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  1. Why are we better than last season?

    Too early to say they're better. They were about the same last year in the standings, before falling apart during a home stand. The better answer is, because kipwinger isn't here anymore.
  2. Technically, one skate was still one the ice, as Tkachuk slashed it.
  3. The next captian: #39 Anthony Mantha!

    C - Witkowski A - Mantha A- Larkin
  4. The dude barely left the playing surface, before Fatso's son decided to tap him on the skate. He came back and was confronted by another Calgary player. Not like the guy went to the locker room, took a shower, and then came back to beat the crap out of the entire Flames roster.
  5. Tkachuk is on his way to becoming on of the biggest punks in the league. Witkowski should have given it to him too. Unfortunately, I don't believe these teams play again this season. Such a shame. "Kulak" means fist in Russian. Clearly, they gave the wrong guy that name.
  6. Payback is a b***h. The Flames gooned it up against Detroit 10 years ago. Witkowski should be the new mayor of Detroit.
  7. Oh please. John Cena has competed with way worse injuries.
  8. Abdelakder needs to stop being a girly man and play in this game. Challenge Brouwer for a rematch. If he refuses, grab him and start pounding away. God forgives. LGW doesn't.
  9. The Numbers Game

    Cleary coming back with Malkin's number is the first name I can think of.
  10. Scott Wilson - Not Drew Miller

    According to the stats, Wilson has scored 0 points in 10 games for Detroit. He's a small player that doesn't score. I haven't noticed any great forechecking from him. May as well dress Witkowski's instead of him.
  11. Scott Wilson - Not Drew Miller

    Speaking of paralyzing people, when is Todd Bertuzzi's nephew going to be inserted in the lineup?
  12. Hockey Fights 2017/18

    What a wimp. He should have destroyed Brouwer, instead he gets a fractured cheekbone. Nyquist needs to teach this woman how to b***h slap at least.
  13. The Numbers Game

    Why? It's hockey related, specifically Red Wings related. Besides, nobody reads the Water Cooler. This isn't 2008. For some reason, I thought Wallin wore a different number. The only thing I remember from his career was that he got beat up in some fight once. Just remembered something else about him. He was in the 2002 Stanley Cup team photo.
  14. Mlive ranks Wings Coaches ...where does Blash rank?

    Even though he looks like a famous dictator?