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  1. GMRwings1983

    Ovechkin to 1,000 Goals?

    How many players in NHL history have scored 270 goals after reaching 33 years of age? That's what Ovechkin would have to do to break Gretzky's record.
  2. Where's Witkowski at? This game is boring and out of hand. Need to send this team a message for the future. Also, let's not forget this team was trash last night. They were outshot by a wide margin and were fortunate to get the result they got.
  3. This is getting so bad that I'm thinking I should watch Smackdown instead.
  4. They should be fresh to start the game. Fatigue plays into effect more the later the game goes.
  5. Kronwall must have the NHL record for most pucks deflected into one's own net. Kind of like the last few seasons?
  6. Oh really? Is he going to be our big deadline acquisition? Did Franzen ever retire?
  7. Why isn't Larkin wearing the C right now? Not like Zetterberg died in a tragic accident. No reason to delay the inevitable.
  8. Poor Kovalchuk. He must have thought he was coming to LA to play with Lebron.
  9. GMRwings1983

    Ovechkin to 1,000 Goals?

    How do you know he won't get some fool desire to finish his career in the KHL? I still don't get why Datsyuk or Kovalchuk went there.
  10. Filppula never could shoot.
  11. Kocur injured his hand so often that he's probably be the first telling Mantha not to fight anymore.
  12. Boychuk can handle himself but Abdelkader is just a joke. I'm thinking he's been the one teaching Mantha how to throw punches.
  13. If we called up McIlrath, we'd be the Broad Street Bullies of today's sissy NHL.
  14. Bertuzzi needs to grab Clusterf*** from the bench and pound his face. Abdelkader should take boxing lessons from Alexander Semin.
  15. This team doesn't like leads very much.