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  1. redwingsandspartans

    Neidermeyer to Canucks

    The Brett Favre of Hockey
  2. redwingsandspartans

    Best Game 7

    Though the game in 2002 against the avs was amazing, I have to say the game where Yzerman steals the puck from Gretzky and top shelves it against St. Louis.
  3. redwingsandspartans

    Great Ozzy Article

    nothing silences the ozzy haters like a .922 sv perecentage in the playoffs. Along with the Wizard of Oz, and Ozzie, chris osgood's nickname should be Dr. Clutch
  4. redwingsandspartans

    Online Replays of Games?

    before the game starts, go to click on the game feed, then hit the pause button. Then, be sure not to turn off or close your laptop. When you want to watch the game just hit the play button. Simple as that :caution:
  5. redwingsandspartans

    Does Abdelkader have a nickname yet?

    not sure but I don't think so. I've seen him play at the high school and college levels growing up in michigan and going to michigan state and i've never heard him being referred to by a nickname. :rockstar:
  6. redwingsandspartans

    Sammy is clutch

    such a great play by hudler and fillpulla also on the setup!!!! Hawks ----> :battle: <-----Red Wings
  7. redwingsandspartans

    Red Wings Top 12 Prospects according to TSN

    Finally they put Brendan Smith where he blongs! This kid definitely belongs in the top 5. I've seen him on other websites as being listed #8-12 on Detroit's top prospect list. Finally someone gets it right. This guy is something else! 23 points in 31 games as a defenseman at any level is pretty remarkable! :colorbounce:
  8. no way is manny legace better than ozzie. no contest!

  9. redwingsandspartans

    Any streams availible for this game?

    Hands down the best place to find feeds for NHL games is . They usually have several feeds to chose from and they have every NHL playoff game.
  10. redwingsandspartans

    Flyers interested in goaltending Price to Leave Montréal?

    It's true that Vadim Tarasov was a dissappointment but he was hardly considered the next "great habs goaltender." The guy never played a single NHL game. The fan support behind Price was astronomically higher than it was for Tarasov. Tarasov was just a late round steal for Montreal that they thought would end up paying off. But who knows? He's playing in the KHL now and he may end up signing with an NHL team when the KHL folds. :deal:
  11. I just read on that the Flyers are interested in dealing some major names in exchange for a big name goaltender. 1 possibility mentioned online from several sources was Carey Price to the Flyers for Briere or Lupul and some other prospects and the rights to restricted free agent Mike Komisarek (who becomes unrestricted on July 1st). The other possibility mentioned was the flyers looking to acquire Roberto Luongo from Vancouver in exchange for the same deal as mentioned above. But apparetly, Vancouver is looking for Jeff Carter. I think Montréal needs to hold on to Price. They are overreacting to the emotions of their fans. Just last year in Montreal Price was "the next great Habs goaltender" and now they are looking to deal him for Briere or Lupul? Stupid Stupid in my opinion. What do you guys think about these possible trades?
  12. redwingsandspartans

    5/18 Playoff GDT

    The canes would be so much friggin easier to take down in the stanley cup finals than pens. GO CANES!
  13. redwingsandspartans

    For You Leino Fans

    I don't see how anyone could consider this as bad news!!! Leino was insanely good in the few games he had earlier in the season and why not add more euro talent to our already "euro-rific" lineup. The guy had 46 points in 57 games with the Griffins and had only 18 penalty minutes. What's not to love?
  14. redwingsandspartans

    I will lose major respect for Chicago fans if

    Ha! it's funny you should say that! A blues fan put out a cigarette on my wings jersey at the scottrade center in St Louis long story short, I spit on him and I had just drank orange juice an hour before so the spit was nice and goopy.
  15. redwingsandspartans

    Wings V. Hawks. Early predictions

    Couldn't have put it better myself Konnan. Chicago's style of play is something the wings can easily overcome in this series.