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In Topic: Detroit would like to welcome the Eastern Conference

24 September 2013 - 01:01 AM


Yeah, but all their cups were won many decades ago (the most current one being Montreal's '93 Cup title). Since the mid 90's the Red Wings have been leaps and bounds better and more consistent than either of those teams. Heck, in that time span we've almost won more Cups than either team has playoff appearances. And i'll take boasting about recent championships, over Cups won back in the black-and-white TV era any day. Any Habs or Leafs fans still bragging about ancient championships just proves how inept and inconsistent their teams have been in this modern era of hockey. We are the new crown jewels of the eastern conference. Oh and I almost forgot, LETS GO RED WINGS!!!!!

This^^^ :clap:

In Topic: It's time - to predict 2014 Team USA

27 July 2013 - 05:13 PM

And that's not even counting all the young talent emerging from the USA World Junior squad that just won gold. The future of USA hockey is certainly as bright as ever.

So true. USA has NEVER been as stacked as they are now and will surely continue to get deeper and deeper.

In Topic: It's time - to predict 2014 Team USA

27 July 2013 - 01:35 PM

Gotta disagree with you on that. Our weakest centerman is Paul Stastny, and despite his slight decline in production the last few seasons, he is one of the Avs best faceoff guys, and is a really good skater. I do agree about Abby tho. I see almost no chance of him making the team. And as much as I'd like to hope Howard will be Quick's backup, I wouldn't at all be surprised to see Craig Anderson or even Ryan Miller get that spot. I see Jimmy being the 3rd goalie for sure

In my eyes Jimmy should be starting OVER Quick. Don't get me wrong Quick is an elite goaltender. But so is Jimmy, and Jimmy consistently makes amazing, game-changing, highlight real saves (at least more often than Quick)

In Topic: It's time - to predict 2014 Team USA

26 July 2013 - 05:07 PM

I agree. They definitely should medal. Finland probably has the edge on the U.S. in goal, though.... Rask, Rinne, Niemi, Backstrom, Lehtonen...

Yeah Finland's goaltending very strong too. Hard to say which team's goalies are better, it really is that close. Safe to say no one else is as deep between the pipes than those 2

In Topic: It's time - to predict 2014 Team USA

25 July 2013 - 12:21 PM

Should be another good run for team USA. Will be shocked if they don't medal