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  1. Illitch: Definitely a new arena coming

    if they let the lafayette building go, don't expect the joe to survive. gods willing, they will find a compromise that keeps the lines of sight while still expanding the seating (and you know they'll be taking the boards from the joe!!). it can still be done, whilst improving the outer-arena amenities. i've had many a memorable night at the joe, and will be sad to see it put to other use/demolished. and like doc said, jla is not in the best location for making it a night on the town...truth is, the space would be better used for expanding cobo/cobo parking (not to be callous, just realistic). sure, i'd love to see it turned into some kind of NHL museum (heh, like gary would ever allow that!), but the realities of detroit just won't allow that. again, all we can hope for is that the architects involved are respectful of the many virtues of JLA. AMWAY Arena is a gross sounding name, but if my wings win in the building, and i can see okay from the cheaps, i don't care if they call it Claude Lemieux!! now, if they expletive it up, and its just another NHL razzle dazzle stinkhole...then i'll get bitter. but still nothing a few more stanley cup banners wouldn't fix. the JLA history will be missed, but there is still history to be made...
  2. Chris Osgood announces retirement

    so, i don't even know why, but when i read the retirement article on mlive, i started to cry. not a sad cry, not a happy cry...just a few tears and when i'd finished reading, a slight salute. i didn't even do that when stevie retired. i've only cried about this sport one time...when vladdie was in the accident. still not sure what prompted it, or why i've felt the need to post about it after a long self imposed exile from lgw. all i know is, the man deserved our respect and never got it, he deserved every win (and a few of the losses!), and he now deserves a proper sendoff. thank you, ozzie, for everything. you may not be on the ice, but both my wife and myself will wear your jersey with pride!!
  3. 11/28 GDT: Blue Jackets 2 at Red Wings 4

    its my birthday, so i'm predicting.... a wings win. a few comments about the iniquities of hudler. a few insulting comments about people who like hudler. a loss prediction from mindfly. a prognostication regarding the wings iniquities due to having hudler by mindfly. and beyond that, more mindfly insipidity. don't let me down, blackhawk!!
  4. Modano has severed flexor tendon

    we should've sold hudler for a few asian babies. and mo's injury just further clarifies our need for prepubescent blood on the X line!!! seriously, people....i used to be proud of our fanbase. this is the discussion when a signed and proud player of ours gets cut up like he's in a saw movie??? maybe we can trade huds for some sympathy for our players and a few fans who aren't dispicable human beings... f*** it...keep him. those fans are a myth, anyway!! (my love and prayers to modano's family and friends, who must be reading this with terror in their hearts) ps re: mindfly... there aren't words. at least not polysyllabic ones. that way you can understand them... *shakes head, vomits, seeks solace among those who still have souls*
  5. 10/23 GDT: Ducks 4 at Red Wings 5

    he's trying to reinvent himself as an older/wiser (?!?)/thuggier crosby.
  6. Memories of WIngs-Avs

    true story... back in those days ('98-'01) i worked at the mobil station in milford, across from the shell station. guy pulls into the lot with colorado plates. we get to chatting, he tells me he's just moved here. i ask if he'll be switching sides and rooting wings now. he says he'll stick with his avs. my exact words were "then you can get your ass and your things and get the f*** go to shell for gas and coffee now." he comes in the next day to complain to my boss (who is a die hard wings fan), who says to him (exact words once again) "so why are you here? he did tell you to get the f*** out and don't come back, didn't he? god, avs fans are so ******* dumb!!!" miss those days. and kathy, you were the bestest boss ever!!
  7. GDT Stanley Cup Finals - Game 6

    well, there you go little brother. enjoy this summer. and the cap crush...and the NEXT 49 years... i think kane is drunk already! he sure sounded it. holee crap!! is it me, or does coach q always look like he's 5 seconds away from a heart attach, even when he's happy?
  8. In honor of Vladdy

    this thread brings back so many wonderful memories. and only reinforces my sig... "RAISE #16 TO THE RAFTERS!!!!"
  9. Holmstrom signs 2 year extension

    2 more years of goalies leaving the ice with masks that smell of holmer's butt-sweat? excellent!!!!
  10. With Yzerman in Tampa, would he trade with Detroit?

    proud to've been a part of this thread. must give props to MURPHY's irish stout for helping... (see, its extra relevant, as we're talking larry murphy as a beer, which i'm pretty sure he's trying to giant sac o' beers!!! seriously though, love ya, murph. liquid OR human, yer great!)
  11. With Yzerman in Tampa, would he trade with Detroit?

    might be time to say phaneuf's phaneuf, though...
  12. With Yzerman in Tampa, would he trade with Detroit?

    haven't got a clowe
  13. With Yzerman in Tampa, would he trade with Detroit?

    cherry don, then...
  14. With Yzerman in Tampa, would he trade with Detroit?

    but they're still konstantinovly coming up with new names, aren't they?
  15. With Yzerman in Tampa, would he trade with Detroit?

    yeah, but until then...mccarty on, dudes!!