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  1. I highly doubt this guy would have gone in the first round.
  2. Straight from the horse's mouth. They took him cause of character, plain and simple. It's funny, at one point Wright even says "and even if he's not producing offensively, at least he's hard to play against". Haha. First round pick gents. A guy with good character who may be hard to play against. Glendenning and Miller have great character too. Surprised they didn't go first round.
  4. You nailed it. There were defensemen on his team who had more points than him 5v5. Look st his highlights. All garbage goals on PP only due to size difference. 4th line grinder material at best.
  5. Red Wings ranked loser
  6. Vilardi is big but also has some skill.
  7. The #1 guy in the 1st round I’d stay away from is Michael Rasmussen…Big guys who score at the rate Rasmussen does at 5v5 don’t work out. — Zac Urback (@Zac_Urback) April 19, 2017
  8. Wtf?!? Vilardi available and we take this guy?
  9. He'll kick some tires, make no trades, and pick a guy in the draft we'll be lucky to see by 2023. Holland simply has no business being a GM in the salary cap era. I honestly don't get how the owners continue to have blind faith in him. Because of 1 cup 10 years ago?
  10. If losing Panarin gets them Saad AND Oshie, I'd say thats a damn good deal for Bowman.
  11. Hah, would never happen. We could package it with Mantha, and they still wouldn't trade for #1.
  12. Alright, fair point. I'll give the edge to Larkin being a more complete player. Just such a rarity for this team to have a player that's electrifying to watch. We're so boring.
  13. Athanasiou only played about half the season though.....
  14. Custance thinks Athanasiou is gonna be our trade bait for a top D. Really hope not. One of the most fun players to watch on the Wings in years. Him and Mantha are the only two pieces I really care about keeping. Rather trade Larkin than Athanasiou.
  15. I agree, and I think he really needs to go. It's almost like he's Babcock's retarded twin.