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  1. Heinrich


  2. Heinrich

    Thank You Chris Osgood!

    Thank you Mr. OzGood !
  3. Heinrich

    Red Wings Internships

    Hi guys, don't you know if the internship is also available for students from Europe ( especially from Slovak Republic - my country ) ? Those internships look really great Thank you !
  4. Heinrich

    Kirk Maltby to announce he is retiring

    Awesome career ! Thank you Kirk, good luck !
  5. Heinrich

    Team Slovakia Named

    Well maybe that's true but if both Halak and Budaj get in shape, they might steal some important games. Especially Halak showed that last 4 games (not the last one against Sens). I'm much more satisfied with goaltending now, than with Lasak & Stana in 2002, when we won World Championship in Sweden.
  6. Heinrich

    Team Slovakia Named

    I really hope so
  7. Heinrich

    Team Slovakia Named

    http://www.russianhockeyfans.com/khl/khl-i...-points-86.html Look here. That tells something about Marcel's current shape. I know that scored goals don't tell very much but still... I just hope that Demitra and Satan will regain their condition because they haven't played a single game in this season. I was also surprised by Kopecky in roster....hope a coach knows what he's doing
  8. Heinrich

    2000 Posts for a Red Wings Game 5 Win

    Go Marian and Good luck Justin in your 1st play off game !
  9. I love this picture !!! I tried to do one myself
  10. Heinrich

    NHL in Slovakia

    When I saw this info I was like ..... ..... That's really amazing that NHL comes to Europe, especially to Slovakia (even though I don't like Tampa very much) and supports the league even here. I hope that I will get the tickets for the game but I doubt that, coz I'm sure it'll be bloody expencive. But still...Lecavalier, Malone, Kolzig and many many more in Slovakia...Jeeez
  11. Heinrich

    Charity Hockey Game in Pardubice CZ

    Reds4Life don't you have some link to CZ site about this event ? I'm pretty sure I'm gonna go there But I would like to see some more info about it.
  12. Heinrich

    Cup-lifting order

    Seems that they forgot Kopecky
  13. Heinrich

    2008 SCF Game 6 GDT: Red Wings 3, Penguins 2

    I can imagine tears behind Fleury's mask
  14. Heinrich

    MAF Voodoo Doll

    Don't you have a voodoo doll of refs ? I would like to burn them