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  1. GMRwings1983

    Would you bring back Babcock?

    No. Take Laviolette when the Predators fire him.
  2. Goodbye Lafrenniere Whoever you are.
  3. Filppula is too old now to remember his Cup.
  4. They just beat two Cup contenders. Time to change the focus from tanking to making the ECF. This is what Stanley Cup experience does for your roster.
  5. What's the NHL record for fewest combined shots after two periods?
  6. Someone should pull a Domi on Samuelsson on this POS Marchand.
  7. The Little Caesar Line.
  8. Delvecchio would be the best, but that's before my time. Bertuzzi is Italian also. They should play him, Perlini, and Fabbri on the same line. The fact that Derek Meech wore than number after Shanahan tells you that it will never be retired.
  9. I haven't been this excited since Kyle Calder's first game.
  10. Blashill is more to blame than the goalie. Yes, we need a new goalie. Also, I need a 6'0 tall blonde who is way out of my league. We're not finding a better goalie this season. Also, it'd be nice if this team could draft a goalie in the last 10 seasons who amounted to something.
  11. This is it. If we lose this game 4-1, 5-1, or 6-1, Blashill is definitely getting fired.
  12. GMRwings1983

    TRADE ALERT! Wings Acquire Robby Fabbri

    Stu Grimson probably. Scored 39 points in over 700 games. Ciccone was a defenseman, so they don't score as much anyway.
  13. GMRwings1983

    TRADE ALERT! Wings Acquire Robby Fabbri

    What's Enrico Ciccone up to these days?