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  1. GMRwings1983


    Is anyone buying Wings jerseys anymore though? I bought one last year and haven't gone anywhere wearing it yet. It's like wearing a dunce cap these days.
  2. GMRwings1983


    This forum reminds me of the ending of The Thing. There's only a few posters left, and it's time to sit by the fire and wait for the monster to kill us.
  3. GMRwings1983

    Zadina Just Missed A Wide Open Net _Vs Hawks_GDT

    This team could finish worse than last season. Hard to feel positive about the majority of these players going forward. Where's the passion, anger, and leadership during this skid?
  4. GMRwings1983

    2020 Tank

    Letting a goon score is never good.
  5. GMRwings1983

    2023 Trade Deadline Thread

    What does a guy with broken hands, a junkie, and a guy who can't score have in common?
  6. GMRwings1983

    Playoff HYPE, next 6 games

    Marijuana has that effect on people. LOL. Give it up dude.
  7. GMRwings1983

    Chiarot's 2nd Demotion

    What would Holland trade for him?
  8. A three page GDT and this team wusses out.
  9. GMRwings1983

    2023 Trade Deadline Thread

    At injuring our own players.
  10. GMRwings1983

    2023 Trade Deadline Thread

    A prime Chris Chelios?
  11. GMRwings1983

    Playoff HYPE, next 6 games

    Holland, Blashill, and Tigers fanboy Ilitch are responible for that. Dang. It hasn't hit two pages in like 5 years. The Last of Us should be a nickname for this place.
  12. GMRwings1983

    Playoff HYPE, next 6 games

    Will LGW be great again if Detroit makes the playoffs?
  13. GMRwings1983

    You can NOT make this up....

    Wait, where the hell did Italians come from then?
  14. GMRwings1983

    New Vrana Thread (frig off Matt)

    Chiarot should be benched until Raymond returns.