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  1. All I saw here was Kronwall MAYBE being HHOF material...I can't even deal with that.
  2. Looks like 6 years later we have an answer
  3. I've been haunting this place since the end if the 04-05 lockout. I MUST HAVE MOAR BAGGEZ!
  4. What are badges?
  5. Signed

  6. Kyle Calder Mark Mowers
  7. Signed

    Didn't mean to jump down your throat, but I have just heard enough on that over the last 11 years. Plus the mods get mad at me when I talk about it (even though I didn't start it ;-))
  8. Signed

    Not to split hairs here, but in 2005 when I created this handle, manny>>>>>ozzie.Also maybe you should look at their career stats, pretty sure manny has a better gaa and sv%
  9. Signed

    Tyler Johnsons two goals in game 4 came after Glendenning left the game. We had a lead in the third period. We would have been up 3-1 in the series. After that the wings had no answer for him. Sorry, but I will draw the comparison. I know other already have.
  10. Signed

    There are so many misrepresentations and inaccuracies in your post. I know there are enough people here more skilled at looking up stats than I am I won't waste my time because you will get lit up for that post.
  11. Signed

    Apparently getting people to come to Detroit isn't exactly an easy sell. From living around the country I can tell you everyone outside the the suburban area think detroit is one big giant piece of s***.
  12. Signed

    Why are people bitching about this?? Does everyone forget that his injury lost us the 2015 series with the lightning. He owned tyler Johnson ala 2009 zetterberg on Crosby. People need to remember that it isn't 2006 anymore and 1.8 million for a 4th liner is not a bad deal.
  13. None are generational players IMO. NoNE of the above.
  14. Eric Staal will be a red wing on Friday. Mark it.