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  1. GMRwings1983

    TOR vs. BOS - Series Thread

    It depends on Columbus' attitude. The Blue Jackets will have two weeks to sit around with everyone telling them how great they are. They don't have a ton of playoff experience, so I can see that getting to their heads. A long layoff is the last thing they need right now. If they stay hungry and play with a chip on their shoulder, they can definitely handle Toronto.
  2. GMRwings1983

    TB vs CBJ - Series Thread

    Once again, that's pretty tame. I'd be saying much worse than that if the Wings finished with 62 wins and were swept out of the first round by a Columbus.
  3. GMRwings1983

    NYI vs PIT - Series Thread

    Because the Islanders haven't been relevant since the mid 1980's. David Volek ruined the entire playoffs that season. Could have been a Gretzky vs. Lemieux final potentially.
  4. GMRwings1983

    TB vs CBJ - Series Thread

    Adam Lambert? Yeah, I didn't care for him during the Superbowl. I wanted Metallica.
  5. GMRwings1983

    NYI vs PIT - Series Thread

    The Islanders have owned the Penguins in their playoff history. From the 3-0 comeback in 1975, to squeaking out a series against a much inferior Pens team in 1982, to upsetting an awesome Penguins team in 1993.
  6. GMRwings1983

    TB vs CBJ - Series Thread

    Any good links to the Lightning forum?
  7. GMRwings1983

    TB vs CBJ - Series Thread

    Tampa's new coach
  8. GMRwings1983

    TB vs CBJ - Series Thread

    This is somewhere beyond choking. Have to wonder what they will do in the offseason. Maybe they could use Kronwall, who is a former Cup winner.
  9. GMRwings1983

    SJS vs VGK - Series Thread

    These guys don't need to be fighting for whitey's amusement. Just seems wrong. Stephen A. Smith needs to step in here.
  10. GMRwings1983

    CAR vs WSH - Series Thread

    Brind'Amour probably wasn't this upset when he found out Lindros was seeing his wife. Guy looked like he was going to cry at the press conference last night.
  11. GMRwings1983

    TB vs CBJ - Series Thread

    This thread is becoming longer than any Red Wings thread on LGW this year. I hope Tampa can win a game to keep this excitement going. On the bright side, if they get swept, the 1995 Red Wings and 2003 Red Wings are officially off the hook for the most embarrassing sweep in history.
  12. That team could certainly beat the 1993 Senators in a 7 game series.
  13. Abdelkader on a higher line than Zadina? I think not. That defense, BTW, would be the slowest in the history of the NHL.
  14. GMRwings1983


    The Pacific Division: San Jose, Anaheim, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Arizona, Seattle, Colorado, San Diego The Canada Division: Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Quebec City, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa The Jagr Division: Pittsburgh, Washington, New York Rangers, Philadelphia, Dallas, Boston, New Jersey, Florida The Central Division: Detroit, Chicago, Buffalo, Tampa Bay, New York Islanders, St Louis, Minnesota, Nashville This would be better. Some of the Canadian teams may complain about travel, but let them. Carolina is gone and replaced with Quebec City. I couldn't fit Calgary into the Jagr Division, since they already have one. I replaced Columbus with San Diego, as the most beautiful city in the U.S. should have an NHL team (Panarin's girlfriend wouldn't mind it either).
  15. GMRwings1983

    COL vs. CGY - Series Thread

    We need a player like MacKinnon. He's a cross between McDavid and Laine.