes up to a room together. But it does seem the Hawks are serious about adding some size and toughness upfront.
  23. number9

    Canes Seeking A 2nd Line Center

    Apparently the Canes want Jordan on Eric's wing and Skinner at RW. Need another center behind Eric. I have no idea what Carolina is offering though. I think Filppula would fit in perfect there. He's a 2nd line center and could center fellow countrymen Jokinen & Ruutu. I would think Carolina would be very interested in trading with us if Holland is willing to move Val. Maybe we could squeeze a guy like Faulk out of them if not more
  24. DetroitRedWings1993

    Any Red Wings rumors at all?

    Just kicking the tires on the rumor mill to see if there's anything going on at all. Anyone who watched that game last night knows that something has to be done about the power-play. A scorer and a top-line, two-way D-man to run the power-play...our same needs as last offseason.