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  1. As soon as the Red Wings won in Chicago, Dave Tippett became emotionally and visibly upset...
  2. I bought one! I'm the proud owner of a "Cryin' Crosby" shirt!
  3. SCF GAME 1 GDT: Penguins 1 at Red Wings 3

    There was about 6 LGW members that met up at the game tonight... it was amazing! It was worth the money!
  4. So since 97.1 ripped of my idea lol...
  5. Thanks to ClearlyCleary and redwingslady87! I have purchased one and wait expectantly! GO WINGS!
  6. This is for edicius... and Casey pointed out that one of them needed to be flipped... so here they are..
  7. I browse here a lot but decided to register after seeing all these funny pictures! GO WINGS!