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  1. The thing they're missing is veteran leadership. The team is young. I expect their hangover will be longer than most because there won't be a guy in the room with clout to get the team back to working. Figure they back into the playoffs next season and never really get on the roll like they did this season. Really, as has been said, the parity in the league is going to make for a lot more "streaky" champions than "powerhouse" champions. You're going to see some teams that are in contention every year but don't necessarily win (like our Wings). LA might have the core in place to move into that group.
  2. Puck tape? Ah-HA! That's how the Preds are beating us. Bastards are putting tape on the pucks!
  3. So, that's all 3 for Kopecky, straight up? Which side has to throw in the obligatory bag of practice pucks? It's not a true internet forum trade unless somebody is giving up a bag of pucks or a roll of stick tape.
  4. This is the problem with the Wings' "overripe" approach. Emmerton has shown enough that they want to hang on to him, but they waited until he was completely out of minors eligibility to find out. They need to let a prospect go thru his rookie growing pains while they've still got options. Otherwise, you discover a kid's a borderline NHLer but you're stuck keeping him on the big league roster because you'll lose him on waivers.
  5. I hate it when I'm right.
  6. We actually think Bettman will allow one of his southern expansion teams to lose a key player? Against Detroit? Not a chance. Weber gets a fine, a "strongly worded" public admonishment, and a quiet handshake from Bettman when nobody's looking.
  7. Which means that, at best, he's got severed muscle. I'd say done for the series, if not for the entire playoffs.
  8. As always, thanks for taking the time to do these.
  9. Hey folks, usually listen to online radio stream from 97.1, but they're doing the Lions game. Is there another station that will pick up the radio coverage?
  10. The first clip and the second clip aren't the same incident. din758 is reacting to the second clip. For my part, the suspension seems very long. I could see the guy getting tossed since he clearly left his feet for the hit, but I don't see any elbows flying (admittedly, the video isn't great) and the puck was in the neighborhood. edit- after a few more views, I'm not even sure the guy left his feet for the hit. He might have "hopped" just before taking a shoulder right in the stomach.
  11. Looking at the two paintings shown in the second link, I've got to say that Vlady ain't half bad as an artist. Definitely inspirational.
  12. Not sure why I didn't think of that. Thanks!
  13. Speaking of, is there an easy way to tell which channel is the Detroit feed (I'm getting it thru DirectTV if that matters)? Since the guide shows 2 channels (actually 3 counting the HD) for the game, I want to make sure I don't record a bunch of Ottawa slappies. Sorry if this is a stupid question, this is my first opportunity to tinker with Center Ice.
  14. The Shanny clip is up at NHL.com. The Leaf is out for the remainder of preseason plus 2 regular season games. TSN must have pooched their report.