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  1. DMAC 25

  2. Alfie not playing this season

    Kinda thought he wouldn't be. I saw him while working at Pinehurst about a week ago and I wanted to tell him golf isn't helping his back and helping him get back on the ice but either way, it was nice seeing him play for us for a year
  3. Gary Bettman Stanley Cup Presentations

    this has probably been mentioned before but what about the idea of having the previous champions captain presenting the cup. im a huge golfer and thats what they do for the masters green jacket, neat idea and i think it would work. anything to get bettman off of national tv
  4. Has your opinion of kenny changed?

    holland is one of the best GM's in the league and arguably the #1 GM, that being said even the greatest cant always get everything. my opinion hasnt changed on kenny at all, sure suter and parise are good but idk if their as good as their contracts says they are. im just glad kenny finally brought in a little grit this year instead of hoping bertuzzi's gloves come un stiched from his hands
  5. Where would you go?

    Flint Generals all the way!
  6. Who can tell me something about the Red Wings

    Red wings/ Avalanche rivalry, u can talk forever about that one topic
  7. The AHL

    i said last year i was going to go to a few griffins games but never did, i will for sure this year, their only 45 minutes away
  8. u really think that holland is just sitting on his ass doing nothing right now? have faith in him and let the man do his job, hes not going to be able to please everyone and they will have the best team that they can get on the ice
  9. What's Kenny Holland's Offseason Plan?

    last i checked we were still in the playoffs....not the greatest chance at winning but didnt we come back from 3-0 against st jose last year?
  10. Trade Zets /Dats and Franzen

    yes lets trade away the people who are a huge part of this team and at the same time have the greatest defensemen of all time possibly, retire. the problem is not because were not big and strong the problem is rinne or whatever his name is, is hot as hell right now and nashviles defense is strong. good thinking...
  11. Avery

    avery is fun to watch just because he does ridiculous stuff, never really liked him but hes lucky theres not a guy like probert, if there was avery would be a different person after scrapping with him
  12. Will there be an impact trade by the wings?

    wake this team up? we just won our 20th straight at the joe and sit at the top of the league, i dont know what u mean by waking this team up, they seem to be doing fine
  13. Has the NHL Competition Caught Up To Wings Since 07/08?

    have faith in holland damn it! haha i see where your coming from but the wings have solid young players coming up. sure their not going to be another lidstrom by any means but getting the younger players out there and playing with guys like lids, pavel and Z is only going to benefit them in the future. we may not be the best team in the league in 5 years but we will still be able to compete
  14. Your Favorite Red Wing Player

    1) Who is your favorite Detroit Red Wing player overall to wear the Red Wings Logo? 2) Who was your favorite Detroit Red Wing player that joined the red wings? (Non drafted by Wings, could be threw Trade / FA / Waiver etc...) 3) Which current player would you dream of them joining the Wings? 4) Which are the players that really "hurt / bugged" you when they left the Red Wings to join another team? 5) Is there a player that you never wanted him on the team ... but eventually joined the team? 1)McCarty 2)Luc Riobitaille 3)Ovechkin 4)Shannahan 5)i dont mind anyone thats really been on the team, now if kenny signs crosby somehow then my answer will change
  15. Grade Holland

    B like everyone else seems to be saying that 6 million is going to be real nice at the trade deadline, he filled the holes we needed to fill with solid players, no need to go out and drop 2 million on players like jagr who could have a terrible season