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  1. jmgriffith


  2. I can't believe this. Tootoo is one of my least favorite players. UGH! Disgusting!
  3. jmgriffith

    Need help deciphering autograph

    Thanks a lot! I searched for some of his and didn't find one that looked similar so I really appreciate your help!
  4. jmgriffith

    Need help deciphering autograph

    No idea when it was signed. A friend picked it up in a sports memorabilia auction. Thank you for your help!
  5. jmgriffith

    Need help deciphering autograph

    Anyone know whose autograph this is?
  6. jmgriffith

    12/23 GDT: Red Wings 3 at Blues 4

    I'm in St Louis for this game tonight! Hoping for a big win!
  7. jmgriffith

    3/22 GDT: Penguins 1 at Red Wings 3

  8. jmgriffith

    DirecTV dropping Versus network

    I called DirecTV yesterday to complain about Versus and asked them that same question. He said that Dish Network's contract with Versus is not up until January. Whether it's true or not, I don't know...but that was his excuse.
  9. jmgriffith

    Where do the Wings stay?

    Anyone know where they stay in St. Louis? Planning on heading that way next month for a game!
  10. jmgriffith

    Weekend Picks

    Hopefully I do better this week! Friday: Phoenix @ Ottawa Toronto @ NY Rangers Nashville @ Columbus Vancouver @ Buffalo Edmonton @ Calgary San Jose @ Anaheim Carolina @ Los Angeles Saturday: Colorado @ Dallas Phoenix @ Montreal Boston @ Ottawa Toronto @ Pittsburgh New Jersey @ Washington Buffalo @ Atlanta NY Islanders @ Florida NY Rangers @ Detroit Minnesota @ Tampa Bay Columbus @ Nashville Chicago @ St Louis Calgary @ Edmonton Philadelphia @ San Jose Sunday: Vancouver @ Chicago Carolina @ Anaheim
  11. jmgriffith

    Weekend Picks

    Friday: NY Islanders @ New Jersey Chicago @ NY Rangers Florida @ Carolina Montreal @ Buffalo Washington @ Atlanta Nashville @ St Louis Columbus @ Dallas Saturday: Montreal @ Toronto Detroit @ Ottawa St Louis @ NY Islanders NY Rangers @ Philadelphia Chicago @ Washington Atlanta @ Florida New Jersey @ Pittsburgh Carolina @ Tampa Bay Dallas @ Nashville Boston @ Minnesota Columbus @ Phoenix Los Angeles @ San Jose Vancouver @ Calgary Sunday: Phoenix @ Anaheim Colorado @ Edmonton San Jose @ Los Angeles
  12. jmgriffith

    Survival Hockey---Week 1

    Dallas defeats Columbus on Friday
  13. jmgriffith

    Official Red Wings Parade Chat

    I'm sorry Loo! I tried to get over here fast to let you know and it was slow loading. He just talked about how great it was. At the end they did ask if he was coming back and he said he'll make a decision next week. He was all smiles though.
  14. jmgriffith

    Official Red Wings Parade Chat

    LOO - WXYZ is interviewing DOM right now.
  15. jmgriffith

    Official Red Wings Parade Chat

    I switched to WXYZ. I couldn't stand the chick on WDIV. Seriously.