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  1. Thanks for that. That makes this playoff scheme seem even dumber.
  2. The league wanted to create division rivalries. However, we just witnessed an amazing series between the Caps and Leafs, which don't play in the same division. The NHL playoffs don't need divisional matchups to be interesting. Also, do teams play that many more games against their division than they do against the other division in the Conference? I thought regular season games were pretty evenly split against teams within your division vs teams in the other division in the same Conference. I could be wrong, though.
  3. Now that's really odd. The Senators did not win their division. Can the league just have a do-over and reseed right now?
  4. I don't want to make this a social issue, but Toronto has a higher percentage of foreign born residents than pretty much any city in the world. People from the Middle East, India and China don't care about hockey. And this is a fairly recent trend in Canada. Of course there's not going to be as many Leafs fans everywhere as there may have been 15 or 20 years ago.
  5. I believe the Penguins are 8-1 all time in playoff series against the Capitals.
  6. Pittsburgh in 6. Washington has a terrible history against the Pens and playing down to the Leafs didn't make them look very strong imo. They have some strengths on paper, but that won't matter.
  7. The Capitals and Penguins had the two best records in the East. They are playing each other in the second round. Meanwhile, the other series in the East involves the teams with the 5th and 6th best records, in New York and Ottawa. Does this make sense to anyone besides Bettman and his cabinet of fools? In the West, it's likely a mess. The Ducks are the highest seed left, yet instead of playing the 8 seed Predators, they are playing a higher seeded Edmonton team.
  8. Bye bye Toronto. We don't have to hear about your annoying fans anymore this season.
  9. 5 OT games in this series. One of the best series I've ever seen in any sport.
  10. The league needs the Oilers to come out of the West. Who knows when the NHL will be able to showcase McDavid again with him being stuck in the West in a small Canadian market. This isn't the 1980's when Edmonton could play in the Finals every year.
  11. Why would he want to play for a bottom feeder at this stage in his career?
  12. Disappointing season for the Wild. They need to cut bait with Boudreau if they want to win in the playoffs.
  13. Even if they win the series, the Caps have already shown me that the Pens will be the favorite against them again. Many Cup winners have first round scares, but the Caps are fragile enough where I think it's more than just a first round scare.
  14. Yzerman was a much better offensive player in his prime. How many times has Tayes even finished top 10 in scoring? Tayes right now is the player Yzerman was in his mid 30's. More focused on two-way play and not putting up the big numbers.
  15. They should have put a clause in his contract about finishing top 10 in scoring every year.