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  1. Rinne, Bounces, The Inherently Chaotic Nature of Ice Hockey.
  2. Well deserved, but also an easy target to throw the book at and say, "See! We've got this thing under control!" Already a multiple-time offender, bottom line scrub, he had no chance (not that he especially deserves one).
  3. Losing in the first round sucked, but it wouldn't have been a much more memorable run if they'd lost in the second or third round either, which is more likely to happen than winning the Cup even when you've got a really good team. Meanwhile, the winning streak is probably something that will stand for quite a while, and I had a lot of fun watching. I know "the Cup is the only thing that matters etc," but it's not even remotely feasible to win it every year or anywhere close to that. Enjoy what you can while you can folks.
  4. The typical empty-net comedy hour.
  5. Isn't it a pisser, the only rebound they managed to get to all game long was a split second late.
  6. Jeez, this feels like 03 or 04.
  7. This is obnoxious.
  8. These floaters have got to stop. There's a better play than that.
  9. Miller has the right idea. Pads = good, chest protector = nope.
  10. Not-especially-bold prediction: the team that scores the next goal will win this game.
  11. No goal, f***.
  12. Breakthrough achieved. Open the floodgates.
  13. How is it these guys are annually one of the least penalized teams during the season, and then the playoffs begin and it's nothing but 5-on-3s from hell to breakfast?
  14. Only forward that's done any work so far. Gus has one pretty nice shift too.
  15. No other way to say it, thoroughly outplayed in that period.