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    Who is the coach next season?

    The last time the Red WIngs produced in the playoffs was the Chicago series a few years ago. The Wings should have won the Tampa Bay series. This will probably be thought of as blasphemy, but I would not be upset to see Babcock leave. Something has got to change and Babcock is the person who can go with Blashill ready in Grand Rapids.
  2. LasVegasRocks

    2/28 GDT : Red Wings 4 at Predators 3

    Thanks vladdy15 I turned on the TV when Miller scored. Turned it off after the 2nd period. Was really surprised at the final score.
  3. LasVegasRocks

    2/18 GDT : Red Wings 3 at Blackhawks 2 (SO. Yes, SO!).

    Howard's first of the year!
  4. LasVegasRocks

    Babcock: "HE WINS, FULL STOP" - THN

    I sounds like Babcock is more interested in staying than leaving. And. for all the posts about Cleary taking the place of a developing, younger player, I like what Babcock said: "Dan Cleary is part of that [the leadership group] just with what he does with our young guys, mentoring our young people."
  5. LasVegasRocks

    1/31 GDT : Islanders 1 vs. Red Wings 4

    Great to see Mrazek and the Wings leave their troubles in Florida. All-around good game.
  6. LasVegasRocks

    1/17 GDT : Predators 2 at Red Wings 5

    Wow - a mid-air goal! Tatar!
  7. LasVegasRocks

    12/31 GDT : Devils 1 at Red Wings 3

    Nice to see the Wings battle back and take tonight's game. Happy New Year!
  8. LasVegasRocks

    12/16 GDT : Blue Jackets 1 at Red Wings 0 (SO)

    Babcock is a great coach but he doesn't have a clue about the SO. Really, Zetterberg? He hasn't scored in a month - except for one empty net goal. Why not let Tatar or even Howard take that shot? Can imagine Hoard streaking in on his fellow goalie in complete Goalie gear, pads, mask, and stick, and doing a Datsyukian deke to score over the outstretched glove. Just plain awful calls from the bench during the Shoot Out.
  9. LasVegasRocks

    12/13 GDT : Red Wings 1 @ Maple Leafs 4 *MOD WARNING POST 198*

    I'd like to see him - in full goalie equipment - score as the first Wing during the next shootout.
  10. LasVegasRocks

    12/12 GDT : Panthers 3 at Red Wings 2 (SO)

    Maybe Babcock should send Howard, in full goalie gear with his goalie stick, as the first shooter. At least it would make Howard stop thinking about the next shooter.
  11. LasVegasRocks

    12/12 GDT : Panthers 3 at Red Wings 2 (SO)

    It really is sad that Howard is inept in the SO, but then again, the Red Wings can't score either. Thank goodness there are no Shoot Outs in the playoffs.
  12. LasVegasRocks

    Las Vegas rumored to get an expansion team

    Las Vegas will be a hugely successful franchise in the NHL. I think everyone on this already wants to travel to Vegas to see the Wings play in 70 weather in mid-January. And, I think everyone on this already bets on Red Wing games.
  13. LasVegasRocks

    11/9 GDT - Tampa Bay 4 at Detroit 3 (SO) - 6:00 PM EST

    Regarding the SO and Babcock's comment: Let Howard be the first to shoot and the back-up goalie be second. Let them skate with full goalie gear. They cannot be any worse than the "specialists" on the team, and, if that doesn't embarrass the rest, then just concede the point at the end of OT and move on to the next game.
  14. LasVegasRocks

    Las Vegas rumored to get an expansion team

    I rarely comment on this Forum, but I have to defend some of the wrong comments on here: 1) The Las Vegas Wranglers (ECHL) sold out, granted 6,000 seats, almost every game they played. There are lots of fans here to support the team. 2) The five major sports (I'm including soccer because of the large population from Mexico, and Central and South America) have avoided Las Vegas until recently because the population was too small. Now at approximately 2,000,000 and LA only 4 hours away, there will be plenty of fans at each game. I would not be surprised if a team from the NBA is next. 3) Casinos will NOT buy all the tickets and give to clients. That would take them away from the tables for too many hours. 4) The major difference between Phoenix and Las Vegas, in terms of a winter destination for tourists, is there is nothing else to do in Phoenix, but lots to do in Vegas. Think of the package deals fans will get from all those cold weather cities to see their team in action in Vegas...and then spend a couple of days and nights enjoying great weather, great food, great shows, and, yes, a bit of gambling. 5) And, to the comment about slot machines, not going to happen. Arenas cannot have gambling machines – slots, video poker, etc. – in an area frequented by under 21 youth. You can be assured that youth will stay true to hockey here. 6) You can stop with the gambling comments about affecting games. Regarding gambling, Las Vegas is more highly policed than almost any other city with gambling, like Atlantic City (near the Devils) or LA (yes there are casinos in LA) or, even, across the internet. It is more likely that a referee or player will be caught in a gambling issue in any other city in North America. Period. 7) The Great One, Wayne Gretzky, holds his Fantasy Camp in Vegas and loves it. From the NHL web site: "It really is a pure love," Gretzky told Tuesday from the Bellagio, the host hotel for his annual event.
  15. LasVegasRocks

    4/4 GDT : Red Wings 3 at Blues 2 (SO)

    Exciting, playoff hockey. Down 2-0 with 6 minutes left and they comeback. Datsyuk is back and Franzen finally woke up. Great game.