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  1. A team with a competent coach and GM
  2. Tampa Bay vs. the Wings in the Eastern Conference is what San Jose was vs. the Wings in the Western Conference.
  3. GDT
  4. On a positive note, no more MIckey Redmond Ram truck commercials...
  5. I don't care for the team but I've always liked the Penguins sweaters and Malkin completes my hat trick of current Russian superstars along with Datysuk and Ovechkin. I also have Soviet/Team Russia jerseys of Konstantinov, Larionov, Fetisov, Datysuk and Tretiak.
  6. I'll be wearing my Malkin jersey tonight. Don't judge me!!
  7. For the love of the gods they need to stop playing I'm Shipping Up To Boston. If they want to be clever when the next game happens to be in Boston, then fine. Otherwise stop it with this.
  8. signed

    I'm not even mad anymore. I'm at the point I was with the last year of Rich Rod and hoping that Michigan lost every game so maybe, just maybe he'd get fired.
  9. A Babcock coached team having trouble scoring. Sounds oddly familiar....
  10. I may actually break down in tears when he steps out on to the ice.
  11. The Flyers. They're dumb.
  12. Seems to me that Johan Garpenlov wore number 15.
  13. I already hated Minnesota now I hate them even more.
  14. I read somewhere that he is looking for $6M a year so I sure as heck hope not.