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  1. mmamolo

    Wings Make Offer to Danny D!

    I don't know that too many ppl are screaming for a complete rebuild and I don't know that even what you're saying (tanking for 2-3 yrs) is even necessary. To me, the Wings aren't legi contenders right now so things like defensive depth going into the playoffs shouldn't be a huge factor for them. Personally, I would like to see them makes some trades of depth players (i.e. White, Colo, Huskins, and even maybe some of the depth forwards) that way they get assets (draft picks) in return (since at the deadline these depth players are more valuable) plus it frees up roster flexibility this summer. I think we are used to the Wings being contenders (whether they truly were in previous years or not, the mind set was that they were) so we're not used to moving roster players. So now, if the Wings do move roster players it implies tanking/rebuilding. But so long as you core is in tact I wouldnt consider it tanking.
  2. mmamolo

    3/28 GDT : Red Wings 0 at Sharks 2

    At the beginning of the season I felt that there still was an outside chance pending how the year went for McCollum. But as soon as Mrazek started to emerge in the AHL you had to figure McCollum was in trouble. Then the fact the Wings couldn't even let him see a minute of NHL time, this kid is done in DET. I think he'll get an AHL deal with someone who is willing to see if he can regain his form and work his way in but I just dont see how that will be with DET.
  3. mmamolo

    Nyquist called up, Tatar sent down

    You guys are misinterpreted what I wrote...despite the fact you or I would rather ditch Cleary (or Abs) to another team as opposed to sending Tatar down is irrelevent. The Wings just wouldn't do that. Knowing that, sending Tatar down was the move that made sense.
  4. mmamolo

    Nyquist called up, Tatar sent down

    There's no denying that. The problem is Tatar can be sent down without a risk of losing him where as Cleary and Abdelkader cannot. Don't get me wrong, I'd prefer if Tatar wasnt sent down either but it is what it is. For me, the way I see it shaking out is the lines I posted above, then when Fil comes back he can slot in with Zetterberg - Brunner, which pushes Abs down to the 3rd line.
  5. mmamolo

    Nyquist called up, Tatar sent down

    I think the fact that Babcock shuffled the lines so drmatically against CBJ means we may actually see Nyquist in the top 6. Although Tatar has been great in his call up the last couple of games I felt he really didn't take care of the puck as well as he could have. I think that plays into Babcock's reluctance to put Tatar on Pav's line. Either way, I think Tatar played his way onto this team and it's just a matter of time until he is a permanent fixture. Here's hoping Nuqist excels too. Abdelkader - Zetterberg - Brunner Franzen - Datsyuk - Nyquist Cleary - Andersson - Eaves Miller - Emmerton - Tootoo
  6. mmamolo

    'Top Pairing D-Man

    Almqvist, Nicastro, Jensen etc. there is an awful lot of potential in the Wings d prospects.
  7. mmamolo

    anyone else kinda happy about the injuries this year?

    ha, please refer to the Calgary Flames
  8. mmamolo

    Time to pull the trigger on J-Bo?

    The NCAA playoffs begin this weekend. If WM is bounced early and Dekeyser signs he would be eligible to play in the AHL/NHL for the remainder of the least that's my understanding. If that is the case I could see him going to GR and making his case for a roster spot next season.
  9. mmamolo

    3/7 GDT : Oilers 0 at Red Wings 3

    I would mind it but I agree with ppl who are saying Andersson shouldn't slide up there. I also think Abdelkader is more effective on the wing than at centre. Personally I'd prefer to see Abdelkader - Zetterberg - Brunner Franzen - Datsyuk - Tatar Cleary - Andersson - Eaves Miller - Emmerton - Tootoo I don't like Abs getting top 6 minutes as much as the next guy but at least he can skate and grind and I think he plays a bigger game than Franzen most nights so that would help Z/Brunner. I think Datsyuk is most effective when he has wingers who have skill and can finish around the net. Franze can provide a bit of size but he can finish on Datsyuk's wing and I think Tatar's hands would come through around the net.
  10. mmamolo

    Time to pull the trigger on J-Bo?

    I don't normally fully see eye to eye with LeftWinger but on what I would hope next season's d looks like I am 100% in agreement. I would much rather see this group of d grow together and have the extra money to spend up front. I personally really like Almqvist and Nicastro but neither will be remotely close next year. I've been a huge fan of the Almqvist drafting and think one day he will be in Detroit but even I know he still has tons of weight/size to put on. Also, Nicastro's injury plagued rookie year in GR will keep him there the duration for sure. Personally, to me that's why Dekeyser would be such a great signing. The Wings D prospects are stacked (Sproul, Oulette, Marchenko, Backman, Almqvist etc. etc.) but none are close to being NHL ready. I know a lot of ppl on this board seem to think Sproul/Oulette could jump in now or after one year in the AHL but to me, I think that's far fetched. I don't see another Wings D prospect jumping to the NHL for at least another 1-2 years so Dekeyser could slide in next year well.
  11. mmamolo

    Top 10 NCAA Free Agents Headed to NHL

    With the crop of UFA d-men this summer and the likely cost to acquire a legit top 4 via trade I would honestly rather the wings sign Dekeyser (assuming he'd sign here). I would be much happier to have a top 7 d of Kronwall, Ericsson, Smith, Quincey, Lashoff, Kindl, Dekeyser. Each of Ericsson, Smith, Quincey, Lashoff and Kindl seem to be making strides this year and conceivably should continue to do so. I think that would/could be an exciting yound d-corps and could end up being quite good in the not too distant future. Plus, that leaves us with options to move Colaiacovo (in the summer) or even Huskins (at the deadline) for a depth pick. This way, any free money the Wings have this summer could be used in an attempt to sign the top 6 forward I think most of us want. Personally, if the Wings could get Dekeyser and a David Clarkson type and re-sign the right guys I'd be extremely happy.
  12. mmamolo

    Datsyuk - Cleary - Abdelkader

    I also don't care for this line. I don't hate on Cleary and Abs like a lot of posters here (I don't love them either) but to me, it's about finish. Maybe Datsyuk does feel like Cleary and Abs create some space for him. But they both score goals by grinding, picing up trash around the net. They can't finish the way they need to in order to really make Datsyuk effective. Personally, I would rather see the following lines (a mixture of if I hadit my way and being somewhat realistic as to the potential of what Babcock could do): Abdelkader - Zetterberg - Brunner Franzen - Datsyuk - Eaves Tatar - Andersson - Cleary Miller - Emmerton - Tootoo
  13. people always harp on the fact that a 1st rounder was traded for Quincey. Don't get me wrong, when I heard the news I thought it was a high price as well. But, ignoring the first chunk of games this season, Quincey has actually been pretty decent. My point is, we should be judging his play based solely on his play - not on the price Holland paid to acquire him.