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  1. moefolds


  2. moefolds

    2014 Prospects Tournament and Training Camp (Sept. 12-23)

    I seem to remember them playing some of these games on NHL network last year. Any word if any will be televised this year?
  3. Does anybody have the Original 6 Commemorative Card Set from the Montreal Game. I would trade for it or buy it. Thanks.
  4. moefolds

    Mike Modano signs with Detroit

    Wow, never heard of Larry Aurie, just wikid him. Its weird that Illich won't put his number in the rafters. I always wondered why no one wore 6 on the wings. Thanks guys, learn something new everyday.
  5. moefolds

    Mike Modano signs with Detroit

    Personally I hope this is true, as I believe it can be another great signing of an older player for the wings. You can never have too many snipers on your power play. Anyone think he would wear #6? 9 flipped upside down.
  6. I don't know give me sometime to think about it. Its tough to give up something I just pulled when its an Yzerman

  7. hmmm...I dunno... the yzerman is 1/2

  8. I do like the Howe letter patch letter R

  9. Hey don't know if I want to part with the yzerman card. It would have to be for a Red Wing in return. What are you willing to trade?

  10. moefolds

    Hockey Card Collectors

    Hey, for all the wings and card fans in michigan I have been trying to get this group going on facebook.!/group.php?gid=107989349248437. So we can trade and talk about best places to get cards.
  11. moefolds

    Hockey Card Collectors

    Just Opened a box and got this.... checkout the rest here.
  12. moefolds

    Hockey Card Collectors

    In a way card collecting is better now. Sure there were more people collecting back then. But now there are less cards that aren't over produced making them more unique. I hope it doesn't turn into the 80's/90's again when there were just way to many sets and now all of them are worth nothing. And with the Autos, jersey, fight straps, pieces of sticks and pads and pucks all embedded in cards now it just is a whole lot more exciting.
  13. moefolds

    Hockey Card Collectors

    what ya got?
  14. moefolds

    Hockey Card Collectors

    I got back into card collecting 3 years ago, when I found my dads complete sets of 68-69 and 69-70 topps. I love it now. I'm on a few of the trading forums and buy boxes every once in a while. It would be great to trade with some people. Heres my out of date bucket.
  15. moefolds

    Modano done in Dallas

    I would for sure sign him for around a million. Don't think we could do much more. He would be a great 3rd-4th liner and bring some fire to the team since to win one last cup. Kinda like the new dallas drake with more skill. Although he has already won a cup.