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  1. rrasco


  2. rrasco

    TSN Play of the Year

    At least the Wings are perennial POY contenders.
  3. rrasco

    2015 SCF : Chicago Blackhawks vs. Tampa Bay Lightning

    I forgot about that slew foot. Fil missed the rest of game 7 from that too IIRC.
  4. rrasco

    2015 SCF : Chicago Blackhawks vs. Tampa Bay Lightning

    Okay Pierre...
  5. rrasco

    Time for an offer sheet?

    Is Hamilton really worth $7M? Blows my mind an RFA is commanding this type of money. I knew he was good, but not *that* good.
  6. rrasco

    Babcock granted permission to talk to other teams

    I don't think he's really made a big hoopla out of any of it. It's the media more than anything. He didn't want to talk about it all season and I think he's really only done the one interview with TSN, where he basically said "lets hurry up and make a decision now, no reason to drag this on". We should know in two days time.
  7. rrasco

    TSN Play of the Year

    Technical advantage. It's the subtle interference of the POY vote.
  8. rrasco

    Are you going to watch the game ?

    Why the hell would you not? Yeah it's frustrating but if they win? Sheesh. If they lose I can live with it, so long as they try. None of this flat footed, standing around, chasing the lightning, bad passes and turnover s***. Hit the ice, play strong, play hard and leave it all on the ice. That's all we can ask for.
  9. DK has been worse with the turnovers. Sometimes I think he is color blind.
  10. rrasco

    Kronwall suspended one game

    Out of all the bulls*** in the playoffs already and THIS gets the ******* hammer? f*** you. I hope we just slash the f*** out of everybody next game cuz the NHL deemed that okay, amirite?
  11. rrasco

    Kronwall suspended one game

    In all objectiveness it's getting the attention because he's made a name for himself with these hits. Then again, I completely agree it's asinine they are doing this and completely ignored the TB hits all series.
  12. rrasco

    Kronwall suspended one game

    If they suspend him for game 7 that's just stupid. Note to self: BC 2 hand instead of Kronwalling. I thought it was supposed to be based off injury anyways (not seriously but they always suspend for the result). Kucherov is okay and didn't even care, so what's the deal....
  13. rrasco

    Kronwall suspended one game

  14. rrasco

    Kronwall suspended one game

  15. rrasco

    Kronwall suspended one game

    I still don't think the principal point of contact was the head and North-South hits typically don't garner suspensions. I'm guessing he just gets a fine and that's heavily weighted on the fact Kucherov is not injured. Either way I got to update my website finally.