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  1. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Thanks a lot. I finally found an enchanting table last night in a dungeon and had never come across one before (probably had but didn't notice or was too focused on something else). Regarding Lydia, I have seen what you mean about her crouching but it seems like when she is doing this that I can "loot" her. Maybe she was actually dead but fell in a way that looked like the crouch heal position. Not sure. Thank you again and Willow is one of my all time favorite movies!
  2. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    So I finally started playing this and it is amazing. I have two problems though. The first one is how to keep Lydia alive. She continues to die. I keep her around to hold onto loot for me and help with dragons, but everytime I go into a dungeon or tomb or something, she ends up dying. Any tips? My other problem is enchanting weapons. I can't seem to find a place to do this. Where and how do I do this? Thanks a lot.
  3. What Are You Playing?

    Currently just playing multiplayer on MW3, ME3, and Halo Reach. I started LA Noire awhile ago but haven't touched it in a while. I have Skyrim waiting until I have more than an hour or two here and there to play (gotta wait till school gets out). I dabble with Star Trek Online when the wife is watching that stupid Secret Life of the American Teenager or whatever show.
  4. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    I ended up buying this the other day but I prolly won't get to it until summer. My xbox decided to die on me so as I was comparing prices online, I found a deal on for 230 bucks for a 4gb xbox, a second controller and a game of your choice. This is quite the deal as I can get a 250 gb harddrive on amazon for like 85 bucks. The total comes out to be 315 for the whole thing as opposed to 300 for the 320 gb hd xbox. I basically got skyrim and another controller for 15 bucks. I was happy.
  5. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Thank you. I will probably wait till summer.
  6. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    I am very intrigued with this game but I haven't bought it yet. I'm a little scared. I have recently gotten hooked on rpg's but I played Oblivion a few years ago and just couldn't get into it. However, I couldn't put Dragon Age down and absolutely loved it and KOTOR is one of my favorite games. I'm just not sure I will get into Skyrim as much as I did with those games and I am a school teacher so I don't have much gaming time except during the summer and like to get the most out of what time and money I do have to play video games. Any input would be nice. Thanks.
  7. Mass Effect 3

    I have to agree with Jedi. EA kills everything!!!! Look at Dragon Age 2! Anyways, I love everything about ME3 except the ending of the campaign which truly is as bad as they it is. The Multiplayer however is really fun and can be challenging at the silver and gold level especially if you aren't working together with your teammates.
  8. Reasons why Wings are down 0-2

    I don't care how many days off anyone had. Show up and play. We didn't, they did and they won. It is 100% Detroit's fault. Whose else could it be?
  9. What are the Pros and Cons of next season?

    Seriously, I hope I am wrong but this team is not going to win the Cup. Lidstrom is one of the greatest defensemen to ever play the game, but so is Bobby Orr and I don't think anyone wants Orr on their blueline right now. 6.5 million for Lidstrom is too much at this point of his career. Yeah, I love the guy but I love winning Cups more than I love any one player and paying him that much money in the cap world at this point in time is not the best thing if we wanna win cups. I really hate how this site has come to be a place where you can't say anything bad about the Wings. Unless you call the team the best ever assembled and are all sunshine and flowers about their chances to win, you get told you're not a true fan. I have not let the media get to me. I watch the games. Lidstrom and others are MUCH slower than they used to be and less effective. This team is not tough enough for the playoffs, as evidenced by San Jose manhandling our team. And the scary thing is then San Jose got beat up by the Hawks.
  10. What are the Pros and Cons of next season?

    You honestly think this team can compete for a Cup????? I didn't say they wouldn't win or make the playoffs, I said they weren't going to win a Cup until Draper, Maltby, Lidstrom, Holmstrom, etc. have moved on.
  11. What are the Pros and Cons of next season?

    Yes we are the same team. Our window of opportunity to win cups ended last year with our choke job against Pittsburgh. It will take an overhaul for us to get in a position to be a contender again. We are too old and too soft to win in the playoffs and Howard SUCKED in the playoffs.
  12. Who should we Keep? Release? Sign?

    Yeah, cuz the flyers went no where in the playoffs with a bunch of enforcers. Oh, wait, they're still playing and our pansy butts are on the golf course.
  13. Wings off season moves.

    you mean like Hossa did? How did that work out?
  14. May vs Boll, Janik vs Picard

    you still have no idea what a frickin analogy is. wow.
  15. May vs Boll, Janik vs Picard

    When you joined this board has no bearing on when you "became" a fan. That is why I didn't pay any attention to your join date. And if you are so smart, why were you talking about analogies when I didn't make one? The words "like" or "as" ringing any bells?