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Eaves = Doghouse?

21 November 2011 - 05:50 PM

Everytime I watch him, he seems to do pretty well. And he seems to display a pretty good skill level. Why is this guy getting scratched all the time? He must be a lockerroom problem / not work hard enough or something. Anybody have any dirt on this guy? There must be something about him off the ice that's causing him to not be a regular on the ice.

Do They Deserve It?

17 November 2011 - 08:06 PM


14 games, 1 goal and 4 assists for Tomas Holmstrom.


11 games, 1 goal and 2 assists for Todd Bertuzzi.

I can't believe people will post "What's wrong with Datsyuk" and "What's up with Zetterberg" threads all day long and leave these two WASTES OF SPACE alone. Bertuzzi and Holmstrom are the biggest problem cases on the Red Wings right now, and imo, are keeping the team from developing the players they will need to make a run in this year's playoff. They are both 5-7 years past their primes, and 2-3 years past their effectiveness limit. Why is it that these two guys, who can't open up a square inch of ice, consistently see time with our big guns and drag them down, but a guy like Helm who can open up the whole rink can't sniff a shift with Hank? To me, this is the biggest problem with the Red Wings. The GM has invested in two guys who skate like they're on one leg, and the coach isn't willing to put them in the stands. "But Homer can't be effective without a top line center." HE ISN'T EFFECTIVE PERIOD. The Red Wings need to stop pretending it's 2002. Pavel and Hank need SPEED. They aren't 21 and 23 anymore. Get them some guys who can skate and open up the ice, already.

Back to Back Games

22 October 2011 - 10:38 PM

Can someone do some research on back-to-back games for the Red Wings? I'd like to know what our record is in them over the last 5 years. Seems like we're toast no matter who we play in the 2nd game. I bet it's like that for almost all teams, but it seems like the Red Wings get crushed every time.

I'm going to blame the NHL scheduler for tonight's loss. We had 7 days to get in 2 fricking games, and we got stuck with Friday/Saturday. That's stupid.

NHL Marketing

11 October 2011 - 09:52 PM

The NHL should be running ads showing empty basketball courts and then flashing to filled hockey arenas with roaring fans.

Why isn't there a "Watch Us" campaign right now?

In my opinion, the NHL does the WORST job out of any professional sport marketing itself. You're more likely to see an ad for premier league soccer than one for the NHL.

Right now is a perfect time for the NHL to get a lot of new fans, and instead, they're focusing on Brendan Shanahan handing out 35 suspensions a week.

Bad move if you ask me.