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Question for all of our members-HUT

19 April 2013 - 07:42 AM

Hello LGW peeps. Most of you(probably nobody infact) dont remember me simply because I dont post all that much unless I feel very passionate about a subject(I.E. All the howard bashers out there can suck it. You cant expect him to carry the team every night when he has to face 15 breakaways a game ;)......)


Anyways I got off topic. I was gonna post this in the water cooler but noticed ot a lot of ppl use it so I decided to post it here..


My first question is how many ppl have XBOX live and if so could u message me ur gamertag plz? mine is:Steve Ownage. Im only asking cause I usually only play NHL 13 and most of the ppl I talk to on the headset are just plain dumb. And I would like to be able to converse with respectable, well educated hockey fans....



Second how many of you Play/Own NHL 13. And if so how many ppl play the HUT. Thats really all I play. My question is, if you do play list your lineup for me plz(just for fun im bored) Here is mine




(LW) C. Glencross   © A. Anisimov  (RW)  Justin Williams




(LW) A. Kostitsyn  © B. Sutter     (RW) M. Erat




(LW) R. Umberger    © T. Ruutu   (RW) J. Franzen




(RW) D. Perron   ©A. Henrique  (RW) D. Stafford




(LD) L. Sbisa    (RD)J.M. Liles




(LD)M.A. Bergeron   (RD)D. Girardi




(LD)K. Quincey      (RD)  J. Gorges



(S) N. Backstrom

(B1)A. Niemi

(B2)J. Harding

(B3) S. Bobrovsky


Feel free to tell me your line-up or what you think of mine....thanks(sorry mods, if you have to move this post I wont get mad)