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  1. knowing what youre talking about is overrated huh?
  2. kicking is reviewable dude. how can you not know that? it happens all the time
  3. because ur initial premise is wrong they dont just get free cap space coz of injuries
  4. hes been far from invisible. look somewhere other than a scoresheet for once
  5. So youre saying theyll choose to play a worse goalie that has an extra $2m caphit. Thats retarded. The only way huet will be on their books next season is if neimi is awarded $7m+
  6. this is a good one. so you're saying the problem is not that theyre well over the salary cap, but that they have too much depth and need to be rid of that depth. HAHA wtf??? seriously do you give any thought at all to your posts... any?
  7. you think theyre hossa or pronger or something? lol that's not how it works with players that were legally allowed to drink last winter. they fetch more money with longterm deals, not less.
  8. i dont think that guy gives much thought to his posts.
  9. He played in the NHL two years ago on his elc. stev also thought huet was canadian. smart guy.
  10. rofl... okay
  11. So its an elc based on ur own personal rare opinion on what an elc is. Ok keep trying. Its not an elc. End of story. It's not even close to an elc. there no such thing as being close to an elc. an elc had restrictions, incentives, term limits, etc. Ritola has nothing of that sort applied to him.
  12. You can only sign one entry level deal there is no more or less. it is or isnt. I know you'll say that you knew this even though u obviously didnt -- but an elc does not allow someone to play in the ahl.
  13. pretty sure almost none of that is true.
  14. Called ppl asinine and unreasonable and stuf whilst claiming huet was canadian and saying he couldnt go to khl, etc. just sayin
  15. ROFL omg stevkraus got destroyed in this thread.