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  1. Signed

    Ugh, does anyone know if we have the ability to change usernames?
  2. I'm going to chime in, since I was at the game today and saw the Quebec following. They seemed to be great fans. They were all wearing Nordiques jerseys and took up a large area of both upper deck ends of the ice. They cheered loud the entire game for the Wings and in fact seemed into the game more than some of the "suit" types sitting near me. In my personal opinion it was nice to have them there as they truly seemed to enjoy the experience of The Joe.
  3. Boston reminds me of a certain team from '97 that could beat you on the score sheet and in the physicality department. That makes for a damn tough team to play against. As Mickey would say "The fans don't like it at all!"
  4. This made me laugh because it's true. I think Ruutu would be an interesting acquisition, but it would be well worth it seeing the thread responses and watching people's heads explode because the Wings picked up someone that isn't exactly "classy."
  5. I've always loved Clears. Not too impressed with Huds this year.
  6. You must have intended to post this in the Hudler Watch thread. Here you go.
  7. Great posts guys. What could I possibly add that hasn't already been said? This is still such a shock to me. Stevie got my into hockey, and Probie made me love it. Thanks for the memories #24, my prayers are with your wife and children.
  8. I understand your point, but when the goals aren't coming, the least you can do is continue to work hard and act like you care.
  9. Good post. Hustle and work hard, and the points will come
  10. Couldn't agree with this post more. Penalty and maybe a one game suspension just because it's the way hockey is governed these days. It shows how much this sport and it's fan base has changed, running a goalie wasn't that uncommon of an occurrence 20 years ago.
  11. Great post HM.
  12. I don't want to be the "I heard it from a friend of a friend" rumor spreading guy, so I will say in full disclosure, this next comment is hearsay: However, a gentleman on my hockey team claims to be a good friend of the Lidstrom family and says their house has been sold and they are renting a condo for the remainder of the season because he is most likely done. Take it for what it's worth, but if true, that doesn't sound too promising. I hope it's not. edit: I questioned the validity on the mere fact one was able to sell a home in Metro Detroit.