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  1. Tman77

    Jensen out till December/January after fight with Tyler Bertuzzi

    Strawman lol. The beginning of the post was towards what a few posters above had said. I quoted you because you said "All he did was chirp and push Jensen around". No, Tyler did more than that. A good bit more. I was there and saw it go down. Tyler went a little bit farther than he should have for whatever reason. Tyler also has a skill side to him. His knock on him is that he concentrates too much on the "agitator" part. He should be "showcasing" his other talents in camp if he wants to impress the coaches. With that said, I`m pulling for Tyler. I hope he makes the team in a few years. I love Bert and hope his nephew follows in his footsteps.
  2. Tman77

    Jensen out till December/January after fight with Tyler Bertuzzi

    Forza is correct. What, now goons have free reign to beat the s*** out of everyone in camp? I can see it now: Babs - Hey Mantha, our goons are, well, goons and they do goon things like beat the s*** out of people? You ok with getting the snot knocked outta ya? You are? Great! I knew there was a reason we drafted ya!! And btw, Tyler did more than just "chirp and push". He crosschecked the hell out of Jensen`s back, head and arms a few dozen times on top of the rest of the physical and verbal sparring. Were you there to see the entire episode? You ever get crosschecked by a hockey stick? I don`t blame Jensen one bit for drawing a line and showing he wasn`t going to take it anymore. If you want to get technical, they were both at fault but it was Tyler that harassed Jensen over and over. Why? Dunno. Maybe Jensen beat him on a play and Tyler got embarrassed. Either way, the injury is proof as to why we don`t need it in camp. Of course there will be a little roughhousing but what happens when we draft the "next one" and we let our goons be, well goons, and the great promise of a great career is suddenly halted or even stopped? I`d rather be cautious and prevent any possible injuries in the first place.
  3. Tman77

    Jensen out till December/January after fight with Tyler Bertuzzi

    Was anyone here talking like they knew what happened actually there in person? No? Well, I was there with the wife and a friend of ours. We made the trip up to TC for this (my apologies for not posting about it back then). Have pics as well (but not of the fight). The video linked above doesn`t show what lead up to the fight. It shows just prior to it when Jensen was already pissed. Little Bert was cross checking the hell out of Jensen, chirping, and just downright pestering Jensen every time they got near each other in that little practice game they had down at the one end of the ice. Jensen had had enough of it and the melee ensued. What originally was the spark and by whom? We all won`t know for sure but it was quite obvious that Tyler had something against Jensen for whatever reason and kept crosschecking Jensen in the back and pushing him, etc. I don`t blame Jensen one bit. I would have have start beating on Tyler myself if he had done it to me. I love the competitive spirit of Tyler but that went too far for a prospect camp.
  4. LOL! Awesome Flashy! Finish them off this time. LGW!
  5. Just put that final NAIL in their coffin boys! LGW!
  6. LOL. Awesome GDT FlashyGo Wings!!!
  7. Tman77

    Poster Ideas For Tonight's Game!

    Havlat was Kronwalled so hard, he landed in the shark tank? Have fun tonight
  8. LOL. Gotta love Flashy. Awesome GDT and LGW!