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Remember when the Pens locked out Michigan ticket buyers?

29 April 2014 - 06:05 PM

Remember when the Pens refused to sell tickets to anyone with a Michigan ZIP code for the Finals in an effort to keep their "red" from ruining their "white out" home games?  Well, hopefully this will put an end to the practice: Can Sports Teams Keep Rival Fans Away?



When Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman crushed the Super Bowl dreams of 49ers fan John E. Williams III, Williams wasn't there to see it in person. For that, he wants $50 million.


Williams filed suit this month against the Seattle Seahawks, the NFL, and Ticketmaster; he's alleging the practice of restricting ticket sales to residents of certain states is a violation of federal law.


For January's NFC Championship game in Seattle, the Seahawks limited online ticket sales to credit card holders who lived in Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Alaska, Hawaii, and some parts of Canada. Williams, a diehard 49ers fan and Las Vegas resident, couldn't buy himself a ticket—exactly what the Seahawks intended.