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  1. That i have to root for tampa in this series means the earth will stop spinning soon.
  2. Damnit caps. Anybody but the pitts
  3. It just goes to show how bad the wings are that the islanders are just handling tampa. So disappointing.
  4. Wings shoulda repeated in 2009 too. Thx refs
  5. Yayyyyyyy
  6. There's no way this game doesn't go to OT with a BH win Yepper, pink top, never forget a pair
  7. Who saw the chick in the pink top behind hitchcock lol
  8. I still have no faith
  9. Blues aren't winning this.
  10. Chicago wins this series, they are repeating. Im disgusted
  11. Did he even touch the chi player? Oh boy
  12. I swear if the blues lose...
  13. Does that song play on the latest EAsports NHL game on xbox? Lol That song just screams stupid. I haven't played one of those games in a decade, but they were making them so realistic even back then.
  14. Sure wish we kept Hossa...sigh..