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  1. Can't wait to see sproul play tonight LGW!!!
  2. I was sighing every 2 minutes that game due to breakaways/ giveaways. Jimmy looked great last night.
  3. Lets keep the goals flowing...in NYR net of course
  4. Hey man nice shot!

  5. Same right now, Got the Dh to 110 now working on my druid.
  6. LOL love it, but good signing.
  7. Signed

    Budget deal and a project...i like it.
  8. I for one will still be watching TSN friday( like it's christmas )awaiting to here what our presents are.Don't get me wrong, i am upset we won't be landing the stud in stammer.However we will see more experienced coaching and *hopefully* emerging talent this year.
  9. White/grey wire hair
  10. Thanks for the read:) I myself am making my judgement of kenny post cap era this off season. I have been hesitant to write him off, but this is it for me. Show them all kenny!
  11. So...bernier to brian burke coming? calgary i wonder...brian burke still there?
  12. If they do bring larkin to center, i hope he plays on the second line. Because that means we got a better center
  13. Datsyuk was my favorite wing since he broke into the league,but i do not support his decision to leave.
  14. If we did end up signing stamkos, i would poop myself.
  15. dear god no!