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  1. LeonardSankar

    Was Moving To The East Worth It?

    Hey guys what was the purpose of switching conferences when they can't beat the teams in their own division let alone conference. This will be the 3rd straight year they get eliminated by someone from their own division. Also they have been pretty bad in the regular season against all their division foes as well. Not that I think they would have anymore or less success in the West as I'm just saying this team is in no mans land and been there ever since June 2009 when they lost game 7 to the Pens! That date needs to be marked down as the day they stopped being a Cup contender!
  2. LeonardSankar

    3/13 GDT : Toronto Maple Leafs at Red Wings, 7:30 EST

    I've given up long ago as all I need to do is check the box scores and standings to know our team is useless!
  3. LeonardSankar

    2/29 GDT : Detroit Red Wings at Dallas Stars, 8:30PM EST

    Hey guys here's a quick tip on how to make easy money on Wings games, just log into bet365 and during anygame when the Wings have a 1 goal lead just go into the live in game props section and put all your money on the other team scoring the next goal and you'll make a ton of cash! Also if you want even more money just go into the live play feature when the Wings have a 1 goal lead and then just pick the other team to win outright and you'll like more than double your money!
  4. LeonardSankar

    Where Are The Point Getters?

    Bottom line is we have nothing in our so called great system that's gonna take us to the next level e.g. the level of excellence where they used to be pre 2009 Stanley Cup finals. This is getting frustrating as we can't bring in the help like they did in 2001 b/c of the cap and our prospects are just decent at best. Aside from Larkin there is no hope anymore!
  5. LeonardSankar

    Where Are The Point Getters?

    I don't even think the Wings are a defensive minded team cause if that were the case they wouldn't be blowing all those 3rd period leads. It's a safe bet whenever the Wings have a 1 goal lead in the 3rd that the game will be tied eventually. This has been a problem dating back to around 2009 or so. It cost them a game in the playoffs last year and thus the Tampa series. Bottom line this team just plain dreadful to watch since the 2009 cup final!
  6. LeonardSankar

    Where Are The Point Getters?

    So with a salary cap how are the Wings gonna ever be a cup contender again without atleast 2 front line point producers? Of their 4 Cups only the 1997 team lacked scoring and that was b/c some guys had down years. I suspect the playoff run ends this season or sometime very soon unless Larkin becomes the Stevie Yzerman for this club b/c he is going to have to carry this club on his back and that may not be enough with nothing around him once Dat & Zet are gone.
  7. LeonardSankar

    Where Are The Point Getters?

    So aside from Larkin & Zetterburg who can consistently produce points on this team? For years they've boasted about all the young talent they've developed but really who gives them offense aside from Larkin? Nyquest & Tatar where are you know that I need you? All I do is look at the daily scores and see that this team can't score enough to win even when they have a 3rd period lead that's given they blow it and lose in OT!
  8. LeonardSankar

    Where Are The W-L Results?

    Well it's been about over 3 seasons now which I keep hearing about so many great young players the Wings have on their team or in their system but why are the results in the W-L column in both the regular & postseason so minimal? This team has been in decay since game seven 2009 and not a contender since. Back then they said they were too old and had to get young so they got younger but the results are not any better as they haven't reached past the second round since 2009. Look at regular season play as aside from a 3rd place finish in the conference in 2011 they haven't gotten home ice advantage for a first round series since. So all I hear is how great the kids are but they can't be that great when they don't win very much. On another note I guess the Wings haven't had to worry about getting upset in the playoffs anymore since they are never favoured to win any of their rounds!
  9. LeonardSankar

    Why Is The Joe Half Empty?

    Wouldn't it be a good idea for those corporate seat owners who don't use the tickets to just sell them so someone can make use out of them? Or if they can afford to not use them just give them away for free so they don't go to waste? Also fyi I tuned into the Tampa game with about 5 minutes remaining and only up by a goal and from what I remember of the Wings recently that is not a safe lead by any means.
  10. LeonardSankar

    Why Is The Joe Half Empty?

    I just tuned into the Tampa game and I noticed all kinds of empty seats and am wondering why? What happens when they move to the new arena? Is this a result of basically not being a Cup contender since 2009?
  11. LeonardSankar

    ECQF Game 4 GDT : Lightning 3 at Red Wings 2 (OT) - Series Tied 2-2

    Thank Darren Helm for opening up the floodgates in this one! All Helm had to do was chip the puck in deep and make TB go the length of the ice but instead he has to be a damm hero and look what happened. As soon as it was 2-1 I knew it was over!
  12. LeonardSankar

    ECQF Game 1 GDT : Red Wings at Tampa Bay Lightning, 7:30 EST

    Could of earned good money taking TB on the moneyline while down 3-1. You guys all know what happens when a 2 goal lead in the 3rd turns into a 1 goal lead if you know what I mean. Anyone ever seen this movie before? Just a matter of if TB wins in regulation or OT. I'd rather regulation to spare me from a slower death!
  13. LeonardSankar

    43-25-14......3rd seed in Division. Success or Failure?

    You want successful regular seasons you have to look at 01-02, or 07-08 or the ones one they got atleast a top 3 seed. This team hasn't been a Cup contender heading into the playoffs since the 2009 post season as since then they have been longshot dark horse teams. Successful regular season is when pretty much all of your series open at the Joe remember them? In the 90's when the Wings had postseason results that mirrored the ones they had from 2010-present coaches were fired and if not for 97 Cup I bet Scotty Bowan would've been given the axe shortly after. Don't give me cap excuses b/c last time I checked a cap existed from 05-06 to 08-09 and the Wings were seeded no lower than #2 heading into each of those postseasons and were considered Cup favourites. Since game 7 2009 this franchise has headed downhill for the most part as that game served as the end of a chapter in Wings lore. Right now we are in the 2005-2013 New England Patriots but I think our cup drought will last longer than the Patriots SB drought!
  14. LeonardSankar

    4/9/15 GDT Red Wings 3 @ Canadiens 4 *Warning post #888 & 906*

    Hi guys if any of you guys have a sportsbook account and you want to make a quick buck all you have to do is look for Wing games when nursing a 1 or 2 goal 3rd period lead and then bet all your money on the team trailing as you'll get great odds on the moneyline and you'll make a lot of cash as we all know how the Wings protect a 3rd period lead! Weren't the Wings up 3-2 in the 3rd tonight? Way too predictable as I'm not even watching the game as just following my ticker and lone behold game is tied at 3-3 and we all know what's coming next!
  15. LeonardSankar

    4/2 GDT : Bruins 3 at Red Wings 2

    Quick question guys just wanted to know when you knew the game was over? 2-0 Wings, 2-1 Wings, 2-2 or now down 3-2. I gave up as soon as Bruins got on the board b/c we all know how well the Wings protect 1 goal 3rd period leads! Like I said before this team is playoff flop all over again!